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FvckingCannibal's blog: "2016"

created on 05/31/2016  |  http://fubar.com/2016/b367556
Frontier Secure
[Mary] Thank you for contacting Frontier Communications. My name is Mary, and I see that I am chatting with Patti. I am happy to assist you today!
[Patti] Hello, where can I get pricing.
[Mary] Do you have any account here in Frontier Patti?
[Patti] no
[Mary] Can I have a good contact number where Frontier can reach you via phone or text Patti?
[Patti] 818xxxxxxx, I can't talk on phone
[Mary] For helpful articles, you may also go to our website which is https://frontier.com.
[Mary] You can check our website for the pricing of our service Patti.
[Mary] I can also check that one for you but I can only give the regular price.
[Patti] I would like pricing information for internet and television
[Mary] Let me check that one for you Patti.
[Mary] Allow me one moment.
[Mary] May I know your address Patti?
[Patti] canni@cannibalsoup.com
[Patti] Did that not come through? I put both my phone and email upon entering chat
[Mary] May I know the address Patti?
[Mary] Your address so that I can check the available services in your area.
[Patti] granada hills, ca 91344
[Mary] Alright, thank you Patti.
[Patti] I have already checked and frontier is what is available, I would just like to see pricing and options.
[Mary] Allow me one moment to check that one Patti.
[Patti] If it is so difficult to get product and pricing, I can only imagine how terrible service would be :/
[Mary] For our internet Patti, we have a FiOs 50/50 and that is $79.99 and the speed is 50 Mbps.
[Mary] I'm really sorry for the long wait Patti.
[Patti] Where is something that can be printed for comparison? 
[Patti] I don't order service from chat boxes, please direct me to where I can find information about product and pricing.
[Mary] You can check on our website Patti, it's https://frontier.com
[Patti] There is nothing there!
[Patti] It wants me to chat or call???? surely there must be some information???
[Patti] For further information about any of our products, please visit the Frontier Help Center. At Frontier communications, we believe in quality service which is why our Technical and Customer Support teams are available 24/7.
[Mary] Let me check Patti.
[Mary] Allow me one moment.
[Mary] Try to click the shop Patti.
[Patti] I did
[Mary] Did you see the pricing?
[Patti] no, there is none
[Patti] Are you overseas?
[Mary] We are a temporary workforce of Frontier Communications and we are located offshore.
[Patti] lol..okay well I will check with Time Warner Cable..this is silly that I can't get product and pricing..and I am chatting with offshore customer service. Thank you and have a nice evening..wherever you are.
[Mary] I am really sorry Patti but if you want I can help you check the other options.
[Mary] But I will also respect your decision.

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