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Take A Bow


Take a Bow

(By Ashley Nichole)

aka Sexichica88


Why can't you be the one I run to when I'm broken?

You're never there when I need you, I have nothing.

Who I am is never good enough for your high standards.

I don't know what to do.

Why can't I be mad at you?


All I ever wanted was for us to be real.

All that I need is time to heal.

It doesn't matter where life takes me now.

You've officially hurt me, hope you're happy, take a bow.


You say that you've been there from the start.

Just drive another dagger in my lifeless heart.

How much longer are you going to try?

This life is over for me, I'm useless, ready to die.


The pain can't grow any stronger.

I need you in my life more than ever.

One last chance to try to make this right.

Or my life will end, I will say good night.


It doesn't matter where life takes me now.

You've officially hurt me, hope you're happy, take a bow.




(Had a really rough day today. I'm living in a town so far away from home around people that I don't know and around a bunch of people that don't care. I'm getting more and more depressed by the day. This poem was written to my mother. I called her today to talk to her and instead of being a mother to me she treats me like one of her psychiatry patients. All I need is a relationship with her and instead I get someone who thinks that schooling makes her better than the world. I miss my mother and that's all I need is a MOM...... Sorry for being so depressing. I wrote this today)



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