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FACELESS's blog: "Why Me?"

created on 02/19/2008  |  http://fubar.com/why-me/b190241

I sometimes wonder why when I have finished one ordeal, before I have time to catch a breath, I am being slammed with another challenge. I came back from getting several tests run on me and started to ask myself what it was all about? Why me? (Sarcastically:) How did I become so lucky? Just looking back on the last three years alone: a stroke in February of 2005, discovering over a year I had lymphoma and it was what caused the stroke, went for treatments for that, that goes into remission, months later I find out I have a second type of cancer, treatments weren't working, and I finally get rid of that after two surgeries. Now I am left to deal with migraines that hit worse than when I was a teenager, seizures and a heart condition from all the drugs I had been given over the past three years! I realize I may be feeling sorry for myself, but I would think I have a right to ask why me and when is it gonna end? It sucks when you don't know the answers to questions like that...the answers you are really not entitled to know! I'm not worried about what the outcome will be...in the end, it will be OK, no matter what the outcome! But you know, just for once in my life, I would like to think I am entitled to a break! I hope I one day get it!

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