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For future reference, forgetting my birthday and making a big deal out of yours every year is a problem. Wishing me happy birthay would have been enough, a card, cooking me dinner, or even cleaning up. For furture reference, not recognizing a holiday like Christmas is a problem. When every year I make sure you get something from me and you child/children. A simple card, note, or baking brownies from the pantry shelf would have been fine. For future reference, buying toys for yourself and you child/children instead of paying bills, or asking what is needed in the household is a problem. To understand it is not about you but the whole group is a lesson to be remembered. For future reference, when getting permission to trade in something of mine so that your child/children can have something and only getting fifty cents for it is a problem. Maybe it would have been better not to trade it in since it cost me 100 times more than that when purchased. For future reference, ignoring me totally for six months or more due to a situation that was just as difficult for me as it was for you is a problem. Discussion would have worked. For future reference, telling me you could not get any sleep with me in the bed and forcing me on the couch for six months is a problems. Getting rid of the couch or refusing to take it and forcing me to the floors was also a bad idea. Maybe try to find a replacement couch would have worked. For future reference, treating me like a pack mule is a problem. I revolted after several years but you still gave me protest. Something to remember if I die you become the pack mule or have to find another. Pack mules are not easy to come by these days. For furture reference, treating me like a puching bag either with your fists or words is a problem. It is belittling, hateful, and shows lack of intelligence. It allows the other person to feel trapped, worthless, helpless, and then hateful toward you. For future reference, threatening to throw your child/children out on the streets if I do not do what you want is a problem. Maybe discussion would have worked there also. For future reference, forcing me to give up the love of my life because you did not like it is a problem. It does not make me love you. It makes me pity you and makes me unhappy. For future reference, bad mouthing me to people does not work. I would have never done that to you. In the end, people asked me. I told them the truth. We are not what we started to be in the beginning. For future reference, please write some of these things down for your next girlfriend. I have more, but thought you could start with these first. No, I am not perfect, but I do try to learn from my mistakes. I do not wish you unhappiness, loneliness, or even bad luck. I wish you to learn from your mistakes and not to do the same with someone else. I will be there because I made a commitment. I just believe that enough is enough. I am learning from my mistakes are you? If you have done one or more of these things to someone, you have done something wrong. If you can not see that then I feel sorry for you also.
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