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For as long as I can remember my drivers liscense has always had organ donor on it. People would tell me, "you know that don't work on you or get you to the hospital that fast if you have that." Well, is that was the case there would be less people on the waiting list. My mother contracted a disease during a transfusion in the early 80's. It was before aids testing, hepatitis testing, etc. You can imagine. My mother was having a hysterectomy. Get over my spelling on this one. *smiles* I am tired. Anyhow the disease caused her liver to fail. There is no big money law suits there is no happily ever after. Forget that idea. She had a liver transplant 14 years ago. She is still with me. I treasure every day. Although because many of the medications at that time were experimental over time it has taken her kidney functions away. She is now in dialysis. I am going to be tested to see if I can donate one of my kidneys. Many people look at me shocked. Some people would never consider it. That is there decision. It is not one that I would blame anyone for making. It is not easy. Many people feel it is a religious thing. I can't answer that. I know I would never pressure someone into donating. I would ask that you and your family have a serious discussion about it. Find out what they would want and how everyone would feel. I would ask that you consider it. I would ask that you investigate it. I would ask that you look at it as a way of helping and giving a gift to someone out of total unselfishness. Again, everyone has there own decision to make about their life and after life. I don't look badly at anyone who would not consider it at all or does not believe in it. I am only asking that you look around and consider the posibilities. Consider why you are here on earth. Consider what your purpose is and what you are here to learn. Consider life even after yours is gone or even before it is gone. I ask you to consider it and talk with your family and loved ones. I ask you to consider the impossible....to consider the possible Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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