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Red eyes glowing
Filled with crimson tears
Looking for her immortal love

Fangs half elongated
Red corset dress
Lost in a world of loneliness

Searching for that one
The one to save her
The one to love her for life

So happy to finally find him
Two children she gave birth
Izabelle and Alucard are their names

Then he pushes her away
Silently she cries
Slowly she dies

She feels so sad because he left her
Left her to spend eternity alone
Abandoned for the rest of her life

"Where'd you go,
I miss you so"
Is what she sings

Fangs enter
The soft sweet skin
Of another

This is her story
Her story of hurt
Her story of betrayal

She looks for him still
Still longing the painful kiss
Upon her neck

The kiss she once knew
The kiss she longs for
"My love where'd you go"

Fading out of existence
Fading out of immortality
Fading with her young still here

She looks into their eyes
And decides she must be strong
She must live for them now

Frozen heart to all of the opposite sex
Angered heart to all the "couples"
But she hides it well

Tempted, but turns it away
Hated, but ignores it
Envied, but doesn't care

This is her story
Story of pain
Story of what was once love
Story of once was and never will be again



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