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37 Year Old · Male · From Norfolk, VA · Joined on January 24, 2006 · Born on January 24th
37 Year Old · Male · From Norfolk, VA · Joined on January 24, 2006 · Born on January 24th

Hi, Im matt, I am I, I am me and me I am. You either hate me or love me. I play guitar and bass. I wright my poems into songs. I watch introspective movies like collecting cards. I listen to music that speaks to me, and drives me to do better with myself. Dont ask why I do so, its just me. I am a art conductor in many ways. pretty colors make me go "ahhh" and feel good. I feel good about alot of things, Im an optimistic. Im a Vegetarian. Im not another copy or misguided sheep. I do not follow people like lemmings over a cliff. its that attitude thats inside me, what you cannot understand. or maybe you can o_Ohttp://www.myspace.com/snurga

37 Year Old · Male · From Norfolk, VA · Joined on January 24, 2006 · Born on January 24th
"the pills and thrills are gone, but the belly ache remains"
In no paticular order! This is what im listening to right now! theres some not listed,. oh well. /Converge, Cannibal Corpse, Dying fetus, Behemoth, Napalm death, Sick of it all, Transplants, Nile, Nothing personal, War head, Iron boots, Slum lords, Some kind of hate, No warning, Champion, The Distance, Some Girls, Slayer, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Rage against the machine, Inside out, One king down, Vision of disorder, Hate breed, Mastodon, Corrosion of conformity, Darkest hour, Norma jean, Misfits, Danzig, Pantera, Damage plan, Him, Type O negative, Mettalica(bEfOrE ThEy bEcAmE PuSsIeS), Motor head, Suicidal tendancies, Blood for blood, Countdown to life, Thirty3, The Hope conspiracy, Earth crisis, Tool, A Pefect circle, Sublime, Blink182, Operation ivy, Flogging molly, The exploited, Striking distance, Ringworm, Integrity, Jesus Eater, Slap shot, Fugazi, CKY, Bleeding through, Korn, Coal chamber, Death, brand new sin, Gorilla Biscuits, Bold, Horse the Band, so be it, blinding light, wrecking crew, the promise, modern life is war, horror show, sex posistions, embrace today, doom riders, down to nothing, cro mags, floor punch, the crown, zao, cut back, dead ahead, cast aside, CKY, time in malta, switch blade, give up the ghost, freya, hoods, all out war, darkest hour, cypriss hill, the casualties, rancid, and alot of other music... ONE KING DOWN lyrics
Requim for a Dream/ PI/ Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas/ Spun/ A Clock Work Orange/ Akira/ Castle in the Sky/ Vampire Hunter D/ Full metal jacket/ SLC punk/ The Salton Sea/ Donnie Darko/ Natural Born Killers/ American History X/ KIDS/ The Big Lebowski/ Reefer Madness/ CKY/.
Maynard James Keenan of Tool and A Perfect Circle. Jim Henson for Fraggle Rock. Dave Chappelle. Master Shake(shake zula). Meat Wad. MC Pee Pants. the Doozers from Fraggle Rock.
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Xbox360 is the shit...

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    Thanks for rolling with Gretchen!!!_________________________s$__________ ____s _________________.s$$_________ ____s$ ________________s$$$?______s__ ___s$ ______________.s$$$_____.s$, ___s$$ _____________s$$$$______.s$__ _.$$ ________, ____$$$$$.______s$__ __$ ________$___$$$$$$s_____s$___ __, _______s$___$$$$$$$s___$$$, ` ____.. _______$$____$$$$$$s.__$$s__ ___, , ________$.____$$$$$$$s_.s$$$_ ___________`$$.____$$$$$$$_$$$$___s ________$$s____$$$$$$s$$$__s$ _________$$s____$$$$$s$$$$__ s$$ ______s.__$$$$___s$$$$$$$$_.s $$__ ______$$_s$$$$..s$$$$$$$$$$$$$$__ ______s$.s$$$$s$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_ _____s$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ____s$$$ssss$$$$$$$$$$ssss$$$s ___$$ss$$$$s$$ ___s$s ___s ___ HEAVY ____ MELODIC _____ HAPPY GOTHIC ______ CHICK ________ ROCK __________ ____________ _______________ _________________

    17 years ago · Reply
  • Someone ⇒ mAttY
    haha i didnt realize who ya were at first.

    17 years ago · Reply
  • SexiBellamAttY
    nm... you?!

    17 years ago · Reply
  • twodrkprkmAttY
    not much going on here. what about you?

    17 years ago · Reply
  • twodrkprkmAttY
    i like judas priest too ;)

    17 years ago · Reply
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