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Come listen to the bad azzed DJ with the sexiest voice on the net Dj Onyx Illuzion at Aftershock Radio 9 pm - 12am est Monday and Tuesday and 9pm - 1am Wednesday and Thursday http://www.aftershockradio247.com or in winamp at http://rs1.radiostreamer.com:8028 high band and http://rs1.radiostreamer.com:8600 low band All requests taken and played according to availablity but will get gotten and played during the show. DJ Onyx Illuzion of Xxxtasy all requests can be sent to tamedcat@yahoo.com
Everyone's favorite internet DJ Onyx Illuzion makes her return to the airwaves at http://www.aftershockradio247.com from 9pm - 1am EST Sunday night thru Thursdays for Aftershock 24/7 Radio my first night was last night and had a few problems but i hope that my friends that support what i do can tune in now and then to listen to me put out some killer metal or even some mellow country sounds depends on the mood but i will say that i have a nightly themed set of songs to get everyone in the mood to do the horizontal bop...hehe... DJ Onyx Illuzion aka Onyx Illuzion of Xxxtasy aka DawnMarie
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