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Christian's blog: "The Horror"

created on 03/29/2007  |  http://fubar.com/the-horror/b68935


My girlfriend and I watched the original "Dawn of the Dead" tonight. It was her first time seeing it so of course it made it more fun for me to watch it my 75th time, enjoying it more, because she loves zombies as much as me. The original "Dawn of the Dead" is my favorite zombie movie. It has better acting and the best plot. It's magical in a way. It makes me just want to watch people try to survive with the world in that state. Imagine them, crashing through your windows, in hoards, killing, and eating... never dying. One of the main differences between the original "D of the D" and other zombie films is that it was written with social messages for the viewer, and is filled with raw graphic depictions of savagery. In the original "D of the D" you witness one of the protagonists killing two zombie children. The only weakness is that it was shot in 1978, so it has that "Dirty Harry" look to it. It's too bad every strength of the original was overlooked in the remake. I'm not taking the trodden path by giving a comprehensive review of why this movie is a failure. I am going straight to the heart of the problem and saying: Fuck you film producers who think the majority of the population is stupid and thoughtless enough to consider this a classic movie. The "D of the D" remake is rubbish on film, and a waste of a cool zombie baby. I don't care about your feelings, if you like the "DOTD" remake, make sure you can alphabetize your dvd collection and not put it next to the "Fast and the Furious" sequels. D comes before F, you friggin wrestling watching, moron. I apologize, that was an issue I have with the stupid of America, spewing out of me with no tact or regard, because I no longer give a fuck. Enjoy the original "Dawn of the Dead" however, because in my opinion the film is brilliant. I would love to see a remake not intended for fucking idiots, or people on their way to becoming zombies. If you want to read anymore of my film reviews, and would like to review some yourself, join me on this site: Flixter. Peace, and be happy if you're not stupid :D

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