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created on 06/24/2008  |  http://fubar.com/updates/b226034
As everything should be I am moving along at my own pace in getting back to exactly who and what I am and what I am all about. Short a time as it was I do feel better than I did but am still moving forward. I must admit the welcomes back are very pleasing to me as I will admit it is nice to be missed once in a while, we all are that way. Still a lot of things going on within and around me but I feel better armed to deal with things. I hope to be around a lot more but time will tell about that. Amazing what you can learn about yourself when you set back and look at yourself from another view not unlike as another person. Thinking about what advice would you give this person were it not you. Thank you again all that have welcomed me back, I have missed this place.
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