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37 Year Old · Male · From Bettendorf, IA · fu-Owned by Serendipity and is worth 100,000,000 fubucks. · Joined on February 11, 2009 · Born on January 20th · 1 referrals joined!

******Read ALL 10 statements and remaining info VERY thoroughly if you intend to ADD me!

...You'll know more and I won't lash out at you for asking a question that I have answered already!******

First off, I am unlike anyone you have ever met before, GUARANTEED! Everyone wants to think that they are unique and different, but I am certain that I am.

I am a creature of vast differences and extremes in nearly every aspect of my life. Very little stays static or constant... I actually prefer it this way.

I am a noble man capable of sacrifice and selflessness towards my fellow humans, and I am an evil monster capable of extreme greed and cruelty in the pursuit of my own desires. (See above entry.)

I am a man who has a nearly-unlimited capacity for love, and I am a beast who can and, on occasion DOES, commit horrible atrocities against others.

I have slept in penthouse suites and I have slept under bridge overpasses. Fate has a funny way of righting itself, so the just and unjust receive what they deserve. "Balance in all things..."

I have saved lives with my own two hands and I have taken lives with those very same hands.... If you cannot deal with that fact, please don't add me. I don't speak about it unless I know you and even then, it is very rare.

I am able to withstand nearly any flaw or imperfection in a person if I find you interesting, unique or differing from "the norm". But if provoked, sometimes I choose to explode at the slightest of them.

I have very little but hatred, contempt and scorn for humanity as a WHOLE, but I feel that INDIVIDUALS are inherently good and everyone is worth saving.... "People" disgust me, but a "person" is worth helping.

I am an enigma. My thoughts often conflict with others' preconceptions, beliefs or morals.... Sometimes, they EVEN clash against my own. I often hold contradictory viewpoints at the same time as to weigh all options before me. This is more common than you would think, I tend to hold VERY little as sacred or "taboo". (You were warned!)

***THIS is the "test" to make sure you read my profile***
IF YOU SEND ME A FRIEND REQUEST? Please simply put the word "YES" in your request so I know you have read this. If not? I will probably decline!
"PASS" or "FAIL"? ...We shall soon see.


WARNING: Proceed with extreme caution, prisoner is a repeat violent offender.

Chance of rehabilitation/reintegration into society is minimal.

No release date is available.

Prisoner is restrained for the safety and security of staff and inmates.

1. Do NOT, under any circumstances, release prisoner from confinement or restraints.

2. Do NOT approach prisoner.

3. Do NOT attempt to move prisoner, transfer prisoner or administer any substance to prisoner without adequate supervision and/or support from medical staff and CERT (Crisis Emergency Response Team).

4. Do NOT allow prisoner out of line of sight with ANY sharp instruments, hardened materials or volatile and/or corrosive substances. Prisoner is HIGHLY skilled in construction and use of improvised tools, weapons and explosives.

5) Prisoner is a SERIOUS flight risk and has previously escaped secured facilities up to and including "maximum-security" correctional facilities. Prisoner is adept at disabling/defeating many forms of surveillance, restraint and security systems.

6) Prisoner has a significantly higher than average I.Q. and possesses thorough knowledge and skill in psychology, sociology, human behavior, social engineering and other forms of manipulation.

7) Prisoner is considered have "highly deviant morality" according to staff psychiatric team. Prisoner has previously taken hostages, attempted to murder other people and engaged in torture against staff and inmates without displaying any visible signs of remorse.

8) Prisoner is EXTREMELY aggressive and has demonstrated the willingness and ability to assault staff, inmates, patients and visitors without provocation or hesitation.

This guy's a certifiable nightmare! We've tried everything from solitary confinement to psychotropic medications to therapy sessions to correct his behavior, or make it manageable.
Every attempt has failed thus far. No matter WHAT we do, he will not be swayed.
It's as if his mind was "hard-wired" to become some kind of killing machine and, so far, it has proven to be "tamper-proof"....
If the oversight committee would allow it, I'd keep him sedated around the clock. For no other reason than the safety of the research staff!
-Dr. J. W. Morganstern, Asst. Director of [REDACTED].

Direct Order from [REDACTED]:

37 Year Old · Male · From Bettendorf, IA · fu-Owned by Serendipity and is worth 100,000,000 fubucks. · Joined on February 11, 2009 · Born on January 20th · 1 referrals joined!

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