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darkman's blog: "Me at work"

created on 10/05/2006  |  http://fubar.com/me-at-work/b10419
I was at work last night , Trying to lift a semi-heavy roll and this it happened. My back and a pinched nerve! I tried to lift these Rolls of material at work.. man i was limping around for 8 hours.. ugh.. lol I tried to be a hero and cut back the bad part then.. bam.. i'm on the floor for 5 mins .. I've fallen and I can't get up! lol I went down like a sack of cookies.. ! Even now it freakin @*(#&@(*#&@ hurts! Its hard to sit or stand or anything.. I took some ibuprophin so hopefully that will help me. If now .. I want a morphine drip stat! Man it hurts.. i can't even sit up ! ugh Me go now.. Times like this I wish i had a gf.. oh well.. i got the asprin.. hehe laters
The upside.. i'll be rich bitches! lmao The down side.. I'll be so stressed and warn out that i'd smack a person that annoy's me at the job. lmao Meaning.. I'd smack anyone acting all bitchy and hoey! lmao Now people want me to fix there pc's too. Thats more money! And something i'd rather do. I enjoy that. I'm alone in charge and no anal retentive morons to work around. lmao I can pay off cards and bills.. but.. I will sacriface alot.. No seeing my nephews or family.. I'd work Christmas eve.. and I'd probably sleep through most of Christmas or passout on the couch.. lmao It also means no dating .. oh wait.. the girl would actualy have to show up.. yeah.. better off working.. lol It also means less ct time.. Well actually that is good.. hahah I only have 10 real friends on my friends list.. the rest of ya don't talk.. more on that later. But.. The left over money goes into another place.. and that place is my pc and for a new car. I've never had a new car in my life.. so .. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. a new 2 door something sexy for BIG PIMPIN SPENDING CHEESE ME! .. for once its gonna be al about me! yeah. I feel a 3rd person comming on.. Roy is gonna buy a car wit dat money.. Roy is gona sleep. Roy is gonna do a moris day and get a car the color if his pimp suit.. ok.. enough of that. :P I want a lcd tv. and .. dual core athlon fx cpu, and msi gforce 8800.. and then 800 gigs of space.. lmao ok i'm done dreaming.. Time to get some food late Roy
NO I didn't shoot anybody like Denzel did. lol Anywho.. Last night.. my buddy fritz had to train this brunette girl. she's a good worker.. a single mom 2 kids. and barely 21. She kept hitting on me. complimenting me.. some sounded fake..so i just rolled my eyes.. lol She's cute but.. my rule is.. She served in Iraq and for that I have great respect for her. But don't hit on me at work.. its annoying.. lmao NO WOMEN AT WORK CUZ MY BUTT CAN GET IN TROUBLE AND MY JOB IS WORTH MORE THAN SOME GIRL I WORK WITH!! LOL "She says.. Roy you have a kind aurora" " are you single?" "your so sweet" Don't say that around guys ewwwww.. what are you doing? if you like me thats okay.. but.. Don't fawn on me.. I mean.. geezz.. its me ! nothing special.. I saw how those guys were giving me that hater look! so I kept her away from me .. She kept following me around.. Don't follow me around I have like 1 billion things to get finished before 7am.. Your hot but leave me alone.. I'm working.. And i'm totally different at work. I'm all about getting work done.. going home and relaxing .. logging on here.. lol Reading my mail.. watching cartoons etc. She reminds me of the girls at Hacky Packy.. if you really wanna know that place ask me. :P I always ignored all the pretty girls on the line.. duh.. i'm black and i know how the man is! lol There is nothing worse than a pretty girl asking you out and she says no to every other guy there. No.. I'm sorry.. I like my job.. I'll be your friend but i'm not going to date you. My uncle said.. Blackman rule #10 never date a woman you work with. That will get your ass fired for sure! All it takes is one day .. she's mad at your ass for breaking up with her.. And you get suspended! I've seen it.. I'm nice but not stoopid.. If you don't know .. now you know.. I remind myself that sometimes.. Anywho.. work went okay.. not well but okay.. I think the new trainee will work.. as long as she leaves me alone.. lmao get off me geeeeeez hahahha
One sorry arse movie can ruin a mans life. At 7am in the morning a guy at my job complains .. "Dang man.. I think.. I just.. "broke my back". Well.. if you have selective hearing.. all you heard was.. Dang man.. " I'm brokeback" .. Everybody stops what there doing and looks at him. Machines stop.. people back away.. slowly.. cuz.. well.. he's a big guy and .. that came out of nowhere.. lmao NOooooooooooooooooooooooo! Not that kind of broke back! nooooooooo! lmao see how one movie can ruin ya.. see.. Next time hollyweird.. choose a different title.. Like .. I dunno.. nsfw mountain.. lol anyways.. I have stuf too return and its black friday .. for the sales.. lol I mean.. geeeeeez.. in a day and age when a man lifts heavy rolls of paper and can break a back.. now he can't say it .. laters Roy
