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I always thought divorce, though heart crushing was a fairly striaght forward thing. It turns out I was wrong. What they never tell you is how you find a way to live your life everyday without someone you swore to spend it with. It's losing your best friend in the world, then trying to cope when your world falls down around you. Divorce it self can be about many things, or few. I suppose it just depends on what sets you off. One person, or both find that they can no longer love the one they are with, or maybe just not enough to make forever a reality. What ever the case maybe I would like to think there is a point where the anger and the bitterness just fades away. It did for me. All that is left now is a feeling of loss, and sarrow. I lost the one person in the world who understood me better then anyone. Understood me enough to become my wife, and to be the one woman in the world I trusted the way I did. Now that I dont have that friend to talk to you about anything, the one who never judges you, the one that sits there intently and lets you get every awful and hurt feeling off your chest. I find that is what I miss the most out of all things at this point. Simply knowing that there was someone out there who knew the good and the bad, and loved and supported you regaurdless. So I guess in the end all im trying to really say.... If your with someone you love, but you feel that love start to fade a little. Or things have been building up over time. Take the time to stop and think about what you'll truely be losing by throwing in the towel. In the end, the dream of being happier with someone new, just isnt worth the cost of giving up the reality of what you have right in front of you. -Xavier.
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