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HI... My name is Ashley Nichole. I go by Sexichica88 on this site.


My friends call me sexi or chica.


I am the "Queen" of STFU (Sexi Twisted Females Uncensored)

We are a group of women who's sole purpose is to love each other and have each others backs.. We are here not to fight with other groups but to embrace the friendships and love from everyone in our group. However we are not afraid to back each other up and tell you to STFU if you give any of us problems. We are family. We do  whatever it takes to make our members feel welcome.

STFU is growing day by day. Our members are made to feel loved and important. They are made to feel like they're not alone which everyone knows is something that they want to feel. We don't claim to be better than anyone else. We don't claim to be anything but ourselves. We accept all and we love having new members.


PinkSugar is my number 2 STFU girl. She is an AMAZING woman who I would say would go above and beyond for anyone. She has a HUGE heart and a GREAT personality. She has been named my number 2 for being reliable and someone who has ALWAYS been there for me. If you have any questions or need anything and can't get ahold of me then hit her up!


All of the STFU girls are in my family so if you would like to be a part of a WONDERFUL family of fantastic women the let one of us know and we'll tell you how!


We also have STFU GUARDIANS which are men on the site who have our backs and who spoil us rotten haha!  So if you are a man and you would like to help us out, let me or Pink know!


Thanks so much for taking the time and getting to know what STFU is really about... any questions or interested in joining? Let me know!






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