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Franki's blog: "observations"

created on 11/26/2008  |  http://fubar.com/observations/b262073

the job


I have been working as a PC/QMRP now since September 1st and it has been full speed ahead since day one. I cannot say that I dislike my job but I can say that I dislike the mess left behind for me to clean up. Part of the reason I was given the promotion is the fact that I have a reputation for following policy and being a strong leader.

I am currently working many long hours organizing the houses and retraining the staff while attending quarterly and annual meetings for the consumers on my caseload. I have done a move from one home on another team to one of my own and have been informed that I will be opening two new houses by the end of this year. YAY!!!

I enjoy the people we provide services to. It is the staff that have me pulling my hair out as they see how far they can set themselves up for failure. I have already made it very clear that I will make attempts to retrain and then if this does not work I will rehire. I have almost filled all the open positions and if I could quit leading people up the path to termination (HR actually terminates)I would have a stable workforce :)

I have moved to a little town and I mean little! I am 12 miles from a town that has a Wal-Mart in one direction and 17 from one in another in the opposite direction. It is not that Wal-Mart is anything to crow about...but that is the biggest thing happening in this area! On the up side...the scenery is beautiful. It has been a long time since I have been in the country and it brings back some wonderful memories. The changing colors and the crisp autumn air fill me with happiness as I walk my little dog around town or drive from site to site.

My family is settling in alright. It is not really what they wanted but they understand that it is transitional housing and convenient for me to travel to all the houses in my caseload and to my office in Ft. Wayne. I have put over 6000 miles on my new car as it is. I think that as we acquaint ourselves more with our little community the more we will enjoy where we currently are. I hope to eventually have internet access in my home and TV programming for my family.

In the midst of all of this my play time has all but disappeared. I had hoped to attend a party tonight but it is not going to happen. I am hoping to attend one next weekend. I could really use a good spanking...flogging...beating...piercing...well, you get the picture.

I miss everyone! I hope everyone is well and enjoying the changing season and settling into your own routines as I know that change affects us all.


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