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created on 11/20/2008  |

name 10 classic cartoons your parents and you grew up watching

1.)lil audrey
2.)betty boop
3.)lil lulu
4.)popeye the sailor man
5.)woody wood pecker
7.)scooby doo
8.)the jetsons
10.)felix the cat

name 10 shows you remember that were popular when you were a teen
1.)REBOOT...been out for ever till i was a exciteing when enzo grew up with Aundrea
2.)gundam wing
3.)sailor moon...romantic
4.)darkwing duck
6.)captain planet...because of him, global warming is coming sooner..haha
8.)powerepuff girls
9.)2 stupid dogs
10.)thundercats....thunder, THUNDER THUNDER CATS...HOES!!!!, WAIT WHAT!!!!!

name 10 cartoons and movies you grew up and loved watching

1.) bay bay kids
2.)WE'RE BACK!!!
3.)beauty and the beast
4.)lion king
5.)sleeping beauty
8.)little mermaid
10.)teen mutant ninja turtles

name 10 shows you miss watching
1.)beetle juice
3.)hey arnold
4.)ren and stimpy
5.)rocko modern life
7.)ahhhh monsters
8.)angry beavers
9.)the family dog
10.)new quest of jonny quest

name 5 clay animations you loved watching growing up
2.)MONSTER with Bumpy, molly the doll, and bumpys blue blobbed friend
4.)rudolph and other christmas movies
5.)wallace and gromit

name 5 shows that kids watch today that are lame
1.)dora the explorer...i heard she got deported...thats why you dont see her no more
2.)transformers the new series, its so blah and boring
3.)and some weird show for toddlers where these monsters dance to a skinny black guy that raps
4.)maggie and the ferocious beast
5.)BOB the builder, can we fix it...uhh yeah, about half ass and make it talk.

name 5 shows or cartoons you hated as a kid
2.) barney
3.)blues clues...the blue dog was a these years were just lies
4.)code back yard
5.)ed edd and eddy

name 3 kids shows that you think are actually awesome
1.)lazytown...that show kicks ass and i think robbie and sportacus are hotttt!!!
2.)spongebob squarepants
3.) the voices

name 10 cartoons and tv shows you watch today
1.)family guy
2.)robot chicken
5.)drawn together..they just plain wrong at so many levels
6.)southpark, gotten kinda lame, i guess as a kid things felt rebelious to watch shows like these
7.)spongebob...i just love a man in a square uniform
8.)fairly odd parents...they crazy as hell
9.)simpsons, aint like it used to be but it was good once
10.)foster home of imaginary this show

post this to refresh other myspacers of good memories in what was once good ole times of TV brainwashing.
i made this survey to remind everyone of the good cartoons we grew up with, there are so many more cartoons i couldnt fit into this survey that i miss.
maybe you can remind us of what you watched as a kid and what you watch today.....have fun
your myspace entertainer...cloie street

are you evil???
answer each question with an evil answer and see if you got what it takes to be the spawn that you really are deep down inside... no sissy answers

1.) your a clown, what trick do you show the kids?
show them a pencil and make it disappear.

2.)your a robber, how do you escape the police?
take off my mask and say the robber went that way.

3.)your a culinary teacher, what do you use to cook for your class?
a cucumber, carrot, wiener, pickles, and then a cig

4.)your a directer, what props do you use in your movie?
a cucumber, carrot, wiener, pickles, and then a cig...what?

5.)your a samurai, what technique do you use to elude the ninjas?
throw a cat and watch them run after it.

6.)your a captured samurai, what weapons do you use to fight the ninjas?
a cucumber, carrot, wiener, pickles, and then a cig...then kill them with my thumb

7.) name 3 ways to get people to fight each other to the death...

---A1.) throw a beer into an A&A meeting, to be more cruel i would fill it with apple juice so they fight to the death for nothing.

---b2.) go to an anorexic rehab and yell i have the last laxative in the world and toss it into a full them fight for it.
---c3.)  i would say go to a catholic church and throw a boy into a preachers lounge but that is wayyyy to evil...i might go to hell just for evenmentioning it.

8.) your a ice cream man, what treat do you give the kids?
after making them run 2 miles in the hot sun i only give them "hidden valley" salads like on the commercial.

9.) your in a business, and you have competition, what do you say to your boss to make it to the top and beat that competitor?
sir he is sleeping with your virgin daughter and it could be a chance she is pregnant....well i guess i win that promotion.

