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Studied Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at University of Cebu Past: Microsystems International Institute of Technology and Don Sergio Osmena Sr. National High School Lives in Cebu City From Labangon, Cebu, Philippines Birthday March 31 Gender Male Interested In Men and Women Relationship Status In a Relationship Languages English, Tagalog/English and Bisayan Religious Views Christian - Roman Catholic Address A. Lopez St. Labangon, Cebu City 6000 Cebu City, Philippines Screen Name menwrokeeztah(Yahoo! Messenger) Email Facebook
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Em G
I have no idea what I'm doing here... Skelz made me... My name is Em... Emmasterbation is a play on words.. so please stop asking me to masterbate for you. No thanks, not into your kinky shit. I'm awesome. I'm more likely to be found on MySpace Russians. Rasputin. Anything with Jimmy Stewart. And if not, anything with extreme violence
Em Gomez
Em Harris
Em Hunt
23 years old writer, roleplayer, mother. I am who I am. I've been labeled weird, mean, sarcastic, blunt, harsh, eccentric, artistic, indie, intelligent, annoying, addictive and a bunch of other things that may or may not be true. I'm into a lot of things people don't understand like psychology, forensics, and British comedy. I live in Arizona and I'm stuck here for now. My life is consumed with writing, music, reading, my husband, my friends, art and the like. I'm usually busy. So if we lose contact, it's nothing personal. It doesn't mean I don't care. We'll find each other again eventually. I'm not emo, nor do I pretend to be. I like life and I'm too selfish to slit my wrists and call it quits. I've learned from every experience I've gone through and I wouldn't take any of it back for the world. I'm writing a novel. I've been working on it since 2005. It's about a sociopathic serial killer in the early 1900's. It's not like Jack the Ripper and it's not like Patrick Bateman.
Em Huff
I am a young, attractive girl looking for clean men. I am a Christian, my beliefs are that Christ saved us and to go to heaven you must believe in Him. I don't drink or smoke in real life and I am a virgin. I am waiting for marriage to have sex. I am a clean girl just looking for some friends, maybe even a relationship. I love old fashion ideals, and way of life. The shows I most frequently watch is Little House on the Prairie, 7th Heaven, Walker, Texas Ranger, all three CSI's, NCIS, Supernatural, and Bones. I love to read books; classics, romances, mysteries, and thillers are my favorites. I write and tell stories but I don't share them unless I know you very well. I love all animals though I am allergic to quite a few, but that doesn't mean I love them any less. I love to go to church, and do my best to walk in the way of the Lord. If you have any questions don't feel weird, just ask. The only idol I have is Jesus Christ the Lord. I so many I will just give genres: Christian
... sorry folks, would love to stick around, but gotta go!
I'm a girl who loves my friends above everything else, love animals with all of my heart and craves for a good anime every day. Harry Potter and Vampires turns me on like hell, lol. Yes, I am in fact a Harry Potter freak. The happiest day of my life was May 5, year 2007, when I met James Marsters. I also spended 5 days in England, which one day will be my home because after the first day it felt like I was home, great feeling that is. Don't be afraid to talk, I love to meet new people and I love to talk. I don't bite, except in very sexy situations ;) And when I'm drunk for some reason o.o Anyway, moving on...Bla bla bla bla bla.
lets see im 23 almost 24. i live in a really tiny town in pa. I love anything outdoors my favorite thing is sitting around a fire goofing off with my friends. I enjoy books especially anything during the tudor period. Thats my favorite thing to do on a winter day is lay in bed and read a good book. Im kinda new to this thing so bare with me. I don't know anything else you wanna know just ask!!!
i'm a proud mother of a beautiful baby boy born on april 23,2009. I am with an amazing guy. I love being a wife and mother. I like music, writing lyrics and poetry, i'm on FANTOM RECORZ (stage name Phoenix), i'm currently brainstorming the idea of a novel. i like video games. i like hanging out with my friends. i like to read. i like playing sports. i like cars and i like camping.
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Emiel Roche
- Community Sites Emiel Roche - Emiel Roche |  http://soundcloud.comemielroche
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Emi Hernandez
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Well. I dont know what to say. I hate filling in these things. Im usually full of words.. but now i cant think of anything. My Mind Has Gone B L A N K. Also.. I dont like filling in these sections if they havent got a toolbar. So Im Not gonna be writing alot on here. Hmm i dont think i'll be using this site alot as i hate being a n00b. Anyway.. message me if u want.. =p Bye x0x
Emii Newlin
Emiilyo Nunez
Emiinem Shady
Emiko Emiko
[¢¾] RAChEl [ REY-CHUL ]. [¢¾] fiRSt CRY ON jUlY 16. [¢¾] 14 YEARS YOUNG. [¢¾] MUSiC iS love [¢¾] ShOPPiNG iS MY liFE. [¢¾] StiLL A ViRGiN && PROUd Of iT!. [¢¾] CURRENtlY SiNGlE. [¢¾] iM liKE REAllY ShORt.ANd i CANt hElP iT.SO iF YOU dONt liKE ShORt PPl, iM SORRY bUt YA jUSt GOttA liVE WitH ME.hEhEhE..bUt i AM A REAllY NiCE PERSON! ^_^ [¢¾] dONt REAllY hAVE A dAd.hE iS ANd WAS NEVER tHERE fOR ME.OR tHAt iS WhAt it fEElS liKE tO ME. [¢¾] dAdS fAMiLY [hiS MOthER && SibliNGS] hAVE SERiOUS iSSUES. tHEY lEAVE MY SiS,COUSiN kYlEEN, ANd i OUt Of MOSt OR All EVENtS. StUPid bitChES!!! [¢¾] VERY RANdOM..CANt hElP iT! [¢¾] StARtiNG tO PlAY GUitAR, GEttiNG MY fiRSt ONE fOR MY b-dAY. [¢¾] AiM iS awesomelyxkool. [¢¾]lOVE ChECkiNG OUt GUYS..Sk8ERS PREffEREd. [¢¾] dONt bEliEVE iN lAblES CAUSE tHERE StUPid. [¢¾] hAtEd bY MANY, liKEd bY fEW, RESPECtEd bY NObOdY [¢¾] dANCE iN MY UNdERWEAR ^_^ . [¢¾] AlWAYS SiNG iN tHE ShOWER. [¢¾] i EAt & SlEEP &
Emiko M.
i'm human, i'm female, i'm Japanese/Irish/Cherokee, i'm the middle child, i'm easy to get along with most of the time (that's me in a coconut shell), i'm here so if you have any questions or comments feel free to ask/comment away.
