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38 Year Old · Female · From Zeeland, MI · Invited by: 2553155 · Joined on February 16, 2009 · Born on May 23rd · 1 referrals joined!
38 Year Old · Female · From Zeeland, MI · Invited by: 2553155 · Joined on February 16, 2009 · Born on May 23rd · 1 referrals joined!

*~"About me" is still under Construction (aka will always be updated~*

Family: Raine, Shadow, Evan (Best Friend), my MAMI Lucky7 (Kat), Dragons Keep, Whispering Winds, OWM ...Others...? - (Those who are my family and friend within another Chatclient, Leave me a Private Message and i will add you to the list, cuz to me you should be known, so others wont mess with you!)

My Current Location isnt within Fubar, ...

Occupation/Job: ...

I havnt been logging onto fubar because it has gotten dull after i backed out or got fired from my "jobs" within Fubar/lounges. I just dont feel like being within fubar all that much. its not that i dont like it its just that i prefer to spend my time with my Baby.

putting information on this page is going to take a lot, so bare with me, just need to think about what i need to put in here is all and im not sure of what. so it will take time to see anything at all.. besides the easy stuff. *will fill in This part, the intrests & video games. as soon as i can. thanks for being patient and understanding. *however i do have two myspace pages and a facebook as well as many others that i am with. Too many to list or at the least that i remember from the top of my head. lol, anywho yeh. the info you all seek will sooner or later be here. *This is my 2nd time being on Fuber, the first time My friend SYNERGY invited me... the 2nd is when Lazarus Blackthorne who invited me this time.***...*so please check back often to see if there is any change within this profile. thanks!*

38 Year Old · Female · From Zeeland, MI · Invited by: 2553155 · Joined on February 16, 2009 · Born on May 23rd · 1 referrals joined!
Relationships: ...

General: I like Music, Movies, TV, Books, Real Life as well as the Little and Big Screen Heros, Computers (Chatting n such; Voodoochat, Yahoo, msn, etc), Games, PC Games, Video Games, GameSystem Games XD, and many many more.

Books: Thrillers/Horrors, Mystories, some times Romance Novels, Adventures, Fantasies, Family, Kids, Documentaries about some things, and what ever peeks my interests, same as Movies and Television.

Music: Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, R&B, Alternative, Classic, Reggae, Soul, Love Songs, Very Little Rap, Very Little Country, Dance/Electronic, Oldies, Whatever is on my Media Player and theres alot.

I Like just about anything, to themes from tv shows of any type or kind to just plan ol' music. examples of what i like is within the playlists. check them out of you wish. there are songs and themes that arnt on the playlists but keep in mind, i will add more.. so that means there might be more playlists coming. hope you enjoy rather or not you'd like the songs, but its what i like. please be respectful.

My Playlists:


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Movies: Action, Adventure, Animation, Art, Classics, Comedy, A Little Documentary, Sometimes Drama, Kids/Family, Remakes of some movies, Sometimes Romances, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Seguels to the main movies, Suspense/Horror, Teen, Thriller, and some others.
Television: Animation, Anime, Cartoons, life action. same as movies and books.
Heroes: My Cousin and his Mother, My Grandmother, and My GRANDFATHER!!! The Rest of My Family!!! Everyone that is alive as well as when they died. They did some amazing things in their lifetime, and im proud to be in the family that i am in, but... some times i do wonder !! --I love you Family! Grandfather Past Away 5-6PM... Jan. 13th, 2008... RIP!!!!! I LOVE YOU GRANDPA!!!!!!--

Has lost someone dear, My Grandmother On My Fathers Side ;-; April 4th 2009 @ 5am

Those that are fighting to stay alive from an illness of any kind, and that hasnt givin up at all.

Actors and Actresses, sings, and other famous folks.

Those online... it shows that your living even though you are just online, you are your own person. those that also dont take shit from other people. fight of whats right and what you believe in. as well as many other things.

and anybody else that has lost someone dear to them. its a big lost, depending on how close you are to that person. could make that person go crazy or very depressed after losing that loved one. a person can only take so much negitivity before it takes its toll. (this is why ive been trying to do Possitive things.. its hard but it can be done)
Video Games
*~"Video Games" is still under Construction~*

Well lets see i like Playstations, The old fastioned Game Systems known as Atari. and any other game system that is out there.

Atari: i used to own a few. like Atari 2600 and Atari 5200 as well as Atari 7800.

Nintendo/Nin-NES:: NES/Famicom, Super Nintendo Entertainment System/Super Famicom

Playstations: Sony PlayStation, Sony PlayStation 2

Other: Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

Played on/dont own: Game Boy, Sega Game Gear, Super Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable.


Ive also Played on Computers as well..

an old type of pc.. that let me play a very old game with goldfinder and sailor man (VERY OLD GAMES).

will add the games soon....

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    Today is"SEXY FRIEND" day and baby you know you are sexy! Send this to all ur sexy friends (even me) if you get:1 - you're ugly2 - ok3 - damn4 - wow5 - fine6 - sexy as HELL7 -"friendship with benefits" cute8 -"rip my eyes out" you're too hot9 - define"hit that"

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    Win bling in our trivia contest tonight at 8pm

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