10.) your a marriage councilor for the bradgelinas, what advice you give them?
stop adopting only the cute kids, and we truely know that each kid came from the milk man, mail man and the paper boy...and then convince them in a 3 some with jennifer they can be called the brad"jen"linas.

11.) your a prankster, whats your bigest prank that you came up with on your own?
put plasic rap on the toilet, take out the bathroom lightbulb and give someone laxative...guaranteed to fuck up their day with a howdy doodoo.

12.) your a secret agent, what mission would volunteer to go on to?
i would destroy britney spear but she did that all on her im stomped.

13.) your a ghost, who would you haunt and possess?
ashley simpson, so she can sing better...or sing at all...or not at all.
preferably not at all.
14.) you want to own your own country, which would you rule and what would you call it?
i would destroy iraq and rebuild it and call it i-rock.

15.)do you think you are evil or an angel?
i am pure bred evil with a hint of oh so sweet

post this and see if someone else can be as evil as you are.
maybe you will rule the underworld or just be a right red handed pansy ass monkey.

are you a heart breaker? yes, unfortunatly i am...sorry orlando bloom. why did you and your ex break up? he had a small weewee, so i was in love for nothing, and i kicked him to the curve and told him to go to davey jones locker. unless binoculars at 20 feet and watching him naked thru his window makes things appear smaller. how did you break it to this person? im so sorry and please understand that i dont love you anymore, because you are small. even if you screamed and said the heat in the shower cut off. hard to say it was cold when the bathroom was steaming. and no i am not leaving you beacuse you are small, its because.....well....yeah that is the reason. are you dating someone new? yes, john cena...hes my first real love unlike orlando who i thought i loved. how did you first meet this person? wow it was like love at first sight, there i was just flicking through channels and then there he was, and its been love since then. what is one thing you and this person have in common? we have the same b-day which is april 23rd, we were obviously made for eachother. the only thing me and orlando had in common was we both were pretty. are you a popular couple? yes, my imaginary friends know me so well and said they can tell that me and him will be forever, unlike orlando. they know me so well its like they been inside my head or something. now that you are with this person would you say you are popular now? shiat, everyone trys so hard to be like me. like this one bitch i know, she tries so hard but im like HEY, only i can play the bitch in this neighborhood...but shes a good dog tho. what pet names do you and and this person call eachother? i call him snookems and poopcie poo. and he calls me a groupie fan, obcessed and stalker. he started to call me psycho and stalker at first but all it does is remind me of orlando....(sigh) what do your friends call you and this person for short? well my name is cloie so they call me and john "JOLIE" but when its just me they call me...psycho, crazy, quick hide here she comes, go away, ahhh run, and stalker. i think stalker is "straight talker" put together which is a strong name for me because i am soooo straight forward...thats soooo who i am. where did you and your lover go on your first date? we went to a fancy restraunt called mcdonalds, i sat outside and watched him eat and saved the straw that his lips once touched. have you both talked about marriage? i have but he looks like hes not ready for commitment in his posters. i think his career is more important at the moment. who will be jealous to see you marry? orlando bloom, he had his chance...but he chose to stop calling me and changed his number constantly and got more body guards, and bars on his windows and put a better alarm systems...oh and it turns out, those dogs werent for me, they were guard many lies. all he had to do is tell me he didnt want a relationship, i would of gotten the hint...i would have waited for him. if both had to fight over you to win your love, who would win? thats tough there, they both are tall built and strong so its like 2 trains colliding... no seriously...who do you think would win? what is your favorite thing to do with this person? i tell you one thing i would like, but he isnt i feel. but really he likes to work out and i like to watch him work out....from his window. how many times a day do you call your guy/girl? i call him *67 all the time and only for 3 sec just to hear him say hello. then i hang up...about 18 times a day, just to remind him im not a stalker. do you buy gifts for this person? yes, after going to walmart and buying every collection of his actionfigures i thought to myself, hey! why not do the same, so i got him a blowup doll with my face pasted over it. i figure i get something for him that he can use everyday... or night. since last year i sent him a romantic scented