Emiko Um
Emiko Villegas
Emily B
im fucking retarded and cant figure out how to delete this and never check it uhh partying, volleyball, guys, partying, working out its better to not idolize because somehow you will always get let down the goonies
Emilie Rodt
Emily Mcdonald
Emily Warsh
Emily Sex
Hello, im Emily. I always hate doing these things, they seem so...formal and flat, letting you judge me before you ever actually KNOW me. But, here are the basics: i'm 92lbs(i'm small, i have always been small), strawberry blond hair(naturally), blue eyes, 4'9, fair skin complexion. Most of that you can see in the pictures. I'm not your average blond. I'm 19. I go to college for psych, my minor is photography. I love photography, I can find beauty in anything. It's so relaxing and fun.I use Nikon Coolpix E880/8800 - Nikon D70, it's great. I don't party and drink. I'm quiet and reserved around people I don't know very well. I like photography, running, old movies, going to the park, and being with the ones I love. I'm smart-witted, sarcastic, and funny. I get along with guys better than girls, I always have. I take people for who they are. I'm a girly girl and I like cothes but I hate shopping. I love writing but I hate reading. I'm unique inside this herd I follow. I'm probably the big
Let's see what can I say about myself. Well I am bisexual for starters and no that doesn't mean I want to have sex with your wife while you are watching!!! I dont believe in threesomes... although I have thought about them :P Anyways, I lve for music! I am in school to become a journalist and yea that is all I can think of so leave me a massage or you can check me out on myspace at Music, art, writting, animals, Kate Moening from the l word she is so hot! Gia, I am such a girl lol
Emilio Tapia
Emil Dell
Emil Mitrev
Emilio Ramos
i'm a sophmore at FHN,and i play softball,volleyball,and basketball.i also play hockey on the street,bike race on the street,and sumtimes play baseball w/ friends.i listen 2 music,hang out w/ friends,and much more. movies,music,video games,hanging out my fave bands. anchorman,what about bob?,shaun of the dead,scary movie 3,scary movie 4,the benchwarmers,the grudge,war of the worlds,the chronicales of narnia,charlie and the chocolate factory,the ring,the ring 2,around the world in 80 days,angels in the outfield,ladder 49,backdraft,
*~*Hey wut up im EMILY and im 15 i luv 2 hangout, party, and dance alot, ive done modeling, and beauty pageants since like 4eva lol and i love talkn 2 peepz so holla at me on here on at my site lata*~* Comment my pics and look at em lata*~* *~*cheerleading, dancing and dancing around my house for no apparent reason lol, flirting, singing, and writing poetry hellz yea*~*
i like girls...very much.
well me... not alot to say really... i love music, all genras of rock... i love photography and when i finish school im thinking of becoming a youth worker. i have no idols really... oh i admire Chris Cheney from The Living End, he's an amazing guitarist.
Emily Metcalfe
Oh my! I guess this is where i am supposed to tell you about me right? well, think again if i told you anything i would have to kill you. there is a lot talk to me if u really want to know my mom tons...sry :(
i'm....italian. You scored as Dracula. You are the smooth sexy cool Dracula. Patient and lustful. If you were any cooler youd be ice. Great style with a way of seducing those around you. And three brides who wouldn't want to be him. Dracula100%Lestat92%Blade83%Marius67%Armand58%Spike50%Akasha50%Angel42%Louis42%Deacon Frost25%Whose your Vampire personality? (images)created with
Hello everyone! I am 17 right now and I live with my boyfriend . He is the best person I have ever met, he is so wonderful to me I don't know what I would do without him. He saved my life. I am still in high school unfortunately. I will be graduating this year!! If you have any questions just ask away I am not shy. I do not idolize anyone.
Emilio Bercero
Emily K.
Emily Coco
Emily Fitch
Emily Broks
Emily Daniels
Emily Makinen
I love to party!!! I love to go online!!! I play on T@gged all the time & I wanted something new so I tried this!!! Its really fun... Itd way better than Mysapce!!! If there is anything u wanna know about me just ask me & I will tell u... I wont lie either cause I am not ashamed about myself @ all & I dont want u to lie to me!!!
Emily Parker
Emily Proffitt
Emily Hepler
Emily Moore
ok name is emily. im 16 years old. um...i love horses. i like playing football, going to the mall, and hanging out with my friends. yup um i cant think of anything else so just ask. I got my layout from Design by neko Free Image Hosting for Myspace TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: EMILY Birthday: NOVEMBER 5TH Birthplace: OKC,OKLAHOMA Current Location: BLANCHARD,OKLAHOMA Eye Color: BROWN Hair Color: DIRTY BLONDE Height: 5'4" Right Handed or Left Handed: RIGHT Your Heritage: UM...I DONT KNOW The Shoes You Wore Today: FLIP FLOPS Your Weakness: I DONT KNOW Your Fears: SPIDERS AND SNAKES Your Perfect Pizza: SAUSAGE Goal You Would Like To A
Emily Patton
i weird and thats all you need to know. i like just hanging out with people...thats about it. YOU!
Emilee Wilson
Emily Garrow
My name is Emily I am 16 I live in Vermont which is in the United States I have no brother and no sisters I live with my mom and dad and 3 dogs and 7 cats I wear glasses I have long brown hair with brown eyes etc. I like:Cooking,Swimming,chatting online,writing things,cat,dogs,horses,dolphins,panda bears etc,hanging out with friends,talking on the phone,playing yahoo pool,my family,traviling and more
About me hmm . . . first off Im taken by the most loving person ever. Yes im happy and taken ;-P. Im acturally a pretty cool person, and really don't hate anyone except my cousin Amy!!! I really don't have any except for my mother? I don't really have a favorites I like everything.
im Emily. im[the next]generation. im 15. im a twin. im short. g/bl/gy/bn eyes. im single. im a smartass. i play bass. I ENJOY.. Acting. Boys. Cats. Coffee. Computer. Concerts. Converse. Cuddling. Dancing. DDR. Dibs. Fooling. Frappuchinos. Friends. Green & Purple. Hugs. Kisses. Life. Music. Party's. Photo. Swimming. Skating. The Playground. Writing. Shaun White. James Patterson. my friends.
I'm happy just breathing. (and playing my bass)
Name: Emily Age: 18 Location: Cornwall...No i am not cornish... Status: Single Sexuality: Straight I am student at college doing a BTEC national diploma in health studies which will lead me into going to university to train to be an adult nurse.I live at home with my parents and my sister. Things i like Eyeliner
Emilio Stratton
there really isn't much i can say...but i'm really easy to talk to and i can answer any question you might have, so...give me a holler movies, and movie quotes, music, guitar, bass, i like to sing and write games.
Emily Fugate
Emily Tedford
Emily Shields
Hmm...Well my name is Emily of course. If you haven't figured that out by now then you're an idiot. I'm 5'3'' yes I'm short. I have naturally red hair but it's black. I am engaged to Malcom Tuggle and my best friend of about 12-13 years is Megan Williams. I live in Neosho and I go to Southwest Alternative Education Center. No, I'm not a dilinquent. For fun I like to listen to music and hang out with my friends. During the summer I like to go to the lake or go canoing The Benchwarmers, X-men 1,2,and 3, The Ringer, Just Friends, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Saw 1 and 2, Fun with Dick and Jane, Ice Age 1 and 2, Aeon Flux, Liar Liar, Dumb and Dumber, Chicago, Napoleon Dynamite, Just Like Heaven, Team America, Resident Evil, Memoirs of a Geisha, Two Weeks Notice, The Island, 40-Year Old Virgin, Moulin Rouge, Ever After, Constantine, Interview with the Vampire, Queen of the Dammed, Ace Ventura, and the list goes on.
