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Here is a topic that needs to be explained to some people. Now, I am not putting down tattoos and piercings, I have no problems with them, but if you want to be successful or want a prosperous life, you may want to stay from both of these things. Over the past twenty years or so, there has been a tremendous increase in people having tattoos, and now people with piercings almost anywhere on the body, as it seems. Most people would think, as with society changing, so would the view on body art as well. For those people that thought about that, well, there in for a nasty surprise. I mean, would you think that if you get into the corporate world, people there were going to accept someone with piercings all over their place and tattoos all over their body. Well, at least with tattoos, you can cover them much easier, depending on where you have them, and some piercings you can get away with by covering them as well. But as the times change, the workplace has remained the same as far as dress code and appearance. I mean, think about it, if you were a manager, would you want someone working in the office, say, handling accounts, and they have a couple piercings on their face? I wouldn’t. Would you want a girl that has a target tattoo or tramp stamp or whatever they call them, wearing low cut pants to where when they sit down their tattoos is in full view? I certainly would not allow that. Even if a girl has a tattoo on their ankle and their wearing a skirt I think is unprofessional. To me, any tattoo of any kind shown in perfect view to all employees is unprofessional. I remember when I was in high school, I wanted to get my eyebrow and nose pierced, but I witnessed two managers working at the Burger King I was at have piercings on their face get told either remove them or get fired, and they got fired because they refused to take them out, being it cost a pretty price to get them done. After that experience, my mind of getting piercings on my face changed the other way around. Also, I always wanted to get a tattoo, but I never did get one because I didn’t know what to get as a picture, because I know it’s going to be on me for the rest of my life and I will not get it removed. I am actually happy now that I never did get a tattoo when I was younger because I could have gone crazy with them and then all of a sudden I have a bunch of tattoos I am going to hate in the next five to ten years. However, when I do get a tattoo, I will go by the military rules: as long it can be easily covered and none on the hands or face. I saw a report about tattoos and piercings in the workplace, about how some people that are in the corporate world that do have tattoos and want to get them removed because they thought it was unprofessional just to have them, and they were in places where they cannot be seen. I don’t think I would remove them just thinking it is unprofessional to have them, but as long as it can covered with no problem, I don’t see anything wrong. Thinking about appearance in the office, I know I would be a strict manager about that one. First off, all guys have to wear dress pants or khakis, no jeans, and a dress shirt and tie or a polo shirt with nothing obscene on it. As for women, dress suits and dresses that cover the knees when sitting down, no mini skirts. I will literally have a ruler handy if someone tested me on that one, because I am sorry, mini skirts need to be kept at the night clubs, not at work.
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