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created on 05/15/2009  |

I fuckin swear...have any of you fu's ever used a damn pen in yer life?.....i see salutes from people...that rival the penmanship of a damn kindergardener......fer fucks sake......if you cant manage to get the spelling right.....can you atleast make the shit look decent?....seriously....

now im sure people will talk shit....i dont really care....some of you may have decent penmanship.....but gotdamnit!!!,,,most of you fucks write like retarded lil chitrens....

maybe im biased......i love letters..and the many styles they come in.....and being able to manipultate them to fit a certain setting is real big with me....ive drawn letters on many different surfaces for along time...AND never..(well..maybe once...) came off toy as im not saying i havnt thrown away alot of pieces of paper....but damn...if yer making something for someone.....try to make it look like you can spell and stay within the lines if need be....


fuckin fu-tards...

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