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49 Year Old·Female·fu-Owned by HOPELESS ROMANT... and is worth 100,000,000,000 fubucks.·Invited by: 7301507·Joined on February 27, 2012·Relationship status: In a relationship·Born on January 27th·20 referrals joined!·I have a crush on someone and 3 different people have a crush on me!


Straight ahead music. No tricks. No samples from other successful songs. No fixed electronic voice. Just kickin' the music like it is supposed to be kicked...straight from the heart! ___SHANNON


Genres: Alternative / Haunting / Pop
Writer-Producer-Arranger / Lead Vocals / Bass Guitars / Lead Guitar / Keyboards / Drum Programs

After a motorcycle accident, at the age of 18, SHANNON lay in a hospital bed seriously broken mentally and physically - left to contemplate life handed back to her. She decided music (which was very new and dear to her) was the avenue that truly fueled her passion to exist and survive, then set her goals from that pivotal point. Within 6 months she was an accomplished bass player. Within 1 year she was playing large clubs. Within 3 years she formed her own band and was writing, singing, playing other instruments and recording at places like Electric Ladyland Studio under the production supervision of Roger Glover for Atlantic Records. In 4 years time, Tony Bongiovi offered her a production deal at the Power Station which she turned down to stay on the path that focused on her own musical career. Like a streetcar rolling uncontrollably through a red light, artistic design was challenged, and won, knocking SHANNON onto a freeway of illustration and painting...another gift bestowed on her. In 1998 Liverpool England gave her the title, "The World's Greatest Beatles Artist". This prestigious award drives her passionately and successfully on a wonderful road, but SHANNON was always checking her rearview mirror to see her music waiting, calling, and most times...frustratingly haunting her. In 2008 life's crossroads paid another visit. Shannon's friends gathered to say one word...MUSIC. In the spring of that year, close friends May Pang and Dennis Ferrante pushed Shannon to bring her bass guitar to a party at May's home. It only took one song and instantly her heart was fueled and Shannon fell in love with music all over again. Her first album, RED PYRAMIDS and BLUE SKY, is the first letter of the first word to the first sentence of the first paragraph back to a truly missed lifestyle of distinctive passion. Her new songs are amazing and the list of musicians that came to help are some of music's finest. Steve Holley, Denny Laine, and Dennis Ferrante are just a few on the hit list. The new album is due out in the summer/fall of 2012.

Shannon has returned to writing music and is back in the recording studio. Her new project titled, "Red Pyramids and Blue Sky" should see release parties in a few states for the 4-song teaser (appropriately titled, "Test Drive" soon. With over 1,000 songs written in the last 12 years (mostly in Southern California) she hasn't had a problem with availability of songs, the dilemma has been which songs. After picking her final twelve she ran into another problem - she is writing like a mad woman again. Is the debut album destined to be a double album? Only time will tell.

Musician friends have come out of the woodwork to help. On the album so far is Denny Laine (Paul McCartney and Wings / The Moody Blues), Steve Holley (Elton John / Paul McCartney and Wings / Joe Cocker / Julian Lennon / Ian Hunter / Chuck Berry), Lou Pucci (Live and studio recording with Shannon for many years), and Grammy Winner and recording engineer Dennis Ferrante (John Lennon and Yoko Ono / Elvis Presley / Duke Ellington / Cher / Alice Cooper, Lynyrd Skynyrd and many more). The calls keep coming in and list is getting longer.




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  • SHANNON Back in town! Hope my friends are healthy, happy, and as awesome as always! Dragon and Axetapper?
    • Bill Lewis the momma in coming home song hit home as i remenber telling my mother on the phone it seems like every day that as i had other plans with my hardees starw and a little knife with a i cant sleep for im scared of freddy story a running the roads listening to music and with friends.
      2 days ago · Reply
    • Bill Lewis voted!loved it.
      1 wk ago · Reply
    • 2 wks ago · Reply
    • hottorod Nice job
      3 wks ago · Reply
    • voodoochile Good evening Happy Friday
      3 wks ago · Reply
    • DAVIDE79 wishing you a very happy birthday hope all goes well for ya liked and rated have a great day
      3 wks ago · Reply
    • TheDragonSlayer Sure miss you Shannon but not being here means your still kicking ass on the road and thats a good thing. Hope the new year is even better for you!
      1 month ago · Reply
    • 2 months ago · Reply
    • 18Karat YOU - and YOUR MUSIC - are as BEAUTIFUL as
      A L W A Y S...!!!...
      2 months ago · Reply

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