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53 Year Old · Female · From Fairfield, IA · Joined on March 9, 2006 · Relationship status: It's Complicated · Born on July 9th · 4 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!
53 Year Old · Female · From Fairfield, IA · Joined on March 9, 2006 · Relationship status: It's Complicated · Born on July 9th · 4 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!

Not alot to say about me at the moment except I am who I am and I luv who I am...lol I'm a perfect lil Angel....LOL

I luv to have fun.. Gotta have that and being able to laugh at UR self to survive this crazy place we call the world..lol

I luv 2 make new friends, Bikers are most welcome to come chat with me! I've recently come to find that my lil nitch in the world is there (does that make sense). Most ppl misunderstand the bikers but down deep they are good peeps and have a better understanding of friendship and brotherhood than anyone else. Anyway I had been lookin for a long time for that lil nitch I fit into and finally found it even if it was by accident this past summer.lol I also went to my first biker rally this summer and it was something else but pretty kewl tho.. Have some pix that I might post (none of me tho cause none were taken of me...lol)Anyway ya might say I have my friends here at CT but then I also have my biker family here at CT..lol

A lil about me. My name’s Vikki but I go by Curious most of the time. I got my nickname from being curious about one thing or another.. More times than not I have a curious question floating around in my mind and will have to ask it or go nutty til I do cause it’ll bug at me til I do..lol I am also a natural born flirt. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I am flirting, I’m married with 2 kids. My husband Lee (Dogg) knows I chat online with both male and female ppl and is ok with that. Dogg is also ok with me flirting because he knows how I am (how do ya think I met him…lol) both my kids are teenagers. Daughter Crysta is 15 going on 35 and thinks she knows all and isn’t afraid to show her attitude (and boy does she have one… Don’t know where she got that from…lol she is also bipolar so that makes things a lil more interesting) My son Nic is 16 and has a slight form of Autism. So ya might say my life is full of ups and downs.. We have 7 furbabies. 1 Cat (Black his name is Boogie) and 6 dogs (Brandy Jo our pitt, Pepper,Rowdy,Rocky,Dante’(my malamute with an attitude and is my hell’s fire child..lol) and then there is Uggie Puggie (AKC Pug). I have a full life but luv to have fun and make friends. And I try to make time for all friends and family.

Cherry Tap has become a home away from home for me. I first came here when it was Lost Cherry where it was home for me til the drama between LC and Home got to me and I stayed away for awhile.. Well now I’m back and don’t plan on leaving again. I’ve made some Awesome friends here. Both regular peeps and Bikers. I am learning everyday a lil more about the biker world and still think that I fit in there better than anywhere else. They accept you for who you are not what they think you should be. Ya might say they let you be real. They are down to earth and look after their brothers and their wives and children. They are one big family and no one better mess with the brothers. I have something posted in my stash on Brotherhood/Friendship that I wrote one day when I was totally ticked off at someone that claimed to be friends/brothers (family) of ours that took a big dump on us when we couldn’t do no more for them. I know I didn’t quite put it right or all of what brotherhood is but it was the just of it. Brothers stick together, have each other’s back no matter what and you know you can always count on them. Those are the kind of peeps I want around me. I want ppl to be the real them when they chat with me not something fake and wanting to make friends just for points.. Get the points and never talk again. That isn’t what I’m about.. The points mean nothing to me it’s the ppl that mean something/everything to me. Some of my newest friends have let me vent to them even tho they didn’t know all that well yet and I thank you for that You know who You are!!

So ppl when ya come to my page please leave a comment. You can even send me a PM. But always remember to be real. Don’t be someone ya think I wanna talk too and all that. I am a true blue friend til the end unless I am crossed. Then ya better watch out. I always wanna stay on the good side of ppl and want ppl to stay on my good side too. Cause that other side isn’t always pretty. Anyway I think this is enough for now.. Chat with ya all soon!

Luv ya all

Hosted By SparkleTags.com
Hosted By SparkleTags.com

I came 2 CT to make friends which I Have done.. I have met some very awesome people.. CT is a place for fun and chat., not drama and hatin. So this is how I feel. If ya don’t like whatcha see here on my page then go on to someone else. Don’t try to be a funny man/woman and say something rude or just give low cherry points cause there is no point to that. I luv to chat and I have an odd sense of humor and get along with most everyone. When I visit someone’s page their profile will always get a 10 but if something in their photos bothers me or I just don’t like it there is no comment from me or score. But it will appeal to someone else who will comment and rate it.

So simply put I have enough drama at home so when I come to CT I leave the drama at the door and just have fun.

Don’t like what this has 2 say here be sure to read the tags below….


who bring extra drama to my life.. Leave the drama at the door or U can follow what the tag below has to say…..


Other wise have a nice day




Some of my fav sayings are:
No matter what life does go on!!
Chit Happens so get over it!
Build me a bridge,cry me a river and get over it!! (got that one from my daughter...lol)
Bite Me (dang can that one get ya in trouble...lol)
Luv to Live and Live to Luv
and my #1 Fav
I'm nuttier than a fruit cake and I can prove it..lol









53 Year Old · Female · From Fairfield, IA · Joined on March 9, 2006 · Relationship status: It's Complicated · Born on July 9th · 4 referrals joined! · I have a crush on someone!

Makin friends of course...lol Luv anything and everything to do with computers (guess that makes me kind of a computer geek huh...lol) I totally luv animals have tons of 4 legged furbabies..lol I luv tracing family trees (can get interesting with what ya find thru out the generations). Reading (Steven King, John Saul and VC Andrews are my favs) Horror movies are the bomb...lol I grew up watching them and have luved them every since. I luv spending time outside and having BBQ's with friends and family. And so much more...lol
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