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Haven't made it to the gym for a bit because i have been sick but I decided to weigh in just for giggles and still loosing weight. Can't complain!


Mad walking while doin OT last night. also, got a little over zealous while riding bike to the gym and then spending an hour on the precore just ti finish up riding my bike back home.
232.5 lbs this morn. Walked all day at work yesterday, pushed a few printers around at Encore and then went biking to finish the day off. Ate decent. Protein pancakes for breakfast, leftover chicken with rice for lunch, and Seared Mahi Mahi with brown rice for dinner.
Weigh-in this morning @ 247.5 lbs I'll update again on Friday.
Wednesday: 253 Sunday: 248 (not a controlled weigh-in either, possibly even less) My Kttn is a MAD trainer. I'd share her techniques but then that would make this post NSFW.
Lost my way a bit but now i'm back on track again. At least I didn't put all that I had lost back on. Starting once again at 253 and the goal is 200.
Been a rough last few days. Practice have been expecially brutal and then I spent 2 hours at the gym yesturday. So far it has paid off. I will be passing 250 before the weekend. Hopefully if it is another good weekend I'll hit my 10% loss mark of 27 lbs before Monday. Then it's on to the 240 lbs point!
Weighed in at 258.5 lbs this morning. Had a good weekend so that helped to break that 260 barrier. Work is sponsoring private lessons for the rest of this month until the competition on the 29th so now I am practicing 3 days a week. This will help nicely to keep that weight going downward.
Only had an hour of practice last night but but I kept strick track of what I ate. It payed off with another 1.5 lbs loss last night.
264 lbs this morning. An hour at the gym last night. Nothing special, just the elliptical.
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