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short lived happines, the story of my life. meet a nice guy, not thinking he's the one, but that he's really great. fun to hang out with and be around. your chemistry is great, you understand all the pressure of this persons job or at least you try to. they need to vent you let them. you understand you can't be together all the time because of this job. you again accept and understand that. you even have no issue when you spend time with your seperate friends. when you hear this persons sweet soft voice you smile. when you see this person smile, you smile. each trying to light up the others day. each satisified with what you have. or at least that's how it seems. it was short lived happiness and now, no i don't know where i stand. i'm stuck in the middle, are we together or not. i don't want to hear from everyone else that just because you don't talk to me it means it's over, i want to hear it from you. i never lied to you and wanted to show you that nice girls really do exsist. you know how my last relationship ended, so that just makes it ok to do what he did? no, because you aren't him. you can't even compare to him. do i care about you yes, do i love you, no. we agreed we neither one wanted love. could i have loved you, yes, i could have, maybe in time. i want us to work, i know it's crazy since you've treated me not so good the last week. i said i was sorry. i don't know what else to say. i didn't want this happiness to be short lived, i didn't want to lose the smile you gave me. having you in my life is not something i regret nor do i want to lose.if we can't at least be lovers can we be friends? this short lived happiness. happier than i've been in months, years and it's short lived. i can't smile, all i can do is cry. i am who i am and i guess you just don't like that person. no matter what. i can't change who i am. one day i hope you find your true happiness, as i settle for short lived happiness.
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