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more of my book Current mood: cheerful Category: Writing and Poetry When they first kissed it was a very weird night for her. Though she does remember that first kiss with softness for him in her heart. Sure he was a little out there. In reality he was a great guy. She never tended to see that. As she sits here on this beach she thinks back. She doesn't remember exactly how they met, was it in high school or at his cousins house? She remembers talking to him alot and they became very good friends. He was different this tall boy with the deep blue eyes a girl could get lost in. He was funny, he was kind, he was so very sweet and on the outside seemed innocent. She later found out differently. That first kiss though, blew her away more than any she had before. She had never been kissed like that before and he was very bold to do so, ecspecially when she was dating someone else who was just around the corner. They weren't boyfriend and girlfriend but still you don't go kissing on the person your friend is dating. I guess it's a code or something. He did though, he kissed her softly and he kissed her like she was his. By the end of the night she was. One thing most memorable about that kiss other than the fact it was in front of a bathroom was that after ten long years she still remembers it. She remembers how she had to stand on her tip toes to kiss him. He was so much taller than her. By almost ten inches at that. He being 6'2 and she being 5'3 there was a big difference in height. She usually went for shorter guys but she couldn't resist a tall good looking guy. And he did have those blue eyes and a charm to it could even melt a nuns heart. They dated a short while, enjoyed each others company quite a bit. He had alot of respect for her and she for him. Which explains why when he tried to get her to have sex so much she refused. Not that she didn't have respect for those she did eventually have sex with, she just wasn't the type of girl to sleep with all the boys she dated. She remembers he loved to drink Jack Daniels. Loved his cousins and grandmother. Yes he was a decent boy. So what that he wasn't considered drop dead georgeous, to her he was, still is from the last time she saw him. He was and is one of a kind. She doesn't remember the reason they broke up. He'll say that she broke up with him because she felt they were better off as friends. Maybe she was afraid, she had been hurt in the past so it's safe to say she cared so much she was afraid. They weren't just a couple they truly were friends. Still are friends to this very day. She smiles when she thinks about him. She always will. They had alot of good times together, walks on the beach, hanging out at his grandmothers house since he didn't like taking her home to his. They walked by the light of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and like so many other couples before and after, they kissed there to. They went out to dinner, she paid since she had a job, but she didn't mind. He did give her a special necklace, she still has it. Right now she's wearing it, sitting on this beach remembering this sweet boy who is now a man.
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