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Well, I ordered another 8500gt msi card for my amd am2/6000+ setup! Woot! sli comming soon baby! Anywho.. this might mean that I won't go out this weekend and instead chill out and watch anime and eat and play videogames.. fun times! Sad times for the homies that want me to drive all over freakin town chasing drunk women in clubs that will bore me to a bitter death! lmao Ok, I'll split the joy fest up.. half for me and the other half i'll hang out and drive them around .. since I don't drink.. ugh.. lol such is life.. I'm shy.. can't help it.. lol peace oh yeah..
I finally have most of the software upgraded,installed and working properly. I truly hate software migration!! Its a total pain in the ass! hahaha I should be outside enjoying the day but i'm so tired! ugh.. I should take a nap. er power nap.. hahahaha Anyways.. I got this weirdo idea.. My new msi k9 diamond lets me boot off an external drive! so i'm wondering if I should beta test windows vista off it? I'd need a free hd first.. I think i'll back up that seagate 200 gig sata drive in the enclosure .. and reformat it. and unplug all my other hds.. And install vista 64 or xp 64.. dunno when that's going to happen. I'll take pics and let ya know. haha On another note.. I finally threw away that broken lamp I purchased 2 years ago!! I got tired of running into it when I turned off the lights in my room! LMAO I finally cataloged some dvds.. all those dumb movies i bought from the walmart bargin bin! hahahaha I'm also wondering why my plextor 16a sata drive refuses to work on this new mb. its a plextor for crying out loud! (one of the best drives in existance!) google it.. foo! I now have the beautiful task of figuring out when to install my old k8n diamond platinum board in the other pc! ugh . lol I'd gain my plextor drive though woot! and I'd make use of that damn long arse sata cable! I also know my lasy arse should back up stuff on the regular like all those pics i took! lol My new dlink switch with jumbo frames and msi 8500 pcie video card come this week! woot! I saw my new case too.. It looks like a mini stainless steel LG fridge! lmao.. but its by antec the 182p se !! man thats goodness! and one more thing.. I 'm going over the fact that I might want a 1 gigawatt psu.. lmao.. or a 700 - 800 one!.. it will cost me alot of cheese but who cares! I finally figured how to make an image backup of crap .. like hds and something that was buggin me .. it was so freakin easy.. I thought that was how to do it and then .. boom baby! it worked! lmao sorry .. this is a geek blog today.. I'll post normal stuff tomorrow.. lmao laters
Man.. I'm tired now.. lol I finally finished doing my buddy's resume' from scratch. His old one was kinda sucky.. IT did get him a job. go me! hehe I had to translate it from French to English. Then adjust all the grammer and spell check it. This time. I did a new style resume' and (I must say.. I do rock!) hahaha I LOOKED .. online and saw a template that looked nice so .. I made it look a bit better. Now .. I had to look at it .. visualize it and then type his out from scratch using various fonts and stuff. It took me an hour, I'm a perfectionist! hahaha But , The end result look sweeeeeeeeeeeet! I'm not gonna charge him until he gets another job from it. then it won't be that much. haha That reminds me I need to redo mine as well.. I need to assemble his dell pc too. Its too late in the day to do all that now though. I finally figured out what that bracket for the sata external drive was for! duh! and I figured out what the usb bracket led lights were for. Had to read the manual for all that jazz. Anywho.. time to eat and watch some tv! laters! btw.. I didn't download it.. I just read an article and just wrote it out! hehehe I'm weird like that.


