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My daughter is awesome. :-) She had her 15 month check up today and she's 25 lbs 5 oz and 31 inches tall (Almost 3 feet! damn!) She's either right on target with her milestones, or ahead of the game. :) AND she's done with shots until she's 5, hooray for her!


We go to NJ in a month :) can't wait!


Dad called a few days ago. I knew something had to be wrong because it was 8 am and he wouldn't call that early without a good reason (at least he had better never that early with out a good reason.) He said that the night before they took my aunt to the hospital because she was experiencing double and blurred vision. I guess she had been having this for a bit so she went to her doctor about it. She had high blood pressure so they adjusted/changed her meds with instructions to go to the ER if it happened again. For her to go to the doctor's in the first place means she must have been really worried. Anyways, she stayed in the hospital until today and it was Thursday night she was admitted? Found out she has diabetes, which isn't a suprise in the least. I tried to call her tonight but guess she wasn't home yet.


In other alannah news, she's been eating so much better now. She has three new teeth that just broke through the top so I'm sure that's a bit part of it. heh.. last night while I was at work Mom heated up some homemade pizza for her, and cooked some peas and carrots- Alannah threw the pizza on the floor and chowed down on the p&c! While I wish she would eat what we give her, if she's gonna be picky then at least she picks the veggies!

And I guess that's all for now.

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