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This is the pinnacle of wolf values. If you cannot be true to yourself and face the fire of ignorant closed-minded opposition, then you are not completely free. If you compromise your integrity, you may be a chained dog, but not a true wolf. This does not mean that one should openly shout their differences; it simply means to stay true to yourself, and not sway when confronted by "popular" opposition. One cannot compromise any part of himself/herself for riches, popularity, or acceptance and still be 100% true. The greatest "sin" of a wolf is to sin against one's self.

Without inner strength, you can never truly follow your own path in life. Sheep mentality manifests in those who lack self-confidence. Lack of self-worth coerces these weak-minded sheeple into accepting a "mimic the majority" mentality (replicate what is safe, or "in season"). Weakness is the core of their "follow the leader" mentality. A wolf's mind is strong, swayed by reason, and personal observations. A wolf stays locked in pursuit of personal objectives, not "popular trends."

A wolf must view every situation and individual person with an open mind before casting judgment. There are plenty of reasons to hate people, but physical appearance is not one of them. Sheep are "issued" subjective opinions. Wolves form their own. A wolf knows that there are three sides to every story: left subjectivity, right subjectivity, and the truth found only in honest objectivity

A wolf should initially show respect. If the other person, or party, proves to be unworthy of respect, then attack them with the same level of rudeness in which they exhibit. Rudeness is not strength, and politeness is not weakness. Some people deserve respect, and some people deserve to be treated with merciless wrath. Initially, be objective, but once they reveal their true nature, then treat them accordingly.

If you cannot admit your own shortcomings, then you cannot fix them. Excuses are instruments of the weak. Strong people have issues, downfalls, and problems. They admit them; they face them; they then work to correct them. The weak mask and duck them; they stay pitiful and erect towers of excuses because they are too weak to face their own shortfalls. Strength is gained by admitting and facing our own weaknesses. Write them on paper; look at them without blinking, make them real; then smash them into oblivion!

Don't trade away what is unique and beautiful just to mimic what is common and foul. The surest way to lose yourself is to follow the trends. Fads are temporary illusions conjured by slick salesmen; they are glimmering mirages that draw the insecure little lemmings out into the desert so the money-hungry Pied Pipers can bleed them dry. The world is full of mediocre drones that foolishly strive to mimic the status quo because they lack self-respect. The world is a sea of soulless drones replicating copies of imitations, but there is only one YOU! Self-doubt creates sheep. Self-respect breeds wolves.

Wolves demands justice, and refused to be tread upon. Wolves will appeal to the law only when reciprocation is not viable. A wolf does not trespass upon another man, and in return will not allow any other man to trespass against him (or her). A wolf understands that most laws were created to protect stupid people from themselves, and to protect the responsible from the irresponsible; but also understands that some laws are flawed, unjust, and many are just “communistic morality” (popular opinions) falsely cloaked in a fictitious label. Wolves are not “lawless” per se, they simply do not subscribe to mandated "opinions" masquerading as laws (those which strip personal freedoms as opposed to those created to ensure protection and security). They live within their own moral guidelines, not simply those of the populace. They understand that if they break a manmade law (be it just or unjust), then their will be consequences. Wolves demand justice (imposed via law enforcement officials, or by the street itself). A wolf earns what he/she gets, and gets what he/she earns. A wolf demands no more, but will accept no less. Those who disrespect these sovereign rights, or tred upon our fur will be subjected to retaliation; either under the law, or under the claw!

Impose no restriction upon another man (or woman) that you are not willing to impose upon yourself.

Not everyone will like you. Accept this. Do not sacrifice your integrity to gain approval of anyone! When you try to please everyone, you slowly destroy yourself. Dancing monkeys, those who exhaust themselves for the amusement of mass, have plenty of fair-weathered "friends", but real men are not afraid to acquire enemies; they are not afraid to put their convictions before their popularity. Live life through your own eyes, and live by your own standards (not society's). Doing so will fend off the two-faced sheep, and net you a few real friends who love you for who you are, and not your shallow facade. Shallowness is drawn to shallowness, but so is strength. Simply be yourself to attract people of equal integrity. Those who bend to the will of the mass and follow the trends may, on the surface, seem like they have plenty of friends, but when they chips are down, they soon find out that they really have not a one in the bunch (the herd). Above all, be yourself. Live life in a genuine manner; do not subscribe to flawed ideologies: “Love your enemies” This is flawed! This statement destroys the value of love itself. “Do what thou wilt” This is flawed! This statement invites your enemies to do as they please to you. LOVE YOUR FRIENDS, DESTROY YOUR ENEMIES; this is the unflawed code of the wolf.


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