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I did it again!! I made the same mistake again that I always do. I allowed myself to think that  the little heart I still have left inside of me would be safe in the  hands of another. Yeah, it's ok, they say they love you, they care about you, they want to see you and be with you. That's love right? WRONG!!!! DEAD FRIGGIN WRONG!!!! I am so done with believing anymore. I need to stop listeing to my friends, I need to stop believing that if I give something a  shot, take a chance, I need to stop friggin telling myself that if I tell someone I love them, and they say they love me, that it will work!!! STARS FORBID I HAVE ANYTHIGN SPEICAL IN MY LIFE!!! I lost my last chance a happiness to a kid with no plan for the future, and a friggin 40 something year old pedofile!!! I am so friggin tired of this bull. No point in tring anymore. I give up. So here is the open invitation, any women want a guy for a coupel one nighters, wanna smite your husband or b/f, wanna cheap, no strings attached fuck budddy, give me a shout, cause I don't have anything left for love. I am just friggin meat for hire!!! THIS LIFE BLOWS BIG TIME!!!

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