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I know that there will never be anyone read these unless i ask to to make it worth while and to make myself feel special but such is life and no one reads it at least it is how ever many words this winds up being that are floating in cyber space instead of my head. 

  Its amazing what thinking can do to someone. It can solve problems, make plans, make up jokes, but it can also remind you of the past, feed you negitive feelings in a whole range of things, making you believe things when the truth is standing right in front of you. That is one thing i have never understood about thinking, how is thinking truly good for you? Sure it can help you make decisions and solve problems and things like that but if you think about it ( oh the irony ) the only time most people ever think in great length is when its something bad and they want to remember things and most of the time when you think in great detail its normally bad. Now this leads me to a point. When you think of negative things and things that have happened in the past and you think and think and think some more about them you can project them into the present. If you dont believe me try this, think about something bad that happened to you like umm i dunno umm a bad relationship we have all had them. Okay you thinking about the bad relationship and how crappy it was and how much you didnt like it and how bad you were treated? Good, now keep doing that for about a week every day. Now imagine you have someone that is the total opposite of that horrible relationship who does everything they can to prove that they are different. Got those to things? Good now if you will notice its really hard for you to not to project the bad negative thoughts that YOU see onto the one that is telling you they are different. It would take something strong and true to endure all of what you project onto them and the ones that are not strong enough it could cause them to leave which in turn would take away something good. All because of thinking, you have lost something that could have been good but because you thought about things and projected what you expect to happen which can cause the negative to happen.

Thinking can also drive you literally insane because thinking of the same thing for days or weeks at a time will eventually lead to so much stress and general mind meltingness that you will wanna have a padded room with a warm jacket and the funny medicines.The more thinking on one topic the more it consumes you and becomes a part of you untiil you dont know what to do any more. It can cause headaches and a list of other things.

Since most of us all we truly think about is the negative and barely focus on positive things we can feel really bummed out even depressed in some cases. Why is this? Thinking is supposed to be a good thing right? Its supposed to be used for good to make good decisions and solve issues and problems that arise.  But seriously how many of you that may read this (which i know will be the big ole goose egg and if im wrong and someone is reading this just for pure curiousity and insite into the mind of a closet nice guy then cool means you are actually someone who wants to know about the person not just a quick rate a rarity on this site) really think of the positive things? Im sure the vast majorty if not all of you think negative when you actually think.

What you just read shows 2 examples major true examples of how thinking is bad for you and lends it self to wondering if besides trying to figure out problems to survive and remember things the survive or maintain a job is it really worth thinking? It can be a danger to your mental, physical, and even your emotional well being and often times can endanger all 3 at the same time. The easiest way to remedy this danger is to think about positive things at some point and not focus on such negativity all the time or let past events sway current events because that can lead to negative thinking which as i said 3 lines ago ( come on keep up i know you can) can endanger your mental physically and emotional health all at the same time. Live for the hear and now, whats in the past can not be changed and happened to make the person who is sitting there reading this.  If used properly thinking is awesome but its not its misused and causes more problems than if thinking was used right.


 Thanks for getting this far if you did.... i owe you a drink


And thanks for listening/reading more ramblings of a closet writer

I could not think of a better name than the lame curse of thinking too much.. kinda ironic if you think about it cuz this is a result of thinking too much and yet cant come up with a better title than that. guess maybe im the only one that found some humor of that but goes to show who has a weird sense of humor around here.amazing how thinking can lead to long ass things like im sure this is going to be and it ALSO leads to countless hours of sleep lost.. oh well sleep is over rated anyway am i right am i right? no... damn no sense of humor with this bunch.

I got to thinking about people and how they treat others especially those they say they care about.  I have seen it more than once cuz most of the people who call themselves a friend have come to me with their relationship problems and have told me what they are doing and what their other half is doing and let me tell you some of the shit i have heard that they do to each other would be down right horrible and yet you see them in public and could never tell anything was wrong and both parties would treat every one else with the respect that they deserve but when they got alone they almost hated each other but would not leave each other. I have often wondered why this is and the only thing i can come up with is a big I DON'T KNOW. which kinda made me think of how many people you see every day passing in the street how many of them are like that, almost 2 totally different people one in public and one in the home life. I understand that for the most part that maybe need in the public but that is reserved for a few like entertainers who play the part of being a dick so they are a dick when making public apperances yet when you get the same person in a more private setting or when they are in at home they are some of the nicest people you would ever meet. Its funny and yet kinda depressing thinking that because it goes both ways the nice people you see can be and sadly in modern time when the few nice people left are in hiding usually are dicks in their home lives.

Why is that, that most of the few nice people are in hiding and why are there so few left? Well its really simple and sadly i know from experience and more than one experience. It is because nice people are used and thrown away and the ole saying " nice guys finish last" (althought it goes for females also) is very true. You always hear about good guys winning in the movies but yea ummin the real world nice people get fucked. So they decide they are getting tired of being ass fisted by king kong aka life that they decide to go to the ass hole side of the world which causes the number of good guys (and gals) shrink and it is only the truly good folks are left to be stepped on and expect everything to be okay. its almost like being a good person you are destined to be shit on chewed up spit out stepped on wiped off the shoe and stepped on again. If you look at the people who have the most problems in life they fall into one of a few different catagorys. One is those people who want to try and get everything and try to surround themself with popular people just so they fit in cuz they are always feeling like they are missing something. Another group is those who have the worst of luck and literally everything that can go wrong will go wrong it is almost like murphy wrote laws just for those ppls lives. The third and usually the ones who are the most depressed and jacked up group is the truly good ones. you logic would tend to lead you to think that nice people would get the world but the sad fact is they get to see most things they want in life slip away from this. For an example to prove this point, any female reading this find a truly nice guy that you know that you think of as a friend and ask him if he has ever seen what he wants slip away like the one he has a massive crush on or really likes and is always there for said person but are seen as a friend or a crying post and nothing else while the female goes to one of the ass holes of the world. If he says never he is lying plain and simple..   Most nice people always fall into the friend catagory because they are "too nice". since when did being nice and a generally good person become such a bad thing? A nice good person is almost always mistreated and dont know what to do when they start getting treated good like they deserve. you will also find the ones with the biggest trust issues with this group too because they have trained themselves not to trust anyone because they have been hurt too many times and it is up to anyone new to figure out if it is worth crossing the walls and earn the good persons trust or not.


For all of those who just met someone who seems stand offish or like they have walls up and dont really trust many people, word of advice THAT PERSON IS WELL WORTH THE EFFORT. They will be your friend through more shit that anything you can imagine..i have been on both ends of this and found someone i not only trust my life too but love more than anything because we both worked to get past the walls and learn and see the real people not the one that mans the walls but the person that is in the heart. you know who you are i love you.


I close this kinda random thing with this. Truly nice good people are out there and if you know any consider yourself lucky and treat them good and get to know them better because you will have a friend until the end. Its a sad world we live in when the nice and good are used and cast aside like nothing and the dicks and ass holes get everything they want . Watch out the closet nice people will over throw the world one day and all those who stepped on us and used us will be wishing they had a time machine and will learn how it really feels. one word  is need to be remembered by all assholes, dick, bitches, ect out there and that word is KARMA.. karmas a bitch and will be around to collect soon..


thanks for listening er reading the ramblings of a sleep deprived closet nice guy

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