I'm watching DEATHNOTE .. It has a great story line and has way too much death in it! lmao Its not Disney! hhaha I'm also watchine Bleach! If your into witches and stuff see the instant classic.. "WITCH HUNTER ROBIN!" go buy it! I'll wait! :P bye
Am I wanting too much.. Comming soon on Blue ray and HD Pootytang on HD and blueray I'm gonna get u suckka Don't be a menese to society while drinking your juice in da hood. Low down dirty shame Robin Hood - men in tights speed 3.5 uncut alone in the dark directors cut with hidden scenes! Well think about it.. they can put 20 badly made movies on one huge ass HD or blueray for your enjoyment. hahaha
I took this from my myspace blog.. :P Please add the following friends. Yes some actually exist on here! :) Yo yo! Here's my not so real bulletin. Please add the following friends.. I had a weird dream I posted this.. so.. Add my friend "Taco Bell" they have been there for dinner and lonely nights when I want beans. and coleslaw. Add my friend "Pappa Johns" he rocks.. I can order pizza online.. How cool is that? I mean wow! plus i'm a good tipper! haha add my friend "BurgerKing" even though the king creeps me out! Has that "scream" look to him. But the fries and burgers are good for a cheap date. j/k I only did that when I was 25 . (get outta my gravy!) lol Add my friend "New Egg" it seems I will accept the fact that pc upgrades are important more important than dating a playboy looking model. New egg has helped me through some rough times.. and i've spent $$$$ there. "New Egg is my gf that I always go back to " hahaha Add my friend "Fry's" Oh baby! If fry's was a woman I'd marry her! Serously! They have a restarunt inside! How cool is that!??? I've been there like 5 times so far and STILL haven't seen the whole store! Fry's is like that mysterious foreign exchange student that is all exotic and sexy .. but yet so down to earth and you could talk to all day. (don't I wish!) hahahaha Fry's is like a electronics club.. but without the nakidness of a strip club. You spend money and you feel good cuz you spent it on YOU !! DUH! HAHA The gf that you want to spend money on cuz she says thankyou! I shed a tear when I found out they made one here in "INDY". I miss cali cuz of fry's in San Jose' that one was bigger than 2 shopping malls! man I miss her! hehehe Add my friend "Microstar INtl" why? cuz they make killer pc parts thats why! Add my friend "Fuji" If you don't own a fuji product then something is wrong with you! I've been buying there stuff since I was 17 yrs old! ahhaha they rock and my fuji pix v10 takes awesome pics and is as small as a deck of playing cards !! and can take slr type shots! and can do multipule shots and zoom .. and the prints of the pics rival taking them to to the shop! geeeeeeeeez Add my friend "Sharp electronics" every man in the entire universe should know they will release .. "A FREAKIN 108 " LCD HD TV!" SIZE MATTERS 108 " BABY! Do you know how many freakin pip you can see on that! I'd marry that tv! seriously! hahahaha I'd buy an suv hummer for the sole purpose of gutting out the back and mounting that badboy in it! wooooohooo good times! I mean to have that LCD as my monitor right now.. I'd .. I'd .. my head would explode! If you live in indy .. you really should add "ICE lounge" I had a great new years eve there! Yes really and Joseph Adi stepped on my buddy Fritz foot like 90 times in the vip area with the beds! I met cheerleaders and saw Mr Manning behind 40 security guys.. hehe I waved said good job homie! I had an all access pass that finally somebody "knew" who I was .. and we finally got to mingle with players and cheerleaders! woohooo! and celeberities.. Then I got back in my hail damaged car back to reality.. lol Add my friend "soundblaster" Seriously if you own a pc and don't own this soundcard. Your lacking in total sweet bliss! I've owned a sb card since 1991 or something! hahaha yes around the adlib days! oh go look it up newbie! haha And goto newegg and buy the new xfi card of your choice on newegg dot com. (shameless plug) lol Add my friend "western digital" cuz when your wanting 10k rpm goodness in a drive that rivels scsi.. go baby go!! Add my friend "rbk" oh come one people they make that jersey that i'm wearing! Duh! haha and there here in INdy too so i'm biased! Thankyou rbk for that jersey.. I bought and the superbowl hat that fits nicely and makes me look not like a nerd but a sporty dude! hahaha Cuz well I am a nerd! ahha Add my friend... " ritek" cuz they make some of the best blank media around ! Add my friend "ipod" cuz.. duh! I mean your in a cave if you haven't heard of this device! I'm itching to buy that 30 or 80 gig with my tax money! Yes apple your that other gf that keeps making new stuff every quarter and making me wanna buy! bad ! haha Add my friend "Steven Chow" cuz the dude rocks! Watch Shaolin Soccer and his latest one from dang can't remember the name! lmao But they all rock! I never laughed so hard in my life watching a movie. But i'm a weirdo so.. lmao Add "weird Al cuz" Well He's weird AL !! I saw his new video.. "cuz i'm white and nerdy!" hahahhahahha Some of the stuff he says is me! Solidering gun, Ad&d hahahhaha yep I've still got my solidering gun! thats it for now.. :) Why don't people say add some fun people see i told ya to add fun people.. go look.. I'll wait!! and oh yeah.. Add my friend "cheese" cuz .. cheese is good really good! mmmmmm and Fazoli's cuz they make some good bread sticks! now i'm freakin hungry! peace oh and a trick one.. Add my friend "Soul -Glo" For that shine in your hair ! Let them see ya soul glow.. which reminds me.. Add stoney jackson!! He was in that movie and in an episode of "everybody hates chris!" oh you HAVE to see that episode! ok.. now i'm done!
