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So yeah, it's been a while since I actually decided to sit down and write out a big long post here. Chances are this one won't end up too long either. Generally the best intentions and all that...

Anyways, lets start with the best stuff.. Alannah! She turned 1 year old on May 1st and she's acting much older than her age. Over the past couple of days she has learned how to climb up onto the couch, loveseat, and chair. She tries to climb onto the coffee table but we stop that one. It took her a bit longer to learn how NOT to fall off of them. But today that was her accomplishment. She can do the hand gestures for the Itsy Bitsy spider and parts of head shoulders knees and toes. She says ut oh, mama, nana, all done, dryers done, and a handfull of other words. The other words are only with prompting. She walks perfectly and will spin in circles. She loveeeeees music and will dance around. In the mornings I put on music videos for us to listen to/watch while having breakfast and waking up. She will walk up to me and give me kisses too, a very loving baby girl! Also, in the vein of acting older than she is- she throws fits. She will have a little tantrum when we tell her no, or pull her away from Nana's bookshelf. She's seems to have mastered the art of that face kids get right before they're going to start crying... she isn't hurt, I doubt she's all that upset but maybe she thinks we'll give in because she just looks so damned pathetic. It's hard not to giggle at moments like that.

I don't know if I mentioned this here at all or not but last month the three of us went to NC to visit family. And we drove. Alannah did amazing in the car, except for the last 200 miles on the way home. At that point all I wanted was OUT.OF.THE.DAMNED.CAR. too so I don't blame her at all. Basically she spent two weeks in a hotel room and it was great. It was really too cold for the beach but we went once anyways. She loved it so much, she was shivering but kept running into the water. Ate a shovel full of sand.. good times good times. She got to see Uncle Jeremy again, and Paw Paw. She met Aunt Niecy, and Uncles David and Doug. I have to admit she took a lot quicker to Doug than anyone else... EVER, and that's good. Especially since he has a hard time leaving little babies alone when he's around. We also got to see Kayla again and meet her new bf. And finally got to meet Christine, my uncle's gf, and meet their baby daughter Emma! Alannah petted her like she was a cat, and tried to steal her bink. Slight jealousy issue over Mom holding a crying Emma but that was solved by Mom holding both at the same time.

On the work front... its work. This week has been rough. Really early mornings and I can't really go to bed early to make up for a 3 am wake up alarm. Today it all caught up to me and I overslept. I need the hours. I need the money but, what can I do? I got a call at 530, the time we were supposed to leave the office, and it woke me up. I apologized but it would have been about an hour before I could have gotten dressed and gotten Alannah settled with Mom and gotten to the office. And that's with good traffic and a bit of speeding.

This past week started our new pay program that includes a bonus program. Only a few stores are eligible for it but this week I have 3. Of course I HIGHLY doubt Kohl's will make bonus. Ug. Long day, way too long of a story to get into on here. Dollar Tree yesterday was an obvious one for us to bonus in, we just kick ass at them. Walgreens tomorrow is another one and again- we pretty much always do well in them.

Money sucks as always. I keep hoping to finally start receiving child support but I haven't and I try not to expect/rely/need it so much. But damn it... anyways.

Personally not too much has changed. Texting with a guy who seems nice, but he lives 3-4 hours away so that's that. Haven't had much time for friends besides Brad and Jen lately. Well that's not entirely true. Haven't had the money in the little amount of time to go see friends and do stuff.

The past two days I've taken Alannah to the park here in town. Yesterday Jen and I drove and then walked around there with her a bit, but today Alannah and I just walked there and back. It's reassuring to know we can do that.

Anyways.. I guess that's about it. As of right now it's planned that Mom, Alannah and I will be coming to NJ between Sept. 4th and 11th. Stay tuned for updates/changes as they occur. If you'd like to help fund the trip let me know ;)

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