candle, turns out your not suppose to light them before sending them off through the sure his living room will be rebuilt in no time. does this person buy you gifts? OMG yes, he knows me so well, he once got me perfume, something called reminded me of orlando tho. orlando used to buy me the same kind and it used to burn everytime he sprayed me but i got used to it. now i wear it all the time. has this person ever sent you a candygram or flowers that came with a song? something like that, it was an officer with handcuffs and he sang me my rights,which was better then orlandos gift because his was just a restraining order. but once reminds me of orlando do you collect items to remind you of this person when gone? omg, the shrine of his q-tips,a few stale towels and a trash bag full of junk that i had to jack up the garbage man for...its in repalce of orlandos shrine. does this special someone like your cooking? omg yes, he loves my cookin, i cook so good that everyone gets in line just to hear me say...DING FRIES ARE DONE!!! would you take him home to meet your parents? oh yes, my family have seen him before but not in person. they see him on tv all the time too. but i cant wait to take him to the mental hospital to meet my parents. in fact i could have my family reunion there because my entire family live there too. my mom is like" ohhhh, a man with big muscle and high in security, he make good babies, no busheet!!! he buy me dishwashah!!) would you say that this person sees you too much? no i wish he even knew who i was. but i see him all the time, even in his nude pose dancing in front of the mirror. reminds me of orlando and his cute little" IM COMING OUT" song he sings and dances too....(sigh) what would be a perfect wedding? i see him proposing to me with a ring he won from a quarter machine, lindsey lohan,britney spear(keep away from cake, dont want hair in it) and paris hilton ( she would think it was hot)....all as the bridesmaid. us on the beach running together.......this time.....and not running away. how many friends will be there for your wedding? all my imaginary friends, my mom and dad in white as well...white stright jackets. my pet gold fish, my dead gerbil... and orlando can be our preacher. and he can invite all his friends and sure his side will be way fuller then my side of guest. what would your speach be at your wedding recption? i would say...i like to thank everyone for coming and i am glad this day has come where i have finally found my true love and i would like to say...NO NEED TO CALL ME A STALKER NOW THaT I MARRIED MY stalky what would you do on your honeymoon? i would soooo strap him down and tie him to the headboard... not to be kinky but just to make sure he doesnt run away and then send orlando copies of us so happy together to remind him what he lost. after setteling down how many kids will you have with this person? about 20.... its more then what i wanted with orlando but dont know how i could with orlando...think about it. what would you name them? oh lord....not this again. all not orlandos. 1 john jr 2 johnny 3 jonny 4 wuan<-----may look like the gardners, but its truely is john cenas 5 john boi 6 john boy 7 jonnie 8 johnanna 9 clohnie 10 clon 11 jolie 12 orlando jr<---mistake, we shared same soap bar 13 marine 14 john juniorette 15 john jaccob jingle himmer cena<------no his name is not like yours 16 jo'ann 17 johanna montana 18 click click nok clak<------ ethianopian kid i adopted...beat that angolina jolie 19 blanky<-----some kid i stole from fallen off a balcony 20 jobba john hut<---- some ugly kid i stole from the ugly that hes cute. do you think you will grow old with this person? HELLZ to the NO!!, i will always look this good. our love will always be strong forever till a week after we get married...i get tired of him and divorce. but after that i can always go see if orlando got that "enzyte"....then me wuv him wong time. but no busheet, he buy me dishwasha ok my people i am outta here, cuz i heard john say from his bedroom window that hes going to take a shower. forever -cloie and o-rl-an-d-o... i mean john cena and cloie bloom cena- yea i had my last name legally changed to bloom a while back so i might as well keep it. AKA -JOLIE-
this is a survey someone posted on myspace bulletin and these are the answers i filled the end he read them and LOLed himself. he contacted me laughing telling me i was soooo wrong...haha so enjoy and dont be shy to rate if you liked it. 1.YOUR NAME: NOnSTALKING girl 2.AGE: legal 3.FAVORITE POSITION: you give me the position and i give you a raise 4.DO YOU THINK THAT I'M CUTE? yea, paperbag cute 5.WOULD YOU HAVE SEX WITH ME? depends on what kind of brand of paperbag you use 6.LIGHTS ON OR OFF? off, you look hot with the lights off and my eyes close 7.WOULD YOU HAVE TO BE DRUNK? extremely, with distorted vision 8.WOULD YOU TAKE A SHOWER WITH ME? yes, then take another shower afterwards, alone 9.HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT ABOUT HAVING SEX WITH ME? yes, you were wearing nothing, laid on a white bed with blond silky hair blowing into the wait that was brad pit that i was thinking of...nevermind 10.WOULD YOU LEAVE OR STAY THE NIGHT? leave right away before the sun came up 11.DO YOU LIKE CUDDLING AFTERWARDS? no, i dont shave my legs for a reason 12.CONDOM OR SKIN? i dont think they make condoms small enough for you. 13.HAVE SEX ON THE FIRST DATE? might as well since its your last 14.WOULD YOU KISS ME DURING SEX? i would but i might get drool all over your paperbag 15.DO YOU THINK THAT I WOULD BE GOOD IN BED? at the end of the night you would say awesome, i would say are you there yet,and then ask if that was it. 16.WOULD YOU USE ME AS A BOOTY CALL? for 10 cents a minute maybe but all i would get at the end of the night is 5 cents. 