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created on 11/01/2006  |
there is no right or wrong to expression, there is but right and wrong when we are unjust in heaven, diamonds of wisdom falling from the sky, refreshing like rain. together we shall embrace the light of redemption for history has been twisted into mean streets and cold stares. fear not the unity of collective love, it shall heal and soothe the scars, broken hearts and weeping eyes we shall once more walk in the glow, swim in the delight unbind the chains and yell freedom with belief and passion till it echoes the universe from dawn till night ----dronutts---mystic music----
as the theatre fills with watchers, some with cameras, some just my words walk of the page,front and center they take the stage, all dressed different, the crowd's amazed..such brilliant costumes, (just an idea i had, will work it out later....note to self....dont forget to touch on silent letters, accents, capitols and lower case.....puncuation my have a role somewhere too...)
you are the sun in my daytime, you are the brightest star in my night sky, youre the reason i wake up in the morning and know why, youre every thing to me, everything that helps me see, a brighter way, and a better day to look forward to, you make me smile when im blue, you make me try harder to be a better person for you know who, not you but me, cause when its all said and done its all about bein a better being.


There was a 3 word poem titled Loss carved into a rock, the poet had crossed out the words, because you cannot read Loss, only feel it.
I'm preventative medicine's digested degeneratives confessions discernable intentions are earnable, saleable, burnable, build a whole brain to scold and scorch the soul is unchainable unclaimed although maimable the same could go a similiar role if salvation is obtainable as much as the goal as for 1, and for all then I'll find peace in my soul, yes yall......
Do I like the way I write this, or write the way I like it, to fight the way I fight it, the times I'd wake up frightened, the things I felt despite them, could I be somehow enlightened? this selfesteem be somehow hieghtened? I feel redeemed and somehow like it, was just a fiend and now am somehow knighted, so we've seen the way I'd write it, lets see if it turns out anything like it. 9_24_06 DROW1
I walk with what i walk with and talk shit with what i talk with I've taught with what i am taught with and been caught with who i am caught with talked with shit ive talked with whatevered sit and listen thoughtless and been shocked with shit that shocked me been shocked when people jocked me and just scoffed when people mocked me all and all it somehow cost me my humanity is somewhat costly i reflect and ask the boss me he responds youve somehow lost me half me stands thats just the lost me half me's lost the half it cost me and so i walk with the half thats walking and talk in a manner shocking mortals in such a manor that shatters your moral standards 1wordrow1...................... intillectual cannibal commander
Runaway passion, flash threw fall fashion, gust's graze the face of mother earth, with such grace, far surpassing, any who might fall within her ranks it would be against her better sense not to raise the stakes raise your hands to wash your face as a new day now awakes its up to you what you will make this blank canvas of a day for your memories to overlay this potential masterpiece a coup d'grace.
im sure that you'll concur, that what occurs is most absurd. mingle with emotions, see the spoken word. streams turn to oceans then the oceans turned to dirt looters burned the capital, so much for capitol worth. confrontation on the dotted lines of life and what its worth 5 exit just before the enter sign, live for lessons learnt. burn like infernos on the surface of the moon while virgins frolic carelessly embraced by all this doom. walk away with angels while the others explore the tomb bombs away with sorrow welcome the desent and then the boom 10 shiver under the waterfall while the world collapse's around us all bleeding man for all his worth and the right to say he shouldve learnt doubts and lies, murder and crimes, just a sign of the times, as for me im fine on the outside but my insides absulutely have died. i killed as many as i could with my pen first, 15 decapitating men with paragraphs, as similes ascend depends upon the battlefield and the direction of the wind, grab on to the gamma rays as my grammer sprays celebrate as the banner waves,while i devastate the throwaways as i put them in thier shallow graves, holocaust daze 20 the wacker a rapper comes, the faster the bastard runs. i spit like tommyguns with drum clips when talkin shit. redrums all ya got to get,i style sick like jack nick, this dick, this clip, and runner up is all you'll ever get. and that's it. that's it. 25
definition of the booof.a booofinism. booofadelic.miss jenny booofette baron vonbooof. booofbionics.booofafied.into booofblivion.booofomatic stop look whats that sound, i possess the power to communicate with clouds baron vonbooof came to disappear infront of you just like your gonna do, pooof now all you wanna do is booof, does it trouble you? . booofadelic brainsoup the truth is gonna humble you, plus all the pain that'll come to you. as drow1 pummels you crumble under mountains of rubble is what your gonna do nuthin's the only thing that would ever come to you whats up with your girl when you met she was a model she used to have curves, left her assets in a bottle now shes assless wont touch but rod will swerve to swoop a skank full throttle should call the bitch betty booof better off yet call her betty boooffette stop drop and stroll underground, watch whereya step, you dont wanna fall down and watch whatcha spit, you dont wanna get clowned, watch what i spit, i spit sick at the sun till the sun sets sick the sudden spark of cyphers means the sickness sets in the sudden loss of light makes this life look grim we are the saraphim modeled after him, or her.......... sure .............why the fuck not. think so you wont be lying when you say what you thought impulse replies would implies, i'ze able to read minds, thats a negative i just write minez positive on all lines my perogative at all times spitten sick declaratives and raw rhymns you can never find dna like mine its ahead of its time emaculate design ultra refined high pro glow glisten shine
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