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sTaRr's blog: "Autism"

created on 04/10/2008  |  http://fubar.com/autism/b206087

Five For Fighting

@ fubar April is Autism awareness mouth. Someone I love with all my heart and sole is autistic. Fighting for a cure hasnt been easy but my hopes and optimisim will never subside!! I believe there are many awesome people out there that will never give up looking! Five For Fighting

@ fubar I found a website that will donate money to autistim charities everytime you watch one of there videos. Just click any of the images on this Blog/bullitin to get to there Website. It is called Five for Fighting. If everyone on fubar will just take the time to go and watch just one video they could raise over a million dollars on just us alone. So i beg you please it wont take much of your time. Five For Fighting

@ fubar The Organization that this website donates to is Autismspeaks they raise money for cures, treatment, and awareness throughout communities. http://www.autismspeaks.org Five For Fighting

@ fubar Please Click Any of the graphics to get to Five for Fighting and Donate!! Thank You!! This Blog and Bully was brought to you by: Íñsåñë ßéåütÿ

@ fubar and ☠sTaRr☠ RL/Fu-Owned By RelliK~The Graveyard Family & Shadow Leveler

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