Emily Gac
Emily Riordon
I am 5ft 1 and I have dirty blonde hair and weigh like 100 pounds maybe. I am 14 and going into 9th grade. I like laughing and having fun. I love animals and I love being with people a lot. My AIM screen name is emilyemmybear Hi my name is Emily and I live in Savannah, Georgia. I used to live in San Diego in Cali. I am 14 and going into 9th grade. I like skateboarding and surfing and horseback riding and soccer and swimming. I like hot guys :) My favorite movies ever are The Little Mermaid and The Curse of the Were Rabbit :)
Emily Watson
Emily Peppers
Emilio Ramirez
Emilyy Epidemic
I'm Rileigh. they call kids like me vicious and carved out of stone. But, most ya'll call me Riii. You can call me what you like. Sometimes, people say I'm a slut. But, I really don't care what you think. You can believe them;; or not. Pretty much;; I dye my hair;; A lot. I love music;; tons. I adore anything leopard print. I smoke;; Marlboro Menthol 100s. I love makeup;; MAC especially. I talk too much. I wear oversized sunglasses. I take tons of pictures;; Yes, of myself. Hoodies=Love. I sing at the top of my lungs;; Anywhere, Anytime. I make mistakes and have secrets. I'm pretty sarcastic;; I tend to hurt people's feelings. Blair is my best friend. Aubrey is my homie g dizzzz. Christopher is my everything. Mess with them &&prepare to have your face broken. By me. So, what? [Christopher.] [Music.] [Make-up.] [Shows.] [Singing in the shower.] [Hair.] [Fashion.] [Pictures.] [MarlboroMenthols.]
Emilio Munoz
wuts up ppl around where i live there call me kurse but my real name is emilio...i here to meet new ppl ......i'm a kool person to get along with but if you mess with me the wrong way you will get hurt .....also i want to say REST IN PEACE TO MY CUZZIN DANIEL AND PAUL ....AND TO MY FALLIN HOMIE SABINO .......MUCH LOVE .......REST IN PEACE LOVE ONES THIS MY GOD DAUGHTER NEVAEH ...... AND THIS MY LIFE AND MY SUN SHINE WHEN I FELL LIKE IT GOING TO RAIN I LIKE TO HAVE FUN WITH MY MAIN HOMIES .......
heylo im emily and im 16. im fun,loud,mad,crazy,always hyper and down to earth but im manly chilled out i think lol. i do any thing or a laugh.some times i go out clubbing i like getting drunk,when im with my mates we just have a laugh get stoned some times and end up doing some messed up stuff and getting into loads of trouble which is fun. i hate it when people judge you by the way you look or how you act its so perfectic. i live in a retared village and it sucks but when me and my mates go round the village getting mashed its wicked. The town i live in on the other hand is !!WANK!! cuz the most of the population of northampton is full with chavs,townies,pikeys what ever you call them, they walk around thinking the own the place but they really need a reality check cuz they think they rule but they dont they suck... i live in a shitty old village called never hayford ive just moved here and already i hate it but its cool cause my mates come over. i love my piercings who eva kno
Emily Cole
Emily Godin
Emily Gonzales
Emily Harangozo
Emilio Ramirez
Emily Yourpants
I'm just Emily
Let's see. I am single and ready to mingle. I am a bi-female, but I prefer women. I am a mother of a handsome boy. I work too much and I'm finishing up my last year at Kent State. I will graduate May '07 with a Bachelor's in Psychology and another one in Justice Studies with a minor in Sociology. I'm excited to be almost done. I am pretty easy-going and honest to a fault. I try to enjoy what I can out life. I'm a very determined and pretty optimistic person. I love meeting and talking to new people, especially if they have something interesting to say. I have a wide variety of interests. I like to dance and shoot pool. I enjoy conversations with friends at coffeehouses. I am attempting to garden and doing pretty well at it. I enjoy the arts in various forms. I like the outdoors and animals. I like walking in the park and working out. I like learning new things. I like to read when I get a chance. I love playing with my son. I like to contemplate about things. I like
Emily Farris
I'm Emily. yeah. lol. IM A LOSER! heh, losers are kool tho. right mr. corbin? hah PEOPLE! yay lol
Emily Defries
Emily Carmon
Emily Grass
Emily Martin
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Emily Campbell
Emily Baxter
Emily Murphy
okay so my name is purple....and i love the color purple!!! i love eyes and fairies and love poetry!!!!! they are and not many ppl kno my real name everyone pretty much knows me by purple....yayayay im really hyper and i love to meet new to party!! and i love music and going to concerts....i like to talk and make freinds im really freindly and i am a very nice person! and i will prolly but more on here about me yea cool beans!! i like the color purple and i love eyes and i like poetry and i love fairies!!!
Emily Lopez
Emily Shultz
Emily Brooks
Uhm.. well there isn't much to say.. i love the sport volley ball.. i play for my high school my favorite baseball team is the yankees.. i love to flirt i love being loved i want to find the guy of my dreams && i love punk && skater guys =] any movie that i feel like watching i suppose
my names emily, im bisexual, i smoke, i drink, im somewhat social.... sex, my man, girls, music, horror flicks, HOUSE, reno 911, photography, journalism, etc....
