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so i was walking down the street one day, and i saw a twenty dollar bill on the ground. =D so i decided to go to a strip club to find some hot bitches to strip for me. i looked over, and i saw you standing there behind the stage in a g-string. the hot strippers were almost done and i put a dollar in the air and she grabbed it with her snatch. *slurp sound effect* needless to say their vaginas were kind of loose. like a black hole. the music changes to "im sexy and i know it" and you strut out in ur g-string hip thrusting the air.  you start break dancing and humping the floor. i pull out some extra ones and start whistling and throwing dolla bills at you. you then  start dancing on the pole and i watch this for about 45 minutes, before u get off the stage, get dressed and come out from back stage. i approach you and ask to buy u a drink, you accept.  we have a few drinks, and then go back to your place. where i find blow up dolls and a dead hooker. i look at you and give you a weird look. you thn look at me and say "see what had happened was....its not my fault she wouldnt pay me, so i knocked her out and well.... she kinda hasnt started breathing again". i bust up laughing and tell you we need to get rid of this bitch. so we wrap her up in a tarp and put her in the tub. fill it with vinegar. you look at me in puzzlement. i tell you to calm down chachi and it will work, then we goout to dinner at waffle house, the waitress comes up and takes our order, thn we take her back to our place and have a 3some. you get her pregnant and thn you find out that she is your first cousin that you have never met before. so because of the insest, they come out with deformed faces and 7 fingers on each hand. they have webbed feet and everything. it was epic. you thn put them on the swim team when they got older. they grew up to be millionaires. the end =D and that is how we met. <3

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