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I'm so sick and tired of all the shit people say about that state. Granted, it's not as "cool" of a place to live as, say California or New York. We may not have a huge city or have famous people living here, but we are NOT as bad as people make us out to be.

You know, we may have some pretty stupid people here and we may have quite a few rednecks here but we are in no way like that as a whole.  Things have changed. Last I knew EVERY FUCKING STATE has some of those people in it. 

I get tired of trying to defend this state. If it's not trying to tell people we aren't some inbred redneck state, I'm trying to tell people we don't hang black people. 

I get sick of people taking things they see/hear on television so seriously. If people would just take the time to get to know the people and places here they'd realize what I've been trying to say all along. 

This state is beautiful and we have beautiful people here. I don't mean beautiful on the outside. I mean beautiful on the inside. Take the time to get to know us. I'm sure you'd be surprised. We are some of the nicest people. 


If you don't like that I defend where I'm from and still think that we are a bunch of ignorant fucks, delete me now. I don't have time to put up with bullshit.

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