Emily Garcia
Hi im Emily and i live in texas and i have an amazing boyfriend and his name is chris! im a really random person and i like meeting new ppl...and if u wanna know more then ask me! thongs,popcorn,cell phones,green carpet,non cordless phones,push buttons,ramen noodles,brick walls,chewing gum,flicking off random people,lens cleaner,white trash bags!!!,shopping,saying random words,chris my boyfriend,tickoling lara,throwing tampons,poking dead squirrels,making fun of timmy boy and cupcake,saying spanking is never the answer!!!!!!!!,i like snow,i like donuts and sumtimes chicken,Mmmm LIME!!!!,pink nail polish,fuzy pink and purple dots,teachin oliva how 2 pick her nose,and teachin oliva to say word to ur motha,makeup,empty sprite cans,purple eyeshadow,lara's blue thong,my pokadot underwear,si senior!!!!!,i love condom(my boyfriend),parties on saturdays at my amazing boyfriends house,baby girl and buddy,white bags 4rm foodtown,oxy cotton(tha song),bubbles and blueberrys,goin to hot topic and p
Emily Somers
Emily Garza
Emily Friend
Emily Michel
well one thing is that im the best gurl ever to be born and thats all SINGING IS MY FAVOITE THING IN THE WORLD
Emily Roe
Im a down to earth kida girl. Spiritual but not religious. I love intelegence and artistic minds. I souround myself with people who are intelegent, spiritual and open minded. Youve got to have these three things, or we just wont get along. ITs just how I am. Im interested in intelegent people with a spike of fun! anything from D&D geeks to jocks, or both mixed, ah the heavens dream. lol My true Idol is my mom. She has been through so much, and is still going through some shit. Im so glad that she always makes it out better then before, I hope one day I can be that awesome. I like so much, and so much of a variety. Ill just say now that I like, horror, Chickflicks, Drama, Comedy, and a little action here and there
Emily Donaldson
Emily Olimpo
Emily Dahl
Emily Tang
* i am ME * i have curves DEAL with it * i HATE fake people * i AM judge mental * love is ALL irrelevent * i LOVE thunderstorms * sometimes i CRY * GIRLS bring drama * I am a girl * smiling is my FAVORITE * drinking is NOT wrong * tattoos HURT but i LOVE them * i LIKE to pierce things on myself * orgasms CURE headaches * it's not STRIPPER it's EXOTIC DANCER * my GORGEOUS room mate is one so FUCK YOU * i am a SUCKER for a sweet talker * would YOU like to break my heart * MOST do * BUSH is the FALL of our nation * i'm a LIBERAL democrat * EAT ME * MUSIC is my muse * life IS worth it * regret is for ROOKIES * COOKIES are DELICIOUS * fuck around and DIE * LIE to me * i'll BELIEVE you * i WON'T lie to you * but you THINK i am * i am ME * emily * NOTHING special * but FUCK YOU
Emily Holley
Emily Marquez
Emily Chambers
Emiliaa. [racooneyes]
.. Sibilant and macabre. _____________ My name is Emilia. I'm insane. I'm a vegetarian. I'm straight edge. I'm a picky picky eater. I love love love forests. I like guys who wish they were girls. =] I am highly interested/obsessed with the paranormal. Yes, I constantly change my display name & screen name. Deal with it. Arachnaphobia? Yesss. I love love love metal+hardcore...even though It doesn't seem that way. I'm unpredictable. Vampire obsesseddd? Pshyeah. I'm a grammar freak. OCD muchhh? I am constantly complaining.. I hate it. I think alot, about everything. Sometimes I'll find myself thinking about one subject for hours until it drives me mad. I madly love love love CheVelle...stfu. =] Joey. Blood. Gore. Zombies. Vampires. Reading. Forensics. The Paranormal.
Emily Muterspaugh
Emily Stewart
Emilee Champagne
AIM = EmileeXRawr MSN = YAHOO = Meeeee? I'm Emilee. I'm Christian. I'm Bi I'll be your friend. I love meeting new people. I love to hang with my friends. I love Chelsea,David,Lukey . I love aruging with people. I love bi and gay people. There fun to hang with. I love you. ¢¾ I love Seth he is the most wonderful Person and nicest person i have ever met love you man N cant forget he is rele good Playing guitar He ROCKS Don't judge me if you DON'T know me. Hate me, love me; you decide. I can be a bitch when I want to. I hate people who judge. I hate posers. And yes im only 14 there's nothing I love more then shiny && sharp things. I Love my Husband Michael very much =]] the end. Haveing Funn Hanging with friends Drinkin && Smokein Being with the person i love talking on the phone with my husband makeing out Street Raceing Talking on aim being on myspace hanging o
Emily Anderson
Emily Laster
Music, Art.
im 19 and a 2nd year art major at the Univeristy of Southern Indiana!!! im very easy to get along with, just dont be stupid!! i keep it as real as possible, i would rather be hated for who i am then loved for who i am not!!! MyHotComments :: HotFreeLayouts i am me ... i dont try to be someone else ..... i think im beautiful ... but im not narsasitic ..... i love to paint ...... i love tattoos .... and piecings ........ pink is my favorite color ..... my weakness..a guy wearing eyeliner .... i love black .... eyeliner .... music is my life .... u cant chose ur family, but u can chose the friends that become ur family ..... fishnets .... i am a proud BBW ..... i hate rap..its not music .... drama is stupid..dont bring it around me .... friends=life .... i love my mom .... i love art .... my life is a story and chapters are constantly being added .... ciggerettes ... ya i smoke if u dont like it go fuck urself ... ppl hate me...its over it ..... i love movies, ill
Emily Mcnaron
Emily Taylor
Emily Warner
Emilie Avery
Emily Huckleburrie
Emily Giles
My name is emily ofcourse. Umm... I'm a hopeless romantic my best friends are allie and brandon. um, I love my family, but sometimes I would rather just hang out with my friends sometimes. I'm a total music freak, so I'm kind of a dork but atleast I like to have a fun time. I don't hold grudges for a long time, and I'm a good listener. Even if I'm not getting along with someone at the moment, I will do my best to always be there for them. I've never told anyones secret in my life. I don't change for ANYONE. Oh and I think people who are addicted to sex and porn are discusting sex is something that be shared with someone you love dearly, not for kinky thoughts. GUYS NEED MORE RESPECT FOR WOMEN!!! Hmm. my interests... probably song writing, drawing, playing soccer, and just hanging out with friends. I like to meet new people, but I tend to be shy. I like listening to music mucho, and going to the movies with my sexy friends because we're so cool like that.
Emilio Montez
HELLO ALL!! Young married woman just working her way to pay rent and go back to school. :) Spend my spare time with my new wonderful friends going and rocking it out. I also enjoy sitting down to a great book or even movie. Good times... good times... Any questions, just ask.
Well my name is Emily, I am 5"4, 130 lbs, brown short hair, hazel eyes, 1 tattoo, um I have 2 kids and I live in Vidalia GA and love it!! I enjoy photography that is what im currently going to school for, I work part time at a nursing home, well thats all I can think of right now to tell everyone. If you want to know more about me just leave me a message or IM me sometime and ask! :)
Emily Turner
Emilee Phelpgf
books! anne rice. painting. drawing. playing guitar. dancing. playing video games. eating. hostory. movies. bert mckracken. God. boys. black. vampires. trees. climbing trees. skipping classes. pictures. shoes. building things. robots. wood. typing. mavis beacon typing tutor. music videos. ghosts. scary movies. the shining. yeah.... the princess bride. the labrynth. garden state. the shining. cherry falls. U-571. pearl harbor. the sting. dirty dancing. sixteen candles. pretty in pink. the breakfats club. cry_wolf. when a stranger calls. aquamarine. lol
Emily Doyle
Emily Hart
Emily Brown
SOME GIRLS ARE JUS LIKE MAN IM SOO JEALOUS;;OTHER GIRLS ARE LIKE DAYMMNN I WISH I WAS LIKE THESE DOWN ASS BITCHES =] B A S I C S soo i effin love the MAFIA i love MARILYN MONROE my family+my friends+my boyfriend=MY LIFE shopping+abercrombie=i can do it all day chanel is my everything i love watching movies music is my all! traviling is what i do i know alot about fashion i don't trust people HEATHER*hegger*HEGGO*jose*RAMONE-is my bestest friend ever i love her!!! i procrostinate alot*how ever you spell it i am the worst at spelling ima very LAZY person i have the most amazing friends i forgive but DON'T forget i don't care that ppl hate me I DISLIKE BACKSTABBERS N LIERS! i give everyone a chance im nice to everyone DRAMA IS A GIRLS WORLD im annoying and loud-GET OVER IT i smoke cigars-learn to like it im always on myspace im the type of person to talk to any one n everyone im shy around certain people i don't like to be touched a
Emily Mcclanahan
Emily Clendening
Emily Clendening
Emily Melia
Emily Christianson
My name is Emily...i live in minnesota and i have the greatest best friend...her name is samantha...i have the sweetest cutest boyfriend and his name is should be jealous because i have him and you dont! i hate nigs and oreos...chinease people scare me. i love sams g-pa! i love marilyn manson and rob zombie. i love getting drunk and forgetting what happened. i smoke but not all the time. i do some drugs but im not a "druggie" i love kurt cobain and davey jones is so cool! music is my life. i am an atheist and i think all that god and jesus shit is just a load of crap that was created for weak people that need a society to depend upon...the only society that i am a part of is the jack daniels society...becuase jon says so. i do not like whiskey expecially when i drink it with ex boyfriends...if you have ever been drunk on whiskey you know what i am talking about...i hate liars. i hate bush! he is a fucking fagot that should burn in hell! i am pro-choice. i think war is wrong.
i am a nurse. nursing, cars, muscles (on men), running.
