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Enough! With the bulletins about whose using scripts. We all know they're not suppose to be used. I don't use them nor do I really honestly care if anyone else does either. Get real! Its a fucking site, ONLINE! Perhaps if you actually got off your asses and did something productive other than fubar, you might enjoy being on here from time to time, rather than piss and moan about how many referrals people have, rates, fans, whose a top 10 with their profile, picture, blog, and bulletin. Wow to all that are like this. Hooah for those that actually come on here to have a good time and not have to deal with people's fucking drama! I'm tired of seeing the same blogs and bulletins. The backstabbers of Fubar. Get lives, please!♥Zaphara Countess of Angels LDC Family♥
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8 years ago
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