17.CAN I USE YOU AS A BOOTY CALL? my ass doesnt give out long distant calls. 18.CAN WE TAKE PICTURES OF THE ACT? please, no more of your shrinning of me 19.HOW LONG WOULD WE HAVE SEX? depends on how long you can breath with a paperbag till you pass out 20.WOULD YOU TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT ME? my imaginary friends will love you 21.WILL YOU REPOST THIS SO I CAN FILL IT OUT FOR YOU? nah i know your gonna kill me after this so no need for you to fill out for
way to find out your an artificial or a natural blonde 1.) are you easily amused? no, i know im not easily amused and i am always foc....omg i love PINK!!! 2.) what was your most longest moment as a blonde? the day i answered a phone and couldnt hear the person and found out that i had it upside down, then a week later i pulling at a door and thot it was closed then someone easily walked in by pushing the door. but seriously, who owns doors that have to be pushed...seriously!!! 3.)have you ever been freaked out over something that was nothing? how do you get something out of nothing...omg how did i answer this smartly. well since you asked i have been freaked out one time, oneday i was eating chinese food and i opened a fortune cookie, and i was so freaked out at the fortune inside, i was like omg how does it know, are they watching me??? the fortune said, YOU ARE READING A FORTUNE COOKIE....freaky aye? 4.) what was the longest time it ever took you to get a joke? honestly, about 12 years. my mom told me a dirty joke when i was 9 and then 12 years later it dawned on me and i was busting out laughing during a funeral. omg was that timing all wrong...yikes. she told me another joke about 11 years and 3 months ago, so i should be getting it any day now. 5.) what is the most simplest thing you ever had to read directions on? omg, mac and frickin cheese, so your suppose to drain it before adding the cheese, well that explains it. 6.) what is one thing you know better about but keep forgeting? when they say metal should never go inside a microwave then that includes, silverwear, foil, cans, and small cooking pots...dont ask about the cooking pot, we didnt have clean bowls that day and i just didnt feel like washing any. 7.) do you have a friend who is a blonde as well? yes, i just hang with her to make me feel smart, so far she makes me feel genius. cuz i shared with her how to make mac and cheese and she didnt know water needed to be drained... i told her shyahh, everyone knows that...uhhem. but she is worster then me, the other day she had to use directions on how to toaste a poptart....victory is mine!!! 8.) Are you or have you ever been a blonde? been before, i dyed it and so many people would compliment me and tell me how i pull it off so well and all kinds of nice things. 9.) do people ever compare you to other blondes? yeah, people call me a blonde and sometimes say i look like britney spears, but i ask how that can be when i have hair. why cant they just LEAVE ME ALONE!!! 10.) what is your favorite color? OMG....I LOVE PINK!!! 11.) whats your favorite candy? bubblegum, unless im reading a pop up book and get bord and fall asleep and wake up with gum in my hair....then i end up like britney spears, which i really think ended up in that situation and had no choice but to shave her head. 12.) whats your favorite singer? i used to like PINK, but now she should call herself black, because why call yourself pink with pink hair and all bouncey with upbeat music, to all of a sudden wearing black and emo singing emo music and then having hair contest with kelly ozbourne. PINK WILL NEVER BE THE NEW BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!! 13.) whats your favorite word? like OMG, i dont know....those words exactly 14.) whats your favorite movie? the one where the detective trys to investigate a homicidal death of a blonde who choked to death on a big word, and in the end he finds out what the big word was...i would say the word but i nearly choked when i tried to say it. 15.) do you ever gaze off into space sometimes? all the times, oneday i was in class, whats my 3rd grade teachers name, what was that girls problem at the last year christmas party, and then i screamed whats your problem lady, and everyone looked at me. 16.) whats the simplest thing that kept you occupied for hours? alot of things, from a ball of string to flashing lights, and even those specks on your eyes...but i cant say thats easily amused. 