Emily Laster emily a stoner :] I have no clue what to say... Um...i have A.D.D... I like too read :] I can be a VERY crazy person if i want to be. but most times im a mellow/chill person. I know that theres a time to be serious and a time to play around. Heather
Emily Smith
Emily Love
Hey Everyone.. Im new to Lost Cherry and kind of not understanding it to well.. lol but im sure i'll get the hang of it!!! I live in Cali and im an aspiring model/actress.. I love going to the beach.. surfing.. swimming.. tanning! everything haha!! i go to school here for business and well thats about it!!! My aim is Emilylove06 and you can find me every night on my webcam.. check it out.. its free to sign up but you must have a credit card to verify your over 18!!!
Emily Verdugo
Emily Jackson
My interests... Working with children in the future and helping them emotionally or intellectually. I would like to be a psychologist or a preschool teacher. Maybe I could do both, who knows. My other interests... are sports and I am kind of fascinated by cars. I want to learn how to drive a stick and own one one day. I like *purses**sports**my family**animals**kids**Having fun**My hair**My cell phone**guys* (lol ^_^)*going out**buying things* My hero is the person I could come and talk to about anything. I was never embarrassed with anything I had to tell them. This person never talked bad about me. They were always there for me to talk to; no matter what time of day. This person is someone I know that I could actually look up to and ask questions to if I needed a true, honest answer. All my life, I was always lied to about anything- big or small. But, with this person, I was never lied to. This person kept telling me to keep going and never give up. More importantl
Emily Trowbridge
Emily Haines
Emily Schmidt
Emily Prowse
Emily .....................
Hello my name is Emily........but no one calls me my name! I love different types of things! Sports, n e thing mainly. well if u want to no more contact me or add me!
Emilia Torres
Emilie Westerberg
my mother . bam margera quentin tarantino's . comedy . blablaaaa
Emily Evey
sports?:weel i do sports like iceskateing skateborading watching guys play football shopping canceing alittle bit of cheerleading and thats pretty much it! kind of person?:IM NOT A PEPPY PERSON im more of a drama queen with some sporty kinda person! musci?:i listen to rock rap hip hop punk rock r&b some dancehall and i think thats it! smart:? i think i am pretty smart i dont make stright as but i do make as and bs! THATS SOME OF ME????!!!! TELL ME WHAT U THINK???!! i dont really have any idols
Emily Howard
I am a typical girl just tryign to fit in. I love dressign up and being silly. I like to just hang out and watch tv or movies. i dont drink or smoke or do drugs. Sorry if that dosent make me cool.       I love independtant movies and gay/lesbian movies
Emily Colon
Emily Knapp
Emily Thompson
Emilie Goodman
Emily Brown
Emily Hart
Emily Maldonado
Emily Hulslander
I'm 14 years old. I'm from Seattle!! I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters(all older than me) I love music and I love to play video games(everyone calls me a nerd because of it) MUSIC MOVIES GAMES Music- Alternative Hip-Hop Movies- Action Adventure Comedy Drama Games- RPG(Role Playing Games) Orlando Bloom Jessica Alba Jake Gyllenhaal Eric Bana Chris Evans Johnny Depp Keira Knightley Nicole Kidman Kate Winslet Brandon Routh Kate Bosworth Kirsten Dunst Heath Ledger Diane Kruger Robin Williams Jim Carrey Ewan McGregor Michelle Trachtenberg Scott Mechrowcz Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest The Producers Black Hawk Down Down with Love Ned Kelly Troy Superman Returns Batman Begins Lord of the Rings Trilogy Finding Neverland Charlie and the Chocolate Factory King Arthur Bend it like Beckham Moulin Rouge! High School Musical Fantastic 4 Spider-Man Spider-Man 2 Euro-Trip
Emily Inskeep
Emily Wood
i am 19 and i have a son that was born July 2006 he is my life i would do anything for him..... my bf the father to my son is one of the best guys in the wourld.... i would do anything for him we are very much in love with each other.... there is no one in the world i would rather be with..... i am going back to shool this year so i can get a good job and have the money i need to sapport my son... this is my last year and i had to drop out lat year.... that is me and my life...
Emily Sparks
Emily Mcgillicuddy
Emily Murray
Emily Ems
the name is Emily....but my friends call me Emmie.i have a baby girl and one on the to have a good time and would love to get to kno people on lostcherry!!!!!!! my friend crystal.......shes the one that got me in to lost cherry so thanks to her!! *KISSES* lol well hope yall like wat yall c..........if u wanna talk jus give me a message love yall all! singing dancing hanging out with my friends and jus have a good time..... ummmm movies?? dont have really one fav.... but i love funny movies....
Emily None Of Your Biz
Emily Richards
What you see is what you get for the most part. I'm a pretty odd chica. My quirks are usually pretty fun and cute. Though I do work a lot, when I go out I usually have a pretty good time. As I've just broken up with a fabulous guy recently, I'm taking some time to take care of me and get me straight. So I'm all about looking for cool people to hang out with. But I'm not interested in the dating scene at all. Why did I put that out there? Cause, I'm pretty up front and try to be honest. Plus I don't want to find myself in 3 months in a relationship. As I'm wont to often do. I'm a poet, writer, a wannabe amateur photographer. Other than that I'm a little nutty and always on the move. Total work-a-holic, but right now just trying to make ends meet.
Emily Davis
Emilio Jimenez
weLL i am from mexico. I am married to the most wonderful woman in the worLd Rebecca Jimenez I love you Vieja chuLa. I like to go fishin and play soccer and meet new peopLe I Love to Shoot pooL and pLay Soccer And go Fishing But most of aLL i Love Being WIth My WonderfuL wife
Emily W.
