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CrazyKnight's blog: "My Thoughts"

created on 04/22/2008  |  http://fubar.com/my-thoughts/b209310
Every once in awhile, more often then I would like, I have insomniatic (yes I know it’s not a word, but it’s a good album by Aly & AJ) episodes. It creeps over me like a black cloud moving through the night pushing its curse through my veins. They usually happen when my mind gets away from me and too many thoughts go roaming. There was a time that the thoughts were innovative and I would purposely stay awake so that I could act on them. Slowly, like Neapolitan ice cream in the hot sun, those creative and innovative ideas melted away and swirled together in a jumbled mess. From time to time I am able to pull out some semblance of a cohesive thought. There are times that I like to share some of these thoughts. If nothing else, to get them down and draw those apples out of the barrel of water and get to the refreshing cool clear water of sleep. I have thought that if I keep adding more apples to the barrel than what I take out, then what is the point? It’s sort of along the lines of “why make your bed if you are going to mess it up that night?” Then again, it makes no sense to continue to stir the melted bowl of ice cream but instead slowly separate the flavors till things make sense again.
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