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A young Goose invited some friends to dinner. She planned to serve her favorite dish -- five-grain casserole. What a delicious treat! The day before the party, she called her friend the Mouse to discuss the upcoming meal. "Five-grain casserole?" said the Mouse. "I think we'd prefer something with cheese." The Goose was a little unsure, since she did not do much entertaining. "Perhaps you are right," she said. "I will add some cheese to my casserole." The Goose then called Mrs. Osprey, another guest, and related her conversation with the Mouse. "I don't think the Mouse knows anything about dinner parties," said Mrs. Osprey. "Everyone knows fish is the right thing to serve company." The Goose made a note to add fish to her list of casserole ingredients. Conversations with Mrs. Frog and Mrs. Robin resulted in still more suggestions. The next night, when everyone was seated at the table, the Goose brought out her five-grain casserole. It was studded with cheese, fish, grasshoppers and worms. No one, not even the Goose, could eat a single bite. Moral: Trying to please everyone pleases no one.
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