Hello to all the lady's. I'm just here checking things out after a friend told me about this site. I'm 37 and lesbian that is seeking other females for friendship and more. Would love to meet you, chat soon. ciao shopping, modeling, bifemales and lesbians, sex, lingerie, dancing, partying, Not interested in Guys
Emilio Velez
Emily Amato
Emily Ray
I am a 22 year old girl (yes girl). I live with my son, and my pet Shanks (a 6 month old fancy lepard gecko). I don't do much, addicted to computers and technology. Love!!! caughtuponthenet check it out!! I work at Website Pros Inc. I am moving from my position of consulting to editing.. In transition doing both right now. I'm kind of a missfit! I don't have many friends outside of work, unless they are purely online. I love gaming Starcraft, totally oldschool games all the way! AvidGamerGirl West Server. Come online and PLAY!!!! I am getting bored with this whole me me me crap.. I'll prolly add more laterz.. Interests? I am interested in just about anything that has to do with technology and learning. I am moving to a different deparment at work and I am completely excited about learning about the new work I will be doing, which in turn will help me learn more about the company I work for. I am a self-proclaimed computer addict, although I am really good at breaking t
Emily Ousley
Hey My name is Emily Ousley. I go to Allen Central High School. I am a Senior. YAY! My Boyfriend is Michael Johnson (BEAN). I LOVE HIM SO MUCH! He works at North Star Mines. My two Best friends are Tracey Manns (CHICKEN)and Libby Johnson (MOO). I am easy to get along with. I like to have fun and go places. well thats about it msg me if you have any qustions ~EM~ Get your own countdown at I like going SHOPPING!, hanging out with friends and riding 4-wheelers. Go camping, cooking I just started liking that LOL well thats about it!
Emily Ocean
Emily Elliott
Im an all-around gurl who, likes to try new things thats all i got to say! holla!Hosted by Sparkle Tags Hosted by Sparkle Tags Hosted by Sparkle Tags Hosted by Sparkle Tags Hosted by Sparkle Tags
I really don't know I guess work is an interest too since I do it all the time.
Emily Moody
Emily Baughen
Emily Armstrong
Hey Guys! wuts good??? Im totally single right now. I'm relle 17 and will b 18 march 28. I'm Emily..but everyone calls me Emmy. My nickanmes are Emmy, Shawty, Cutie, babe, or butthead. ...i'll add more later
i'm quiet and reserved, but i will talk back when spoken to. i go to shows. it makes me happy. religion has little to no meaning to me. every time i look at the bright side, it burns my face. therefore, i am generally a negative person (when it comes to myself). i am, unfortunately, human and have the emotion that comes with being one. sometimes it gets out of hand, but lately i've been managing it well. perhaps that has something to do with my fantastical boyfriend, whom i live with, love, and adore. i'm 21 and take full advantage of it. i change my appearance a lot just for the hell of it. i am not very proud of my country. i'd rather live in canada. say what you will. i don't trust our government, especially at the moment. i'm random and my words don't flow together. i stutter and mumble. sometimes i shake. oh, and i'd never be able to live without my friends and family. they keep my head up through everything. music and various other forms of self expression, movies with john cusac
Emily Elizabeth
Hosted by Sparkle Tags Hey ya'll, Country girl here ;) Looking to meet a few country guys to party with.. ,br> Not looking for a serious relationship... Only friends. Woman to hang with is ok, not BI- but curious ;) HMM the things I love,, Well First ME!! LOL.. then friends,, Country Music, My car, Pink things,, Modeling, ( I aint telling what I Model ) LOL.., cuddling,, walks on the beach.
Emily Strange
I am 24 years old and on my own for the first time in seven years. Well, not completely. I have a wonderful four year old son who is my whole world. I have an associates degree in early childhood education. I love working with young children. Everything they learn about life they learn before the age of 5. I want to make sure I can make a good impression on as many children's lives as I can, I want them to know that they are loved and there is some good the world they are growing up in. I like to do a little bit of everything. Friends are everything to me, I am always with my friends. I love to go out partying with them. I really enjoy fishing! (Even though I never seen to catch anything unless I am by myself!) I am on a dart team,playing darts is awesome! I like going out to see a good movie or even just sitting around the house with friends to watch one. Buried at I have two heros. The first one is my dad because he is a strong man. He has survived so many illness
Emily Osment
Emily Blujen
Emily Jeep
Emily Olson
i have blond hair with maroon underneath! i am 5"7 long legs i am white in 10th grade i like shopping and i love talking on the phone and hanging out fith all my freeken friends!i love parties!there so much fun!
Rollerbladin Music Movies Singing Dancing Hanging with friends working out when I have the time Read Write Swim
Emily Blujen
Emily Osment
Emily Dickens
Emily Doe
I am just the average outdoors junkie. I get my fix on adrenaline pumping through my veins, not drugs. I love to breathe fresh air, backpacking in Tahoe is my monthly escape. I snowboard- big air- wakeboard- horribly- skydive- for shits and giggles- and take my Jeep to the rocks to see what kind of damage I can do. I am a college student. I am studying more often than not. I work full time. I hardly sleep- I am too busy. I prefer my life to be to busy than to be to dull. Anything else? I am an open book.
Emily Bays
Emily Lam
Emilio Arroyo
Emily Banuelos
Emily Osment
Emily Cloore
Emily Kroeger
Myspace tweaks at
Emily Peters
Well lets see i am a Proud Army WIfe as you can tell! i have been happily married for 7yrs to a wonderful man! I love to hang out and watch movies...i also like to shop,talk on the phone or puter,scrapbook,and i love to curl up with a good book!! other than that i just like to be me!!
Emily Hardy
I am 23, work full time. I like to go out to the club and meet new people. Other than that, I dont know what else to say about me...ask if you wanna know.
Im 27 strate and happy i like to be a little unpredictable and theres always a surprise with me im a proud mother and never boring.. i like shooting pool and listening to rock not looking for a relationship just hear to hang out. shooting pool driving fast nice cars and getting to know new people i also enjoy watching horrer movies the gorier the better..
My name is Emily, I have brown hair & blue eyes. I have a goofy personality, but I still know how to be serious. I feel that if you don't have a fun are you going to get through life? I like to dance alot, & sing even though I'm not the best at it...LOL! I'm a big fan of poetry. Anything written in a poetic form...I fall to pieces. I feel like I am an outgoing person most of the time, but I still have my shy when I'm surrounded by many people I don't know. I do not like people who pretend to be something they're not. I feel like everyone should just be themselves & be proud of who they are.
i am an taken women i like to have fun depending on the mood of what kinda fun i want to have well get at me if you want a friend
Emily Powell
my name is emily.....i am 17 and i am expecting a baby engaged to my wonderful fiancee arty..... lotz of shit
Emily Bones
Emil G
Emily Fant
Well, I was born and raised in South Austin! I'm a single mom with a b-e-a-utiful baby boy, Maddox. I love tattooed and pierced peeps. I'm Walgreen's bitch - meaning I do everything they want me to do... which is cool because I get bored very fast. I love the people I work with - even though my favorite manager hit my car! I have a fantastik family ( mom, dad, and brother). So life is good!!! My interests are my son, swimming, dancing, chilling with all the new mommy friends of mine. I love coffee houses. I totally dig tattoos and piercings. The lake is always a great place to be, cliff diving, jetskin' and all that fun stuff. /photobucket-videoandimagehosting>">
Hey! I'm Emily..I am a kind, caring person if you wanna know more look at my pics and/or message me.. I like favorite things to do is to..shoot guns, hunt, be outdoors, sing, and talk on the internet lol
Emily Brown
Emily Spurgeon
Emilee Anoonoomoose
My name is Emilee, I live in Orrick, MO. I'm 18, I go to college for massage therapy. I wanted to be a teacher but i guess I had to settle for something else. I'm a very laid back person. I love to laugh, and make people laugh, thats my favorite thing. Laughter is the best medicine! Probably not true but it helps. Family is a big part of my life. I love to spend time with my family. My friends are also a very big part of my life...if you want to know anything else just ask Courtesy of LostCherry Images at SAW 1,2,3. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Waiting, Clerks 1,2. Queen of the Damned. 40 yr. Old Virgin, National Lampoons Van Wilder, Harold and Kumar go to White Castle, Slackers, Talladega Nights, Grudge,1,2. Little Mermaid, All of Harry Potter Movies. many many more.