17.) have you hurt yourself lately? omg, i slammed my finger in the car door, i swear its a habbit to leave my finger in the car door...i need to remember to remove hand and then shut. but if no derections how can i fallow. 18.) whats your biggest accomplishment ever? breathing on my own without a tape on a headset, last time i about passed out but i flipped the tape over and pressed play just in time... and the time where i was breathing really slow and to find out that my tape player was low on batteries. if i breath fast then i realise that the tape player was on fast forward and if i lightly breath then the volumes on yeah its a big pat on the back for me. 19.) whats the smartest thing you ever done to prove you werent a blonde? oh thats easy, i dyed my hair back to brown. 20.)do you think its true that blondes are the most ditsiest? i cant say cuz some blondes know how to read rating the amount of questions answered with a blonde answer will tell you what kind of blonde you are.... 5 answers make you artificial blonde 10 answers make you highlighted blonde 15 answers make you ditsy blonde 20 answers makes you full fledge flaming blonde good luck
some are advice that you should never fallow if you want to live. some are answers for things you should never say or do. some are reasons for a dIvorce and why Your still single living in your mothers basement. but most of all you can read all my questions with a WTF??? answer. enjoy do you throw a cop and a k9 off on a chase and run? throw crack to the left and a donut to the right and watch them split. 2. if you are a female what do you say or do if your blind date is ugly and wants to ask you out again? say...i would love too,this would really make my husband who gets out of prison for murder next week...sooo jealous. 3.what is the worst thing to do at a rehab for anorexic people? HEY THERE FATTIES!!!!!! 4.what is the worst thing to do if you were at a rehab for alcohalics ? throw a beer bottle that is really full of apple juice in a crowded room and watch them fight to the death for nothing. 5. how can you tell if a girl had sex with her brother in west virginia? if she turns up pregnant. do you know when you get to that stage and realise you are just not that attractive any more? when you go to the circus and the freaks pay to see you. do you know your wife is cheating on you? when your kid looks just like the mail man. 8. how can you tell a man is a virgin and living in his moms basement? when he says he is at level 44 on warcraft. 9.what is a new upgrade for a man who is no loner a virgin living in his moms basement? he is gay living in his mothers attic still playing warcraft online. do you know you have really gained alot of weight. when your pants buttons is suregiclly removed from someones eye. can you tell your grandpa is a pimp? when he stops but his wheel chairs rims are still spinning. can you tell a granny is still a hooker? if her depends have fishnet pantyhose. 13.what would you say if people were nosing around on you and your date making out in the backseat of your car? hey....when the car goes a squeekin dont be apeekin do you explain to a patient that they are eptileptic? you see when i flash this light really fast like this..........stop shaking im not finished. do you know when someone puts to much clorine in a pool? when they dunk under with yellow and brown teeth and come back up with white teeth. 16. what would make you realise that you have a really big butt? when you go to the beach and you bend over to pick up a sea shell and the sun goes down. 17.what is another way of knowing your butt is really big? when a plain tries to use your butt crack as a landing strip do you know when you had one to many drinks? when you wake up in bed with a hobo the next morning do you know you are really bad at sex? when your wife pays a hooker to have sex with you do you know when Virgin moble has been bought out by another company? they would get screwed over and it would no longer say virgin moble... it would be called moble hoe
do you believe in santa? no, i put 5 sleeping pills in the cookies and 17 in the milk. next day, daddy was passed out under the christmas tree. did santa ever give you christmas present? i must have been better then last year because this time he didnt shit in my stocking...and wipe his ass with my wishlist. what did you want for christmas? a shot gun to shoot reindeers, drunk proof bottle of riddlin so mommy ill never be able to open it. a puppy, and a unicorn...cuz if santa exist and obama made president, then so do unicorns. what did you get this year? a gerbil, a barbie doll, coal, matches, riddlin, a leash with no dog. santas one sick S.O.B. did you enjoy your gifts? did for a little while...but my gerbil got caught in the mouse trap, my matches were taken away cuz they were scared i might burn down the place, my barbie was