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Where is your cell phone? In my pocket

Your signifigant other? Non exsistant.

Your favorite store? Target probably, though I go to Walmart way more often. Helzburg Diamonds isn't too bad though

Your favorite color(s)? Dark dark blue, normally I'd call it midnight blue. A bright limey green has been attracting me a lot recently

When is the last time you laughed? After I won Alannah a stuffed orange elephant from a claw machine today. I have NEVER won anything from those things before!

When is the last time you cried? Its been a while, suprisingly

Where were you last night? At home 

Muffins? Are yummy... I should bake some

Where did you grow up? New Jersey

Last thing you did? Put Alannah to bed

What are you wearing? skirt and a tube top. Not something I'd wear out of the house.

Your TV? Small and bulky. contradiction? maybe but its true 

Your pets? Are in NJ still.

Friends? I have a couple.

Your life? Most days its good.

You mood? Ok, I guess.

Missing someone? Yes.

Something you are not wearing? a bra.

Your hair? multi-tonal and frizzy

Your mom? Is more awesomer than yours 

Your dad? Will be seen in a couple of weeks 

Your favorite things? raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... kidding. Walking inthe door from work and seeing my daughter's face light up.

Your fears? None of your damn business.

Where do you want to be in six years? out of debt. HAHAHAAHA

One place you go to often? of the rails on a crazy train

One person who e-mails you a lot? My aunt, but she mostly only sends forwards..

My favorite place to eat? a good steak house

Who will probably respond to this? on here, no one. suprise me.

Why did you participate in this survey? again, no one. Suprise me.

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