This is what happenes when you work thanksgiving morning! Remember you had the chance to move the pics like 2 months ago! and not show your stupid butt on the profile pic.. We know why u did it! Your chasing points and believe in compteition.. yeah .. poor excuse! lmao Its the same at my job.. Cindy made us have to wear uniformed shirts cuz.. IN THE FRIGGIN SUMMER TIME.. THIS WOMAN.. had the nerve to wear a size 2 shirt on her size 0 body! lmao And cut it down to nothing.. and show her thong.. (reason for regulation underwear) lol And she wore those hole in the butt jeans.. Now we have a company jean policy.. see how one idot can make a policy? One person can ruin a good time.. I used to love wearing my cool t-shirts.. But noooooooooooo hoochie had to go and ruin it.. Then she quit! Oh .. rob (name changed to protect the dumb) made the jean policy.. He would come into work with this gaping hole in his jeans! and a hole in his freakin boxers! Now they are buying jeans only 3 pair.. But I got a freakin 5 day work week! And I can get sent home cuz of rob! If we don't have the provided jeans.. then we can get wrote up! for the love of cheese and all that is good in the world.. that truly sux! rofl The reason they came up with nsfw.. is because.. Somepeople.. think its cool showing there "junk" in there profile pics.. Those same people are clueless.. and put nakie pics and stuff in the "MAIN" gallery.. Now if my memory serves me correctly.. Those weirdo's were given an adult way of doing it. Yo..!! Please move your nakid booty to an approiate gallery.. But nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... You shook your booty in defience! Well guess what?? Mike had to make the rules for you! duh! lol and so.. I thought I should have different names for when i'm on here on different devices.. I thought it sould be.. nsfh.. not safe for home.. or.. nsfc.. not safe for viewing on your cellphone in the car. or.. nsfl.. not safe for laptops.. Anyways.. lol When you flag a gallery adult content. whats the point of nsfw.. its a private gallery? Also. u can make those galleries viewable only to you.. but that defeats the purpose for somepeople.. its good but weird.. and somepeople can flag anybody's gallery that is already marked adult nsfw..?? weird.. I'd rather have.. private and only viewable for the following members that only you can add. On another site.. I have a gallery like that.. its not adult but.. I have it locked only to certain members. hahahhaha yeah thats evil.. but it keeps like 1 zillion peeps from looking. hahhahahhaha since people have such a weird and moody nature at times.. flagging cartoons in a seperate gallery.. nsfw.. There goess my boondocks pics.. hahhahaha Now we need.. to peretend like real life.. ie.. we need a CONGRESSIONAL NSFW comittee.. chairperson.. that reviews.. galleries.. daily. And the idots that are doing it just to be insane.. are given .. demairts.. lmao If I put a toon of bugs bunny up and its funny.. but some lamer finds it offensive.. the committee should give that person a bitch slap. there u go.. You get a "bitch slap" every time you act like a 6 yr old. More than 3 a day and you have to go sit in the corner! Then the commitee votes and sees if you "learned your lesson" If you didn't . you remain in the corner.. When peeps try and talk to you.. you get the message.. Danny can't talk .. "Danny is in the corner" and is grounded for the next 48 mins.. lmao ok.. I"m joking.. and not serious.. I had too much caffinee.. It could be worse.. everytime you keep messing with the sysop.. he could send you a case of vernors to your house.. Trust me vernors is a horrible softdrink.. lol
I found out that they are having a retirement party for Karl. Karl was an okay boss.. who never got your name right. lmao It was always hey guy! .. Unless you screwed up then it was.. Royyyyyyyyy! and my middle name.. how did he know my middle name.. Hell I never had one! lmao Anywho.. His party is at some swanky place called "ricks boat yard" on a manmade lake.. U know.. a place where a guy takes a girl to.. knowing he can't afford it! hahhaha I was thinking about taking someone.. I mean was.. lol But.. I don't know any women who would show up on time! Plus.. I don't like company parties. I don't like the true fakeness.. now this is fake people.. Acting like you want to be around people that hate you cuz of your skin color.. yeah.. thats fake! Knowing that who you bring can get ya fired.. yeah .. thats fake.. haha Anywho.. I'll probably skip the thing.. There offering it as a paid half day.. to 2nd and 3rd shifts.. Well since they are throwing money at me.. I might show up for food and money.. hahahha I'm so shameless.. laters
