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What do you think about this or how it should have been handled and yes i did block him cuz he went into the lounge. He called me a fuckin C-U-N-T.. how would i should have behaved heh? plus he broke a few rules. i dont allow others to call me anything that can be used as Hatred, it pisses me off. oh and if your wondering this is how i get OVER stuff... by doing this. Next person that does this shit, im reporten EVERYONE, from the 1st to the last! have a nice fuxin day! Btw please note the reason why he went into the lounge in the 1st place is because i BLOCKED HIM. think about it. He has been blocked... ->ڶesus 666 ...: i think your an asshole that the fact that you have a problem with how i do things to my own profile. and i have enough... bye..... ڶesus 666 ...: lol no, you have a problem with me thinking it was funny that you typed out a 10 page letter explaining why you had nothing to say? ->ڶesus 666 ...: you have a problem with me doing my profile the way i want? ڶesus 666 ...: lol you typed like 50 explanations for why you can't think of anything to type (in your profile) then he went into the lounge... >>>>> ڶesus 666 - Own... was just banned and ejected by lounge staff! <<<<< ڶesus 666 - Own...: right Millie (Bartend...: you start respectin or i will claw you DJ Wild Sugardu...: Mav can you please take care of thios ڶesus 666 - Own...: i was making conversation and you snapped out ڶesus 666 - Own...: i don't care about your stupid profile Millie (Bartend...: your being disresectful jesus im not called attack kitten for nothing Tammyr...fu-wif...: no it isn't funny how you came here to keep it up either ڶesus 666 - Own...: lol ڶesus 666 - Own...: fuck DJ Wild Sugardu...: Jesus Please bring this out of the lounge ڶesus 666 - Own...: wow the tampon crusty or what? ڶesus 666 - Own...: i don't care how you run your profile lol ڶesus 666 - Own...: that's not funny everyone? Millie (Bartend...: its nun of your fucking buisness of how i run MY PROFILE ڶesus 666 - Own...: isn't that funny? Millie (Bartend...: you thought it was funny how i dont up keep my profile and do other things ڶesus 666 - Own...: i thought it was funny that you typed out a 10-page letter about how you have nothing to say ڶesus 666 - Own...: who the fuck dissed your profile === Tammyr...fu-wif... punches ڶesus 666 - Own... ڶesus 666 - Own...: and she blocks lol ڶesus 666 - Own...: asks me if i have a problem, i said NO Millie (Bartend...: jesus, why are you dissin my profile? ڶesus 666 - Own...: millie doesn't seem to bright..... ~Mav~ DJ @ Dou...: whios bothering you Millie Millie (Bartend...: too bad theres no iggy button in here.... ~Dani~R/L GF to...: heya Jesus ~Mav~ DJ @ Dou...: Hey jesus ***** ڶesus 666 - Own... has entered the lounge! *****
yeah you guessed it, its from Fubar's Shoutbox, so the starting is on the bottom and the end is at the top.. im not sure where to put this so i put it in this folder cuz this is interesting, not really sure if its creepy though but it is interesting. the dude resulted into name calling and im not sure of why, maybe because i wouldnt do what he wanted.. LMAO.. but anyways have fun reading... the dude blocked me so i couldnt get in my reply which was.. bye to the Childish person who resulted in name calling just because i didnt do what he wanted. LMAO! i really hate people like this and yes im not protecting of whom they are this time.. because im tired of it...kind of like saying dont mess with me when i dont feel like being forced into anything and such.. Hell has no furry then a woman's scorn PPL.. and when i get angry you will feel it.. Bawhaha cuz my give a damn will be broken and then i will tell you how i feel rather or not you like it. DONT PUSH ME!! oh and btw, IM NOT FAKE!! im real... LMAO but i guess its your own damn fault if you assume things... i do what i feel seems fit not what others do. LMAO! do not pressure someone who you have no idea whom they are into something they dont wanna do. its called forcing and i dont do that shit.. oh and one more thing if anybody else calls me a name or say that im fake, you are going on an auto block and it dont matter if your a friend or not. its rude. and i dont take rudeness. thats bullshit. GROW UP! take responsibility for your fuxin actions, cuz there is such things as KARMA. i refuse to take shit from people rather or not they are online. Do NOT ask if i have a cam, do not ask if i will get on it, i wont, cuz the only way that i will is if i TRUST you, and ya know what there isnt many that i do trust. and so far only two ppl has seen me on cam FROM FUBAR. and if anyone does this again, like the guy from below, im not called the attack kitten for nothing and i will protect myself, plus i also have protectors too. so WATCH YOURSELF!! anywho, you know i could rant about this all day but i want you all to see how stupid this guy is so i better stop so you can see and read... Aleister Crowley Finish: Aleister C...: tramp ->Aleister C...: whiner, bye... Aleister C...: bye dont talk to me ->Aleister C...: LMAO, pfft.. im not fake, your an ass whole... Aleister C...: your blocked fake friend bye ->Aleister C...: your asking me to spend my time and energy going on cam, we are complete strangers. i dont go on cam like that. no matter what the reason is, that i dont fuxin Trust. Aleister C...: listen Aleister C...: im not asking for god damend anything for christ sake lisaten ->Aleister C...: besides ive done that before, adding someone and then showing myself, and i get hurt... so no not going to do it . Aleister C...: yeah ok ->Aleister C...: i have standers. Aleister C...: fine then ->Aleister C...: dude thats camming.... and i dont like going on it all that much and i only let friends see me on it not complete strangers. Aleister C...: I like to see who im talking too ->Aleister C...: why did you ask for the cam anyways? Aleister C...: ok ->Aleister C...: dunno Aleister C...: can we be friends? ->Aleister C...: your assuming things ->Aleister C...: im not going on cam cuz i dont feel like going on it. Aleister C...: sorry if you cant handle not all guys are like that Aleister C...: then dont talk to me like im some ass thats wnats sex either ->Aleister C...: dont talk to me like im a little kid, and dont tell me what to do Aleister C...: ok go talk to hot fit guys then ->Aleister C...: yes, and no im not getting on it Aleister C...: got a webcam ->Aleister C...: heh? Aleister C...: can i ask a favor Start: right now im feeling very angry and bitter towards this issue. dont test me! oh btw when im not pissed off, i dont cuss, i cuzz just with cuter words example: Fuckin would be fuxin get it, i replace certain letters with other letters so it means that im kidding around and is happy n such. Only one other has comment about how i say things when both happy and upset.. i wonder who else noticed this...btw comments are welcome i want to know what you all think... Did i mention that i love my FuFamily DT? oh btw i love my FuFamily DT! lots of hugs n kisses to all!
okay well i just got this IM today, and i find it weird and its from a friend on my YIM list. L A: True freedom will come to those who have the patience to weather the trials and tribulations of everyday live without falling into their own self desires and pity. Do not forget those around you that care for you, for without them you would not have any armor with which to battle our common foe...desperation. and ever since i got it ive been feeling kindof creeped out over it.. for personal reasons that i can not explain. *shrugs and shivers* Your thoughts and comments are welcomed on this. would like to know what everyone thinks about this.
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