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39 Year Old · Male · Joined on February 24, 2006 · Born on July 19th · 1 referrals joined! · 1 person has a crush on me!
39 Year Old · Male · Joined on February 24, 2006 · Born on July 19th · 1 referrals joined! · 1 person has a crush on me!

i'm 6'0 175 or 180 lbs light tan with 4 tattoos&tougne ring brown hair with blue highlights i'm open minded to a certin extent i usually keep to my self tho...i'm like that quite kid that sit's alone during lunch @ school ppl dont talk to me i dont talk to them but if have something to say i'm going 2 let it out i dont have many friends...i dont have any close friends most of my family moved to florida (wishes i was there) i party every chance i get (getting smashed) every bottle of captins i get...i go to alot of shows in boston&salem (etc) mosh pit's ooh yes cant live w/o them, thats like the only time i get to let everything out, better then the wall or ur face right ?~! lol j/k i tend to keep shit bottled up in side to much but who doesnt thats why they have mosh pit's anyways i hate negative ppl they just get under my skin some how..."hey i'm not a shrink stop comin to me" geez...i have a son *KeNnY* i'm being deprived of seeing *Shrugs* w/e what goes around comes around...i like to draw meet new ppl go to a club here n there when i have some1 to go with me not a perv but i go the beach just fer the girls samething with the clubs ...i wounder am i going to far with this about me thing?~! oh well get over it i can give 2 shits about what other ppl think when it comes to stuff about me i am what i am...i'm know to be a strong person, in other words...i dont have a weakness no chick/girl nor human being can break me, and i luv it when lowlife self centered ppl try to. ya anyways i work in construction all year round i do piercings now & i'm in traning to do tattoos i listen to all types of music i always have my cd player with me matter fact i love it i think of it as a mute button for the world around me...i'll finish this someother time...lata

<~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> I am rising from the trenches and I will not fail. If i want something i'm goin for it, if they doubt me. i'm leavein them behind, i'll step on their heads, and rise up.. i came into this world alone, And i'm gonna go out alone. Its Who and What i do in the midddle that Counts. Do You, forget the rest?~!
~~self centered ppl~~ ~~The ChAoS gRoWs~~ Just a tip for all the self centered people out there. The people that play games and toy with others. Knowing what they do, and feeling bad at times, yet to self centered to stop your evils. If you have these demons in you, and toss them upon someone else, if you lead them on, lie to them, misinform or neglect to fairly clue them in on what is real, or tease them regretfully, yet knowingly, do not be surprised to be bit in the ass, used, trash talked, or kicked around for revenge. I am everything my site says about me, it is you that will make my character manifest itself into the same piece of shit you have brought down upon me. Do unto others. Sometimes my version of karma is man made. Trust me, this is not a sign for any one person. I have known what seems to be scores of people that deserve a bag full of shit. I will tell you, letting things go everytime doesnt teach any one a lesson. Through any revenge I have layed upon another, has in the least made a handful of people think the next time they decide to fuck around and play games. You morons that feel guilt yet let your self centered asses get the best of you, remember this when your telling me I am nothing like my displayed words on my page. 0.o

39 Year Old · Male · Joined on February 24, 2006 · Born on July 19th · 1 referrals joined! · 1 person has a crush on me!

NIN~mudvaine~staind~~trapt~puddle of mud~guns & roses~Megadeth~IronMaiden~Arch enemy~Testament~Anthrax~Throwdown~NIRVANA~Smile empty soul~H.I.M.~system of a down~as i lay dying~TOOL~senses fail~the used~Alice in chains ~metallica~green day~god smack~the killers~kill switch engage~KORN~the dresden dolls~shadows fall~the kids table~slipknot~Unearth~all shall perish~enslaved~bleed the sky~in flames~kittie~black sabbath~rob zombie~the transplants~the unseen~dear leader~disturbed~cold~switch foot~papa roach~Marlyn Manson~3 days grace~linkin park~Cradle of Filth~slipknot~Pantera~Candle Box~Death~Spine Shank~NonPoint~Otep~Silent Civillan~Divine Heresy~Napalm Death~All That Remains~Machine Head~10Years~Hurt~A Perfect Circle~Atreyu~Red~Blood Simple~Drowning Pool~FiveFingerDeathPunch

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