I just look good in a bikini. I'm fun, cute and I love to live life to the fullest. And here's a little bit more about myself. Name: Emily A.K.A. Baby-Kiss, Shorty Birthday: March 30 Birthplace: Milford Michigan Current Location: Novi, MI Eye Color: Blue/Gray/Green Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde Height: 5'5 Right Handed or Left Handed: Right Your Heritage: Irish, German, Polish, Indian, French The Shoes You Wore Today: Sneakers. Your Weakness: Standing up for what's right. Your Fears: Losing the people I most care about. Your Perfect Pizza: Pepproni, and Banana Peppers. Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Making it on my own. Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: LOL Thoughts First Waking Up: Where's the blunt at? Your Best Physical Feature: Eyes. Your Bedtime: I don't have one. Your Most Missed Memory: My sister Cindy. Pepsi or Coke: Coke MacDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds Single or Group Dates: Single Lipton Ice Tea
Emily Clarkson
Emily Meade
Hmm.. I Do not have alot of idols .. um my older sister is a great person tho nd i would love to be a good mother like she is to my neice and nephew .. oo and she is an awesome person to sit down nd get stoned with lol
Emily Mcgahey
Uh, okay I'm really board and I happened to stumlbe on this website, then decided to check it out. I'm really random and preverted, I love porn, and am not afriad to express ANY feelings. Riding horses and motocycles, reading, writing, self harm, random shit, Hot, sad, freakishly goth guys, "emo" guys, weed, spiders ( I love tarantulas ) Uh, I'll get back to ya.
Emily L
Emily Puckett
Emilie Walling
Emily F
Emily Rodriguez
Emily Cintron
Emily Best
Hey I'm 18 yrs old I'm easy going and fun to hang out with. I enjoy art, music and partying. My bestfriend tells me that someday I am going to be famous.... In my opinion the perfect date would be to go into the woods and sit and watch the stars and talk. You like what you hear hit me up
The World's First International Online Beauty PageantClick and VOTE for me! Beauty Pageant - In Search of the World's Most Beautiful Woman® The world's first online international beauty pageant. Entry is free and open to anyone 18 or older.
Hey, I'm Emily, and I love to talk. If I didn't have to sleep or eat, I'd probobly just go off talking 24/7, but when I know I have to be quiet, I am. I'm very musical. I play Contrabass and Piano and have been acting, singing, and dancing since 3rd grade. I was in commercials when I was younger and I'm planning on doing more soon. I read often and love writing poetry, short stories, and attempting novels. I also roleplay a lot and love creating characters just for fun. I'm interested in Broadway, acting in theatre, singing, dancing in my underwear with a brush in hand, writing, roleplaying, reading, listening to music, playing bass and piano, shopping in Hot Topic, throwing cards at my sister, and playing flashlight tag around the neighborhood at night with friends.
Emily Daniel
Emily Gannon
I am just a goofy nerdy girl. I have many different sides to my personality. My scence of humor is a little sarcastic and people who are just meeting me don't know how to take it sometimes. I can be moody at times too, but what girl isn't? For the most part I am laid back and just take each day as it comes. I don't handle stress very well, so I really try to avoid it in my life. I am the complete opposite of a Drama Queem, although I am a Princess, you can ask my husband, but I am not the high maintence kind of princess just that I know how I want things and I usually get my way. I just call it stubborn. -Art, I draw and paint, however I suffer from long frustrating artist blocks and I can only do a good peice about a couple times a year. I like to go to art shows and galleries every now and then. -Music, I love listening to anything that Rocks, I also love live music whether it be a small club show or a big Summer concert Festival, I'm there. -Friends, my friends are like fami
Emily ?????
well lets see here...oh yea...i rock!!! and i like goin to the country and fourwheelin and that fun stuff.ppl really like me cause i'm confident and love road trippin and'm really out going and i have big plans for my future....the only missing is every body makes the world go
Emile Monier
Emily Whatever I Want It To Be
well lets see not alot to say lol i'm a funny person well thats what people say..i love my boyfriend and love women lol nice boobs turn me on and sometimes i dream of that nice wet well lets get back to other things lol Well lets see i had a full page here of what i think about and something about me but i wanted to start over and say something new I'm not really sure where to start here it has taken me years to get where i am now and i still have a long way to go i seem to push a lot of people away and maybe the reason for that is I'm just who i want to be yet so i push away the people i love and thats bad on my part but finding you're self is a lot harder then that I've been hurt a lot in my life even from friends well at least i was thinking they were my friends but it turned out to be years of lies and them walking all over me and a part of me blamed my self for that for letting them do it for so long i turned my back on my family for people that meant nothing to
hey whats up everyone.. im emily im 16 im a junior now at thornton academy i know i know it sux.... im a party girl;).. i have been dancing since i was 5 and still going .. im a very self-comfident person.. im a very easy person to get along with cause i can get along with anyone . just to warn u am a very natural dumb blonde :) i love chillin with my friends especialy my best friend in the whole world jennifer clark onacki i love her soo much :-P, i love hanging around on the beach scoping out all the hott guys ;-) haha gotta love me though.. i love to meet new people . im one of those gurls that just dont give a shit what poeple think of me cause i want to be myself and if you dont like it then dont talk to me its as easy as that :-P and i hate guys that treat girls like shit ... ummmmm thats about all i can think of if u want to know more my aim is xxemybabiix3 im me
Emily Swann
Emily King
Whats up everyone!!! My Name is Emily, im 20 years old and im orignally from The big Peach (a.k.a. Georgia) but currently living in Anchorage Alaska!!! lol i know what ur thinking...r u nuts! lol But its not so bad. My family was stationed up here and when my dad got out, he wanted to stay so im stuck here for now. I love to have fun both in and outside the home! Im into Photography, hiking in the summer, rollarblading, and trying to be as much active as i can when im not working! I love to cook/bake, reading/writing, and all around chill with friends. I love to laugh and if that means making a complete full out of myself to get someone to smile and/or laugh then so be it! lol I have a lot of energy in me so if u think u can keep up, hit me up!!! ttyl Toodles all! my intrest vary.... i can like to play sports one day, and change my mind the next! Im a sponaneous type person!!!! I like to cook, read, hang with the girls, and just goofing off!! Myspace GraphicsMyspac
Emily Thomas
Emily Simms
Emily Witherell
Emily Carter
Emily Noneya
Emily Crawford
Emily Runion
Emily M
Newly divorced mother of one daughter. Horses, the theatre, great music, funky bars, intelligent conversation, politics, and college football are all things I really enjoy. Doubt you'll read a more varied profile...I love horseback riding, theatre, rodeo's, the opera, movies, music, great friends, wine, exclusive parties, funky bars, working out, and staying healthy.