h geez remixes Current mood: remix remix cierra made 2 different remixes to "Promise" One with busta and the other with R-Kelly.. Depending on where you live and the fan base you get different versions. busta version [Busta Rhymes (Alicia Keys)] (Chew it up, Chew it up, Chew it up) Busta Bus' down somethin Crucial Keys in the spot Flipmode squad, come on (Fall Fall Fall) Rampage talk to em [Rampage] You was with me ma when I first copped my deal Bought you the 5 karats plus the house on the hill The blue escalade with them new chrome-e wheels You told me the other day I dont know how you feel Its been 5 months, I been driving you crazy You told your friend the other day you was havin my baby Sayin I'm acting funny, Ramp I'm so crazy All you wanna do is be my number one lady Fallin Fallin [Alicia Keys (Busta Rhymes)] I keep fallin, in and out, love with you Sometimes I love you, some, times I'm blue Sometimes I glow inside, other times you made me cry Tell me what, am I to do, I'm so confused [Chorus] Tell me who, tell me what, tell me when Tell me when, tell me how, how.. Tell me who, tell me what, tell me when Tell me when, tell me why, I keep on fallin In and out of love, with-a you, I never, loved someone like you (dont you never say never ma) Im fallin, in and out of love, with you, with you I never, way that I love you (dont you never say never ma) [Alicia Keys (Busta Rhymes)] I never felt this way, tell me why I feel this way (come on) How do you, give me such, (come on [3x]) pleasure and pain And when I think, I taken all any fool can endour (ha) Thats is when, I start to fall, for you once more [ these lyrics found on http://www.completealbumlyrics.com ] [Busta Rhymes (Rampage)] Every day and night, runnin the street I aint got no time for my shorty, thats why she gettin (wild for the night) Even tho I show you my love, just becuz I stay on the hustle you be gettin (wild for the night) I'on mean to be plushin you off, come on ma, I'm gettin this paper, so why you gettin (wild for the night) Fo real ma, if I couldnt hold it down and take care of shit, you be really gettin (wild for the night) [Alicia Keys] I-I-I-I'm fall-falling, fall-fall-fall.. [Rampage (Alicia Keys)] The heavy-weight, what went women that cant rest Me and you up in the 600 S Travelin for free from state to state All we do is eat good and gain weight When we argue its love and hate Ma, I made the mistake you gave me a break I got locked by the jake, you was right I had to take the whole cake (baby got me fall-in) Im a hustlin nigga, you know I aint fake, FALLIN! [Alicia Keys (Busta Rhymes)] With-a you, in and out of love I never, love someone like you, love someone like you baby Im fallin, with-a you, I never, said I never, way that I love you I keep on fallin, in-and-out-of, with-a you, love-with-you I never, no-i-never, love someone like you, love someone quite like my baby Im fallin, fallin, with-a you, I never, neverr, way that I love you (Spread it out y'all, move it out y'all, get it up y'all, keep it movin y'all, keep it goin y'all, lets go lets go lets go come on) In love, out-of love, in love and outa love Up and down, and back I fall (Alicia Keys talk to em please!) r version.. aka I'm gonna fade this remix .. this version had me laughing so hard i had water comming out of my nose. Come Enjoy the life Baby take a ride I just wanna find You (you) You [R.Kelly:] So let me flip the script you lookin for the real Baby here I is With the re-mix [R. Harmonizing the background] (Remix, Remix, Remix) Now listen i been single for a while now And I been kinda lonely Looking for someone to talk to Love Me... Someone who can hold me Is that You? Looking for somebody i can call boo Looking for the only one that i can give my all to Tell me if thats you, you, you What u wanna do, do, do. Kells... [R. Kelly:] U don't need to call nobody else babe Its Kells to the rescue When u need to be touched, I'll bless you Kiss you, Tease You Im your slave anything for you No Question, No Doubt Im that thug u want in your bedroom promise to put it