taken away and said i was beating her when all i was doing is pretending she was daddy and momma. momma ate all my riddlin and said sorry she thot it was candy...which is silly cuz how could she not know when it was in a child proof bottle...they should make it drunk proof...then she would never get into it and then they replaced the dog with me on the leash and go every where with it. did you see lots of family? yes, i brought a camera so i can record my family argueing and then stick it on youtube and call it, my disfunctional family...15 videos in the past year...awesome which is your favorite family member? i would say uncle mark, but i have 42 uncles that i met over the past year. they seem to come over after momma goes to the bar. have you given any gifts? yes, the gift of truth... my 7 yr old cousine gave me a hug and told me she loved me...i told her she was adopted then i walked away. and a pack of cigs to my 12 r old cousine. how much did they like the gift? the 12 year old loved it...the other im not sure she just laughed and said i was silly but then had this pondering look on her face all night...i wonder what she was thinking. how was the cooking? it was so delishes. even though my aunt said she slaved over the stove all day...but when i thought about it...isnt the microwave above the stove??? did you sing christmas carrols? alittle, such as rudolph got run over by my daddy. santa wants a little hohoho. grama wants her 2 front dentures. did you and your family share christmas stories? yes, how the grinch should be smoked. uncle luis met santa in jail. how to skin a reindeer what would you like to share for christmas? i would like to share that im not for the word "X-mas"... Christmas stands for the birth of jesus christ, not so they can take his name out of his own birthday... F**K those who say x-mas and have a merry CHRISTmas... and a happy new year:-)
do you like someone right now? yes, i love orlando bloom. if you saw this person, what would you do? not stalk him, just fallow him around all day, and when he sleeps i will stand over his bed to watch him sleep like an angel. what do you like the most about this person? how he dances infront of the mirrior naked, i would give him a dollar but i cant get past the bars on the windows...i wonder why he put those up there if he knows i will protect him. does this person know you like them? he does and he even got me a puppy...4 of them actually, and they love me so much that they run to me everytime im at orlandos window. but they are a bit rough. how did you and this person approach each other about your feelings? i gave him a letter every day through his mail and email saying i love him and i wants to marry him and have 19 kids. he sent me a letter asking who i was and i am a stalker? and then he asked me if i was kristin cuz that is the other tramp that used to stalk him till she fell out of a tree......i really pushed her...shhhh. what were you and this persons first words to each other? i said marry me and he said, POLICE!!!! I guess cuz i stole his heart do you both give each other pet names? yes i call him my preciousssss, and he calls me phycho, stalker, and sometimes he gets so excited when he sees me that he calls me SECURITY!!!!! but together we are Clorlando...<3 have you ever given a gift to this person? yes, a shrine in my closet, a sound track album i made for our love and a copy of our porn, ....E>the midget porn with his face paisted over the midget face<3 has this person ever given you a gift? oh yes, orlando loves me so much that he got me a restraining order,and 4 dobermans, i think he named them "SICK 'ER, ATTACK, GITTER, and KILL'ER...very unusual pet names. do you think this person wants to be with you and you only? omg yes, its like fate.....i remember one time of all the women in a row he could of picked to be his, he chose me, and to me thats love....but we didnt leave the police station together that day. does he ever tell friends about you? yes, when ever he sees me, but his friends are so big and mean and try to keep us apart by picking me up and dragging me away. has he/she ever hurt you and did you forgive him/her? yes, he shot me in my ass but i know he was aiming for the heart....just sucks at shooting, but i forgave him. how long did it take for you and this person to fall for eachother? i dont know when he did but i remember when i first fell for him,i was on his roof, he was walking out the door, i rolled off,.....he broke my fall. <3 how long have you and this person been together? i have been with him for 7 years....but we just met in person about a week ago, it was the first time he actually got a look at my face....i fell through his roof window while he was showering.....and once again, he broke my fall. do you think you and this person will someday marry? yes, i already have the dress and ready for him to propose to me. my maid of honors are hillary duff.