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Miss Stang's blog: "Life According To ~Stang"

created on 09/14/2006  |  http://fubar.com/life-according-to-stang/b945  |  3 followers
Okay, this is a HUGE rant, and I own it for what it is. I love the Fu, Iíve been here for about two and a half years now an Iíve seen a lot of things change. Nah, Iím not talking about the rules and all of that, thatís going to be what it is, we can take it or leave it, Iím talking about some of the people. Iíve made some really amazing, real life friends on the Fu, Iíve seen real life couples come on the Fu together and some couples who meet here and become happy but when did people start selling their souls for points and blings? Iím not talking about people who offer to show their NSFW pics to people for stuff, to each his/her own but I am totally astonished at the number of REAL people who are selling out their REAL friends and REAL lovers or rates, blings and points? When some of you kiss your kids at night, do they care if youíre an Oracle now or do they care that some jackass rated you a one before you came to tuck them in? I know that I may sound like Iím being extreme but Iím not. I talk to people, a LOT of people about things going on in their real lives, more often than not, my shout is open and if Iím at my computer, I will respond to it. I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard that a friendship ended over something silly like ďfubucksĒ or some crazy beef with someone that no one has ever met offline. Why do some people need to be reminded that when you form ďREALĒ relationships with people that those are supposed to mean more than a click of the mouse or anything that can happen on this site when you log out? This is supposed to be fun. In all of the hustle and bustle for rates, points, spotlight, bling and other things that really donít mean anything at the end of the day, the sense of community that was here when I joined is just about gone. Some of you will say, itís just the internet and itís not to be taken seriouslyÖÖI get that but through the internetÖREAL relationships are made and some of you should consider taking those relationships as seriously as you do the need to level or your quest to see NSFW pics. Am I perfect? Not by a long shot and I donít claim to be Ö.. hell I donít want to be cause there is no fun in that, Iíve made my mistakes just like everyone else has but one thing Iíd not do intentionally is through my close friends under a bus over something that means nothing when I hit the ďlog outĒ link. As I said before, the Fu is supposed to be fun; itís much more fun to Fu with friends than it is to Fu yourself. Ducez!
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