OH yeah.. Being single is werid.. You forget stuff.. and sometimes you do things to get people off ya back.. ie.. fix u up.. lmao Anywho.. I signed the list.. I put a party of "2". I did it cuz putting 1 means all the people on 1st shift would mob me lol So, now i'm taking applications for the office party.. dec 2nd.. Don't be late.. dress accordingly.. ok.. If your serious.. and I talk to you on the phone.. cam is good too.. cuz.. I don't want to be used.. lol I'd get a hotel for u to stay in. Ok.. first.. 1. you must be single.. 2. you must be single and not in some limbo.. where i'm with u at the party talking and some guy jumps out the bushes.. 3. I need to know your "government name" ie the name momma and pops gave u. ok.. this means.. if your nickname is a car or a fruit.. i'm not calling u by that.. examples.. Lexus, peaches, applebottom, vette.. 4. I want a nice girl accompanning me .. so.. no hoochie momma outfits. 5. I want someone that isnt loud.. loud girls can get a bro.. fired.. lol 6. i need your number . not your neighbors number.. not your sisters.. baby 's daddy's.. yours.. and no phone tag.. I get busy too.. leave a text or mail.. It doesn't matter what color you are.. just .. well "not like the green chick on startrek" then again she was hot.. hehehe 7. You can't be married.. 8. women only apply.. meaning.. no dude look like a lady... lol that is all.. You must reply by .. 11-27-06 peace and afro greese.. Roy p.s. you must wear underwear.. no "commando" lol might fly you down too.. unless you like driving then thats cool.. i'd pay your gas :P
Did you know that gluttony is a sin? Well duh! lol We had a chili cook off.. It was fun.. I don't eat meat.. gaspp!! lol So, It was interesting to see what I was supposed to eat.. First of all.. you need to know.. I work on 3fd shift now.. aka left over shift.. Meaning .. all you lovely dayshift people get everything! lmao Cake,pizza,pie, subway catored.. u name it u get it.. Me.. and the left over crew.. ok.. It was 2nd shift cuz well I was still on it. Gary.. always has like 8 meals a day! sheeeeeez.. lol
I read this in a girls blog on another site.. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.. DIDN'T BRING SEXY BACK.. Sexy never went away.. LOL The song is pretty catchy! hahaha But it goes to show.. somepeople still don't know how to act.. no v.i.p. for u. LOL referring to a co worker of mine. lol
Sometimes I write some totally weird off the wall stuff with scartastic humor.. Of course it has car chases and lots of running and sword fights.. and the occasional kiss.. This brings me to something I wrote called .. "the date". My teacher gave me a low mark for no romance.. I said.. geeeez.. didn't u see the way the cars "kissed before the explosion?" geeeeeez.. lol Any considence of living and or dead is purely well not my fault as you will read page 14 section 2 paragraph 18 of the your not getting nay money off my arse document. Its mostly fiction.. not actually stuff that happened.. I like making up stories like this.. Firstly .. Does Michelle exist? For the most part yes.. But.. come on.. not like that.. a girl that is a martial arts master at age 15. Does ramone exist.. hell no.. he watched way too many "ricco suave" videos.. Does stacie exist.. actually yeah.. she's a combination of women i know.. one is my best friend.. shes really nerdy and a model. and Kevin.. well.. I mean come on.. I made up beauty and the geek. and i made up the sillyness of the show.. and the part where he gets dissed on national tv.. and the part of Guiness books calling him to verify if a woman stood him up for the 4096 time.. and then stacie goes on about prime numbers.. Basically this guy.. an Afromaerican.. ( I won't say black guy.. cuz i'm a black guy and to be politcally correct and to avoid hate mail and lawsuits.. lol Got stood up waaaaaaaaay back when he was barly 20.. stood in the rain for 2 hrs waiting for this girl. She never showed up.. he goes to class . and then is humiliated so badly.. He looses his "man card" he was put on probation. anyways.. he is feeling so bad that he plays his "keith sweat" cd so much his sister punches him in the eye.. cuz its annoying her . Yeah I have a weird imagination and dreams.. sue me.. ok.. don't but.. lol
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