(always a brides maid never a bride), the olsen twins, and chris wait, chris told me to"LEAVE HIM ALONE"!!! when do you think you will marry this person? i dont know, depends on how long 3 bottles of sleeping pils, 2 shots of elephant tranquilizers and some rope will last till we get to las vegas, i thought ahead of time to bring a ventriloquist so he can speak for orlando when it comes to our " I DOes". how many kids do you want with this person? 19, so if the bitch divorces me then i am cushined with a fat wallet of child support....momma taught me well. does this person have pics of you? yes, and the sweetest thing is....its on his gate wall with his guards and it says wanted ontop....i was like awwww, even when i am around he still wants me. do you have pics of this person? YES!!! i have a tattoo of his name with pics on my arm, posters, bedsheets, pillow and al the comforters sets, and a huge frickin shrine of him in my closet....i kinda worship him....but down tell no one cuz they might think im a crazy stalker or something. when you have kids with this person what would there names be? all 19 of them will be 1 orlando 2 orlanda 3 orlandi 4 orlandy 5 orlandie 6 orlandis 7 mini orlando 8 orlando jr 9 orlando the 2nd 10 orlando juniorette 11 mini orlando 12 wait i already have that one 13 orlandin 14 short orlando 15 tall orlando 16 slim orlando 17 fat orlando 18 clorlando 19 clorlanda and hopefully they would name their kids 19 each 1orlando the 3rd 2 orlando the 4th 3 orlando the 5th 4 orlanda ranika tanika monika shaniqua jackson bloom the 6th 5 orlandalalala moha(FLEM)mid A(HACK)kmid shi-thead bloom the 3rd 6 orlandi ching chang walla walla bang bloom 7 orlandora......he was adopted oh i cant count that far but you get the idea. when you are finished reading post it back up under the name"newly lovers survey" and within minutes your true love will call you to say i love you. if not then your just a stalker who is obccessed reading other peoples surveys .....and thats just creepy and not normal like cloie street..... orlando bloom and cloie street soon to be cloie bloom for ever<3 AKA......<------( CLORLANDO)--<<<<.....still not a stalker
what type of movie would you star in? midget porn what would you name your movie? david cop-a-field what type of movie would you never want to star in? a nubless porn. the first porn i ever saw was a nubless porn and all i can say is....never again. that movie nearly scarred me. you get a chance to rescript any of 6 words in the movie, what would you say? orlando, can i keep your sweater. who will star in your movie with you? johnny depp, dr house (hugh laurie) john cena, orlando bloom...who i am obviously not stalking what will your movie be about? me, midgets, unicorns, orlando bloom, back of dairy queen dumpster. if you made a sequal what would you call it and what would it be about? me and orlando hitch and have 19 kids together. about a girl who is obviously not stalking orlando bloom. would you wait outside doors for weeks to see this movie first? if i can sleep outside orlandos window without him ever knowing for months then i am sure i can wait ouside for a few still normal. what is your favorite horror of all times? jamie lynn spears...oh you said horror, im sorry i thot you said something else. i would say house of wax....cuz paris hilton took a huge rod to the face and actually died...sorry tommy lee but you never would of had the chance. what is your favorite romance movie? the one about me and orlando fall deeply inlove even tho he doesnt know i exist but im sure he would like this movie too. what is your favorite comedy movie? how brittney spears tried to get her groove back. you make a parody of any movie of your choice, what will it be? paris hiltons porno video your on the red carpet, who do you show up with? isnt it obvious on the red carpet, who shows up that irks you the most? bradgolina, why not focus on us, Clorlando you receive an award for best actor, who do you thank? ala, god, jesus,the transformers, my jiggaloes, a few hoes orlando bloom:-) not a stalker my mom and dad for making me and supporting me thru "hard times". if you could hand out an award to any actor who would it be and why? tom cruise, for being the biggest douche bag of all times and his trophy would be a golden limp him, a limp pickel head if you had a sound track for your fist movie what songs would you add? 1.) orlando your so bootiful (3:41) 2.) i love you orlando (9:28) 3.) marry me orlando (1:54) 4.) i have you shrined ( 4:53) 5.) i think about orlando (when i FEEL down(0:32) 6.) i want to name all our kids orlando (3:27) 7.) i watch you from your window (4:02) 8.) please drop the restraining order orlando (9:38) 9.)why do you keep changing your phone numbers(3:22) 10.) why havent your returned my calls (3:49) bonus feature....i am not a stalker (28:32) ok i am done answering all my questions for this survey. so do what you gotta do.....peace out. -forever orlando bloom and cloie street soon to be cloie bloom- AKA Clorlando call me orlando incase your wondering i did make the entire survey, so read the next one too
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