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Millie's blog: "I'm Worried...."

created on 02/25/2009  |  http://fubar.com/i-m-worried/b280359

Im suffering from the loss of a few family members besides the past ones that have passed away. i will always miss the ones that have passed away, Im not over the ones that have yet and im not sure what i will do if i lost someone else this close, but i dont think it would be good, so i need all the support and such, like i would give it to you when you lose someone. my mood shifts whenever someone that i care for dies, which should be understandable right?!, so yeah... enough said...

Fathers Side:

Grandpa on my fathers side died when i was just a baby, dont really remember him all that well, but he got to see me before my eyes changed to brown.

My Aunt on my fathers side, she died a few years later then my grandfather.

My Grandfather, my dads step father, died within the years of 1990-1995 (doesnt remember the year that he really did passed away)

My cousin on my fathers side, died of a car and train accident, she was only 17 when she passed away, when i was a baby when my teeth were settling in, i bit her nose LMAO! i guess i have a nose fetish!

another cousin on my fathers side, i didnt know him. so i cant really say anything about him.

My grandmother, just recently passed away, on the 4th of april, she was my fav. i love her very much, and truely miss her. died in nursing home.

i will miss all of them ones that i remember and have known, even the family i didnt really know of. i will miss them anyways. i love all. and i hope they rip.

Mothers Side:

theres a lot of others that have died in the family but i dont remember all of them, i gotta check records, and i dont remember where they are.

My grandfather he died within Jan of 2008 about a year and four months before my grandmother on my father side. he died within hospice, stayed four days and on last day he passed away.

Step Father, he passed away the same year as beautiy, but he died about 5 or 6 or so months afterwards.


There has been some animals i do know about that have passed away i dont remember their names or their year of when they had to be put to sleep/died.


Beauty passed away 2001-2004 (dont remember the correct year), my best friend in the whole world, my second mother in a sense she took care of me when my mom couldnt.. well in a way i guess, she was a character, everyone would have loved her.

Curly a year after beauty, orginal owner was a "friend" of mine but my mother took care of him so she became the owner.


Mozart died May 5th 2009

Belle orginal order was my grandmother on my fathers side, then I got her (with my mom) some odd years ago, around the time we got beauity a few years after that we had to give her up, but we gave her to family members on mothers side. so she stayed in the family, then she got moved again, she died when she was 18 years of age, belle and i were the same age, btw.

Other Animals:


Sprinkles, died, not sure of what the year was. but barried in the backyard with another bird a robin.

Special Creatures (Lizards n such):


Izzy: orgianal owner my moms ex co worker, then mom took lizard, then when couldnt take care of anymore someone else took it and then froze and died, dont remember what year.


there is a few People and animals that i have forgotten that is supposed to be within the list but i couldnt remember or find the paperwork for them even if they are honestly typed here or not, they are on the list anyways, this a RIP and such type of post so please pay your respects. of course once i figure out this will get edited so return to see if there are any changes.

i am worried and prayering for my friend who has breast cancer, she has sugary on the March 9! Her email is below.. please pray for her to get better.. thank you! "I got the good news that I am a candidate for the reconstructive surgery that I wanted. The insurance has cleared it and my surgery has been set for March 9 at H. Hospital. My stay will be from 3 to 5 days and than I am going to my moms to recover for a week or so. The actual time will be 6 to 8 weeks before I feel somewhat back to "normal". This is the final chapter on this long road of fighting Breast Cancer and hopefully the last. My spirits remain high and I know the long term outcome will be good for me. The name of the surgery I am getting is called a Tram Flap and it is pretty extensive. It will be 8 hours in the operating room but well worth it in the end. Take care everyone and pass this on to anyone you think will be interested in reading it. Love, B.L." *Prayers for B.L.*
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