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dead souls's blog: "your gone"

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Somewhere there should be for all The world to see a statue of a fool made of stone An image of a man who let love slip through his hands And then just let him stand there all alone And there on his face a gold tear should be placed To honor the million tears he's cried And the hurt in his eyes would show so everyone would know Concealed is a broken heart inside And the hurt in his eyes would show so everyone would know Concealed is a broken heart inside So build a statue and oh build it high so that all can see Then inscribe the world's greatest fool and name it after me /

How to ask forgiveness of the one you hurt in 7 steps for your own inner peace.
1. Take responsibility for your part, how you hurt the other person, rather than give any attention to how they hurt you. In fact, if you haven't expressed your own hurt, this may need to be the first letter. However, for healing to be complete, you eventually need to take full responsibility for your own actions, or even thoughts.
2. Be vulnerable. Reveal your own sadness or remorse for causing them pain.
3. Let them know you are not asking them to respond in any way. You are doing this for yourself, not to get forgiven by them. If they write back, it needs to clearly be their own choice.
4. If you can, include some appreciation for this person. Look at who they are rather than the painful interaction with you.
5. Write the letter with the choice of not sending it. Asking for forgiveness is, after all, a very personal and inner process.
6. Share the letter with someone you trust, and get their feedback.
7. If it feels right, send the letter.

Okay, most of the men and women running this country are already well off right? So why the hell do they need to earn so much of our hard earned tax dollars?  People tend to be so upset with the welfare system for the way they just give away money to undeserving people, but they fail to see the biggest welfare system of all. To start, do you know what federal politician and Cabinet members actually earn every year? Here is a breakdown:

• Congress Members (Representatives and Senators): $174,000
• Senate and House Majority/Minority Leaders: $193,400
• Cabinet Members: $199,700
• Speaker of the House: $223,500
• Vice President: $230,700
• President: $400,000
 Effective January 1, 2001, the annual salary of the president of the United States was increased to $400,000 per year, including a $50,000 expense allowance. So ask your self this,why do these already well off people get so much I personally would settle for less than half that rate until our country was out of debt instead of cutting everyone else throats. I mean they are the ones who spent us in to debt are they not?

Dead souls are all that's left of my family.

Where was once happiness, love, and laughter.

Is now pain, heartache, emptiness and misery.


All cause by me, my hand my soul slaughter.

Dead souls is my name this is my legacy.

I'll carry this to God, when i die,

and lay it before his feet.

Then with my head hung in shame I will part from his side.

For twas a splendor gift, He, committed to me.

In my hellish eternity i will forever abide.

I will in disgrace go back to him my once full heart and hands now broken and empty.

The suffering I caused can never I forgive my self, me,

so an empty shell a dead soul I be.

I am remorseful of the wrong I've done. So in a eternal hell this walk has begun.

I am Dead Souls, no pity or sympathy for me,

I poured my own cup! Now I drink it So let it be !

Hell's bells be rung. One more Dead soul for Satan, master of sin,

his pleasure our self torture.

It gives him pleasure makes him grin.

Hell's gate wide open for one more dead soul to walk in.

Am I blind ? Why can I no longer see?

The light is what I used to embrace.

Is it because you left me? Is that why i cant see?

The dark is where i now sit, because it comforts me.

One million questions plauge my mind.

How could the ones you pledged to love forever, you

now leave behind?

 Where are our answers? The children have questions too!

No answers for us, you just push us further away from you.

So many regrets things I need to say, things we want to do.

No peace of mind for us. It's now all about you!

Our love for you will never die!

 It kills my soul to think fourteen years to you was a lie.

You blinded me, thats why I no longer see.

So now the darkness is where I sit and all that can comfort me.

My heart is broken. Trust me, thats not just an expression, I felt it, every single piece breaking from the whole. I still love her. Its true, that first love, its true love, dont you ever let it go. Fight for it, even if it seems pointless. Ill never give up. Jessica, I love you, and always will. Until dying days come. And even in death, forever urs.

I so need her. God help me.
I will love her forever and not a day less...

Jessica doesnt wanna look at me anymore. Ive fought all my family and friends blindly for her.

How is it possible that my heart beats for her, and hers beats against me?
How is it possible that I still remember and she doesnt even care?
Memory on Jessica is slowly faddeing tho, but remains long enough to hurt. I wish it all could go away. Or just me I'll be the one to leave.



 Your gonna die some day. So ill send you on ya way. Im coming for you  so its done your through. Ima get ya lil bitch too. All those ya love im sending you all to the father above. Maybe youll come with me down to hell i no longer care, Im too numb. and your too dumb to see it come. I stopped by the store to get the gas bitch we are gonna have a blast it will be our last. Hey dont whine your mine remember we said till death do us part so ill set you free like ya wanna be. Death will do us part now enough talk lets start. Your gonna watch the innocence go first watch their body an empty shell hit the dirt. every one around you will go first im saving you for last. just to see the pain in your eyes while all you love up in smoke rise.

Im gonna grow swell in pride taking you along for the ride plant the seed and watch it grow rip you apart from the inside we all have to die. so tell everyone goodbye  tell em you love em befor ya go. like a savage animal ill rip you to pieces and watch you suffer as you bleed out shhhh dont scream noone cares so dont cry ill rip the tear ducts from your eyes noone will hear you cry live just to see them all die. You made this i hope you like what you see. Its what you built its what you made its me. im coming but by the time you see it will be too late. Im the last thing youll see.

                                               Your friend , Life

“I will greet this day with love in my heart. For this is the greatest secret of success in all ventures. Muscles can split a shield and even destroy life itself but only the unseen power of love can open the hearts of man. And until I master this act I will remain no more than a peddler in the marketplace. I will make love my greatest weapon and none on who I call can defend upon its force... my love will melt all hearts liken to the sun whose rays soften the coldest day.”

Downward Spiral Of A Cheater
by: Wade Brower

stop before you do it think a while
your wife or some one you love when did, because of you,
they last smile, bet its been a while
dont it is not worth it fifteen minuets then you squirt it
now the satisfaction is gone
but thier pain still lingers on
please dont go that route
you big baby go ahead pout
let all your frustration out now
she is now leaving you why how wow
how did this all come about and happen
proboably all the name calling and slappn
cant get her back now she left cause it all was too much
her heart could take no more
one to many times she heard ,W***E!
so her and the kids are gone
life with her was somthing to adore
but, youll have that chance NO MORE!

Copyright ©2008 Wade Brower

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