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So much for "posting again tomorrow" lol I finally made that change 3 years later, I left the snoring, teeth grinding alcoholic sports fan on April 1st did not intend to make a fool out of him but that just ended up being the day I left, I am now back in Indiana and I STILL hate this place. I am currently residing in a motel until a job and apartment come along...I usually spend most of my time now on fubar and facebook trying to connect with people as i sit and stare at these 4 walls. My car broke down about 3 weeks after I got here so i am AGAIN without transportation...anyone want to buy a 91 infiniti q45 that has hijacked itself? The anti theft system seems to think i am trying to steal my own car, pretty freaking ironic. I now have 2 and a half semesters of schooling under my belt and am planning to return as soon as i can figure out how to get from greenfield to indianapolis. I will try to post again soon. ttfn

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