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(Read this when I was looking up women with weight issues. Depression over women that is skinny and physically beautiful, this was written by a man to us ladies)
Dear Ladies,
Don't hate on the exterior of another woman's beauty. Just thank the Lord for whatever good exterior attributes that youve been blessed with. All men are different, we like different attributes. You dont have to strive to be like the images you see in the media. Im not saying that the images arent good, but are they good for you?
A man could be attracted to you because he likes:
1. The way you speak
2. The way you dress: sporty, professional, casual, classy, plain, revealing and ect..
3. Your Eyes: they could be big, small, tight, wide, gloomy and bright. You get the picture.
4. Your Nose: how small, how big, sloped, wide, narrow, pointy, rounded and you get the picture.
5. Your Ears: There are many different shapes sizes and ect.
6. The way you walk.
7. The way you stand.
8. The way you pout.
9. Your level of sassiness.
10. Your confidence
11. Thick women, Slim women, athletic women, obese women, tall, short, skinny, medium build.
12. Big breast, small breast, super big breast, extremely small breast and any kind you can think of.
13. Teeth: a gap in your teeth, straight teeth, braces, super white and ect.
The point is, every man is an individual and we are not attracted to the same things. We all dont want the same exterior attributes, so be happy with who you are and what you have. Your attributes just might be a special made order for some fortunate guy.
Most level headed men don't get caught up in the exterior. Exterior looks may help you gain the attention of a guy, but if the interior is not intact, your exterior will be nothing more than a gloried pile of trash. You may possess one or more attributes that will draw the attention of a guy to you, but its your interior that will make him fall in love or flee from you.

Beauty isnt just an image, beauty is an action!
So when youre exercising your head off and putting on pounds of make-up don't forget to exercise your inner personal skills. In short, try to focus on your inner- person, just as much, as you do your outer person.

Thank you for your time and have an A+ Day!


I wish more men thought this way..

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