down Got cash, got cars, got clothes So lonely when I roll Thats why I did this C and K collabo Im about take it to the old skool Girl my body's callin you Ain't nothin on this planet Rob won't do for you I'ma pick u up in my Phantom Babe Hit the club and go jukin babe Drink a lil somethin, sing a lil somethin And roll out babe Lets get up on a room Gonna make u sceam like Michael Jackson Eeh Eeh See lets make that move [Ciara:] The mood is so right (Soooo ooh hea) It feels so right You can be my Prince, (prince) my knight You can be my Superman Save me here I am (girl im for real) Baby, there's nothing I won't do (nothin i won't do) To spend my life with you (spend my life with you) (remix) I'll give my all to you (I'll give my all to you) I promise that I will never lie (to you girl) [R. Kelly:] Pow Pow bout to shoot em down, down With this remix, C and Kells so wicked So go and get your tickets [R.Kelly:] Im hit it like was your birthday In my room we toastin sex As if we about to celebrate See will it be you, you, you? what u wanna do do do? Make your move. [CIARA:] Call me momma Spoil ya like a ba-by U got me Thinkin about ya, dreamin bout ya Crazy! What u wanna do do do? Its Just me and you, you, you. What ya doin? [R.Kelly:] In tha back of the club gettin my Drink on Plus Im High Oil in my cup, cuz I'm in my pimpin zone Out the Chi U know that boy be big ballin around the world mane U know that boy be in the club almost about to hurl mane Eventhough Im Kells, And I got all of these chics chasin me See i only want you though, life is ? perfect for me So when u askin those questions like: [Ciara:] What you wanna do, do [R.Kelly:] Hit it Hard from the back [Ciara:] U so Crazy [R.Kelly:] Sing the song for me Baby Theres nothin I won't do (There's Nothin I won't Do Baby) (Nothin I won't do babe) To spend my life wit you (To Spend My life With You) (Spend my life with you babe) I'll give my all to you... I will give my all to you.. my baby boo my love is true Oh [R. Kelly:] Pow Pow bout to shoot em down, down With this remix, C and Kells so wicked Go and get your tickets [R.Kelly:] Wait a minute Im about to fade up this remix Wait a minute, wait a minute Im bout to tease u with this remix Wait a minute, wait a minute Im bout to fade up this remix Wait a minute, wait a minute See can i have some fun, I really wanna have some fun (ooohhh) Theres nothin I won't do (There's Nothin I won't Do Baby) To spend my life wit you (Just To Spend My life With You) I'll give my all to you... I'll give my all to you baby boo Promise that i will never lie to you boy [R. Kelly:] Pow Pow bout to shoot em down, down (its goin down) With this remix, C and Kells so wicked Go and get your tickets (go and get em) Theres nothin I won't do (There's Nothin I won't Do Baby) To spend my life wit you (Just To Spend My life With You) I'll give my all to you... I'll give my all to you baby boo Promise that i will never lie to you boy [R. Kelly:] Pow Pow bout to shoot em down, down (its goin down) With this remix, C and Kells so wicked Go and get your tickets (go and get em) Theres nothin I won't do (There's Nothin I won't Do Baby) To spend my life wit you (Just To Spend My life With You) I'll give my all to you... I'll give my all to you baby boo Promise that i will never lie to you boy Just how many times do they say.. "remix?" read it and count .. I understand most people are too drunk in a club to see stuff like this. But.. come on! lmao Good song though. alot better than i'm a flirt.. Guess my new line .. If I ever used one is.. "Baby I'm gonna fade this remix!" fo shure!
Its called EMULATION.. iTS RUNNING an older console or pc on a newer pc.. I doubt vista will let me enjoy my emulators. dang it.. anywho.. MAME. Is the emulator of emulators. The reason I upgrade my pc is to see if that new ps2 emu.. will actually work! lmao And.. To play mrs pacman on my ws monitor.. hahaha I don't know where donkey kong is.. but i'd play it to death if I had it. hahahhaha gonna nap more on it later
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