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Ten Roses

For every tear you cry, 
I cry a hundred thousand more, 

I'll give you ten roses, 
For everything you're fighting for.

The first will be a red rose
For courage and for health, 

The second a bright yellow rose
For gaining all life's wealth, 

The third will be a soft pink rose
So you may be happy in love, 

The fourth will be a white rose, 
Brought by a turtledove, 

The fifth will be an orange rose, 
To give you back your fire, 

The sixth will be a deep pink rose, 
So you may have what you desire, 

The seventh will be a coral rose, 
To gain you many friends, 

The eighth will be a purple rose, 
To guide you through life's bends, 

The ninth will be a pale yellow rose, 
To give you hope to try, 

The tenth will be a black rose, 
So you can mourn me when I die.

I have to leave my dearest friend, 
But may the roses last you til my end, 

I'm sorry I could not say goodbye, 
Though ten roses I leave by your side.

I leave you with a kiss, 
Along with these rose flowers

I know I will be missed, 
But I pray the roses will give you power, 

Power to go on my love, 
Power to be strong, 

Power to get over me, 
And let your life carry on 

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