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The purpose of the Fubar Street Team is to promote! Get the word our in any way you can! We want some more cool peeps on fubar!


As a Street Team Prospect - Please go through the following as do it as your time allows. This is volunteer, dont stress urself on anything.

- You must have an approved salute

- Add the Fubar Street Team page as a friend:  http://fubar.com/user/400

- Make Street Team folder in your pictures.


Once you are accepted as a friend, you will be able to continue on and view the blogs.


- Please read all blogs to get caught up on what we have been doing.

- View Street Team page photos to see how we have been promoting.

- Before you do ANY promoting, please read this: http://fubar.com/beckee420-offers-up-some-great-promo-idea/b334873-1131284

- Add the Silver Wings to your profile in your 'About Me' section: http://fubar.com/street-team-prospects-add-the-silver-wings-to-your-about-me/b334837-1130377

- When you promote, please take photos. Upload them to your Street Team folder. You can then go to the Bounty Blog and post the image URLs into a comment. This way, everyone can see what you have done, and we can upload the pictures to the Street Team folders. http://fubar.com/fubar-street-team-bounty/b334873-1124639

- If you are unable to load pictures to your Fu folders, here are some alternatives: http://fubar.com/no-room-in-your-folders-for-bounty-pictures-here-are-some-al/b334873-1126852

- If you use Facebook and/or Twitter, please add the fubar team to them:

-If you do promote online, please take a screen shot of it. If you dont have a screen shot program, here is a link to a simple add-on program: http://lightshot.skillbrains.com/component/content/article/9-download.html

- Print fliers to place around town, on cars or to hand out to people:

- Very large poster you can print: http://fubar.com/your-own-fubar-poster/b334837-1126652

- PROMOTION IDEAS: http://fubar.com/family-bounty/album-400-2129588?u=400


Things you should be doing regularly as a Prospect as your time allows:

- Check for new Blogs to read. This is how we update to you

- Repost any bulletins in regards to the Street Team or Fubar promotions

- If a Facebook and/or Twitter user: Please repost and re-tweet anything in regards to the street team or Fubar promotions

- Promote! Promote! Promote!

- Post your promotion pictures to the bounty blog, cuz we wanna see!


The Street Team Family members are here to help you! Dont be afraid to ask!

Link to Family Members: http://fubar.com/family.php?u=400

If you contact a Family Member and do not hear back within 24 hours, please contact another Family Member. We might not all be on or around at the same time.

Many of your questions can be found in the Street Team blogs. But if you cant find an answer, please come into the Street Team Support Lounge: http://fubar.com/lounge/74291

If no one is in the lounge, feel free to PM or chat any of the family members!

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