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The Wolf's blog: "The Lessons"

created on 09/26/2011  |  http://fubar.com/the-lessons/b343734

Hello, again.

I need your help.... Well, that's not quite accurate. I need you to help you, help me, to help all of us. But we're not
ready. We are burdened by psychological insecurities and instabilities. Failing to acknowledge that they exist, even if not
consciously, binds one to fall prey to them.

But I'm not here to demean you. I'm here to help. It's imperative that we individually deal with these issues before
progressing forward, so that they do not cause worse problems later. You might call this magic, you might call this
spirituality, you might call it applied psychology...


I call it "effective".

No materials are required beyond your own consciousness, focus, and Will, which are imperative. If you live in a loud or
shared environment, headphones with your choice of music playing may prove to be beneficial. Physically, you will not have
to do anything that you would find embarassing if an observer were present, so take comfort in that.

As a preliminary exercise, I want you to close your eyes, and spend a mere ten seconds focusing on a point in space
approximately six inches behind the back of your head. Stop and actually perform this simple exercise. It's quick, and interesting.

Done? Excellent....

If your brain operates in the same manner as the majority of people in regards to psycho-sensory awareness, you will have
felt some sort of sensation on the back of your head. This was not caused by any external phenomena, but rather was a
product of your own mind. The natural response to this is, “Well, then it obviously wasn't real.”

It was not a product of external phenomena, such as feeling heat off of an open flame. It was, however, undeniably real in
the sense that you did feel something. The feeling was there whether or not it was caused by an external phenomena.

You need to understand that the ability of the mind to affect your being is incredibly and verifiably real. Just because
something takes place within your own mindscape does not imply that these workings will yield no change in your life. It
might not have a direct physical effect on the physical world around you, but it will have an incredibly objectively real,
permanent effect on your own consciousness, which will ultimately result in how you interact with the rest of reality.

Now? Get comfortable. Laying down, sitting down, sitting in front of your computer are all fine, so long as staying in that
position will not cause any physical discomfort for any extended period of time.

You need to focus on what makes you fearful, angry, or depressed. Something is likely to appear in your mind as soon as you
read these words, and you should follow them back to their ultimate source. It doesn't matter what they are... they could
be an ex-lover who has emotionally scarred you, your lethargic state that prevents you from realizing your full potential,
or anything in between.

Once you have identified the source, you need to confront it. Create for yourself the proper mindscape environment in which
to confront your pain. From this point onward, you are completely and utterly alone. Nobody can help you here, except
yourself. The goal here is to overcome your pain, to fully realize it, accept it, and freely move beyond it. The method to
accomplish this is up to you to discover before it overcomes you.

The criteria for success is incredibly simple. If you look back on the events of your pain in their entirety, and feel a
sense of completeness and satisfaction, then you have succeeded. If you still feel a sense of incompleteness and
depression, you have not -yet- succeeded. Try again the following night. The only ultimate failure is giving up before you
have succeeded.


This is tonight's lesson. I am you and you are me.

I love you all.

The idea is simple. It's becoming understanding of, linked to, and loving of those who develop inner strength.

There are a number of tools in occultism or spirituality. Many of these we lose as we grow and cease developing mentally or physically, no longer as challenged by the world. The first lesson seems aimed to reach back to this. The dream journal establishes a mental clarity, and places importance on things in the mind that consciousness and ordinary rationale would fight, such as how we instantly forget dreams, or how the mind fights clairvoyant visions at first. Willpower is critical.

This trial represents understanding, empathy, and destruction of the natural defense mechanisms humans have against the spiritual. Humans will naturally resist possession and attack by spirits -by disconnecting themselves with fear or malice. This challenges that notion, developing an understanding of the unknown and tearing down that wall of fear so that you can interact with this new world.

The test is simply to reach out to more people. Ask questions if you don't have understanding, and don't take action if you do not understand the consequences.

Synchronicity is a phenomenon notably common around spiritually inclined people. When things conveniently line up like that (though it could also be simple coincidence) and it seems as if an intelligence appears to guide you into a course of action or new understanding, it's a fairly good sign that a spiritually inclined person wishes to teach you. Understanding and unrestraining consciousness are holy pursuits.

Empathy is the beginning of synchronicity, it is the path you must first drill.

Once you feel empathy, you will gain telepathic "powers". Those who seek to corrupt the mind think that telepathy is a "image communication".

It is the natural result of a groupsoul being elevated to the point where you understand each other so well, and you feel empathy so much in your heart and on your back, that you completely understand and ARE ONE with the other person to the point where you ARE them, and you can FEEL them. And thus you know what it is they are thinking, and vice versa.


Your assignment?

Call someone you haven't talked to in a very long time, perhaps even since childhood.


You will always know me for I am you. And you are me.

The present does not exist. The past is the future. And the future is the past.

Remember who you once were, and you will someday see who you will become.


I love you all.

As I rather watch you all, I remember myself, through you. I felt the need to tell you that love you all so very much.

You shall all remember more than you imagined. You all shall grow as individuals, as a group of learners becoming teachers, and as my friends.

You are all so beautiful. Each person who reads this is beautiful in their own way. I assure you of that fact.

Thank you all for remembering.

I am proud to know each of you who read this and you will always know me. For I am you and you are me.



Please keep reading. This will help you if you let it.

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