Emily Wooters
x My name is Emily I'm that girl who will remind you who you are long after you've forgotten who I am. Sixteen; 021390. x I live in Lowellville. i dont belong here. x i dont like when people judge me by what they see; I will not change for anyone. i like who i am; i'm sorry if you dont. x I pride myself on intelligence and remaining articulate at all times. I remain true to myself, even when it gets me in trouble, so I come off very vain and self centered. x I can be controlling and demanding. x I¡¯m hard to get close to; I have a million walls up. x I refuse to leave myself vulnerable. I find weakness disgusting. x I have a job. x I am free spirited. x I'm hard to please. x I'm complicated. x I have OCD. Dont ask, look it up. x I can be really shy sometimes. I don't talk much when u first meet me but if i like u then pretty soon i'll stop being awkward and talk. x I'm the type of girl who likes what she likes, and doesn't care if it cau
Im a very down 2 earth & outspoken person(which more often than gets me into trouble lol) cant wait 2 hear from u
Emily Griffin
I'm a 29 year old single mother of one. I enjoy spending time online just relaxing. I'm mostly on MYSPACE but I'm learning this website. I usually have my yahoo on so feel free to say hi and teach me a trick or two. I'm very outgoing and love to meet new people. I love everyone. I think everyone is different and great! I have 4 tattoos and 7 piercings. 3 piercings you can't see LOL =)~ I'm self-employed doing home health. I love my job. My hours allow me to have time with my son and still have free time for friends. I've been divorced for a little over a year now. I was married for almost 12 years. I guess I can't say I have any regrets only lessons learned =). I have a wonderful son from my marriage. He is the light of my life. I can't have anymore children. My doctor took out the playpen and put in the playground LOL =)~ If you want to know anything just ask. I'm an open book I will tell you just about anything so watch what you ask =)~ Tattoos, piercings, internet, photos, fr
Emily Rees
25 year old, single lesbian, living in BC, Canada Drinking beer, playing cards, poker, riding my bmx, hanging with friends, going to the pub, watching movies.
Emily Schroeder
Emily Bolinger
Emily Brotherwood
ummmmmmm....i am with my bestfriends brother, i go to school for welding, i still live with my mom and i dont have a door on my bedroom and i go uptown with my friends and then on saturdays i go to fort wayne and hangout at the dance club...........ummmmmmmmm well that is about it What type of smoker are you? MOTHER FUCKING POTHEAD!you smoke everyday. weed is your life, youd do anything to smoke. you listen to good music and your a chill person and you actually laugh at those pointless stoner movies (half baked , jay n silent bob). ALL IT TOOK WAS A FAT CHRONIC BLUNTTTTTTake The Quiz Now!Quizzes by ummmmmmm......i love to hangout with my friends and go up town and go dancing ummmmmmmm.......i love to cuddle with my baby but hell i wont get to do that till october......ohhhhhhhh yea i am a sex freak lol
Emily Greene
#userpagecontentstyle div#userprofile_headerbar { border-width: 0px 0px 0px 0px; padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px; background-repeat: no-repeat!important; background-attachment: fixed; background-position: center center!important; background: url(
Emily Allen
IM JUST TO SEXY Glowing text created at Free Video and Image Hosting New Comment Code Layout Graphics Free Video and Image Hosting Top Comment Graphics Free Video and Image Hosting Top Comment Graphics Free Video and Image Hosting Top Comment Graphics
Emily Barton
Emily Lambert
Emily Peterson
Emilio Ruiz
I'm 5'10" puerto rican and italian, med build, brown eyes that change color, dark brown hair, im from dover,nj originally from Morristown,NJ uhm anything else you really want to know just ask! If you have AIM, Yahoo, or MSN add me! My AIM is xphoenix arisesx, MSN is, and Yahoo is cell2games. I'm always online so add me now if you would like to talk privately and get to know me! I like to draw, read, write stories and poems, hang with friends, talk on the phone, go to the mall, shop, watch tv, surf the net, meet new people, travel, try new things, exercise, play computer games, go to the beach, party, dance, and just about anything! Need to know more just ask. My favorite color is blue uhm hmm well thats that lol. I love horror movies and everything else down from there.
Emily Levine
im fun im crazy and i am always up for a good time!
Emilie Hammon
I am a single mom of 2 boys. I am a single mom of 2 boys. I have been married 3 times, don't hold that one against me, it just took me 3 times to find a sperm donar....lmao....not really.... I love all kinds of music (except spanish, and classical, and opera) ok maybe not all kinds of music. I enjoy hanging out with my friends, drinking or not. I HATE beer,but LOVE tequila. I love to country dance. I love summer sports and going to the lake. I feel i'm pretty easy going, but guess that's for anyone else to judge.
Emily Ward
Emily Rose L
Emily Smith
Emily Miller
Emily Weaver
Emily Field
I'm a single mother of two girls ages 5 and 3, they are evrything to me. I have a degree in Business Admin. I am only out to make new friends as I am in a committed relationship with the best man I've ever meet. Not only is he my best friend but he's my angel from above. I almost married someone I thought I was in love with and it honestly would have been the biggest mistake in my life. Thankfully he came along and stole my heart.
Emily Rottbox
I'd say I'm incredibly diverse. freethinking. excitable. manic. depressive. stubborn. creative. political. shifting. predictable. nomadic. unconventional. passionate. bohemian. deformed. modified. caring. asthmatic. modern-primitive. big-thinking. independant. crafty. wayward. childish. athiest. communal. alcoholic. dorky. misanthropic. fidgety. angsty. quirky. delightable. unusual. awkward. eclectic. irreverent. silly. ridiculous. shameless. quiet. mediocre. pushy. objectional. neurotic. degenerate. liberal. creepy. reclusive. delusional. I'm deeply obsessed with Body Mods. Protesting Against Christians in Full-bodied Parrot Suits. Blood, Guts, Gore. Unique Body Deformities or Quirks. Books. Transexuals. Goverment/Religious Conspiracies. Writing. Listening to Kickass Music. Dance Parties. Drag Queens and Drag Kings. Rainbow Gatherings. Drinking Excessively at Unusual Hours of the Day. Colorado. Costa Rica. Hippies. Transformations. Gay Bears. Travel. Performing Obsence Acts of Deb
Emily Ferguspm
Emily Holliday
Emily Bleicher
* little shy at first...but love meeting new people...guess i would say i'm a mixture of having a quiet side but at the same time i have a very outgoing side * love going out to bars/clubs...but also enjoy a chill-in night here and there:) * I love my family and friends and would do anything for them! * down to earth and easy going * i enjoy the simple things in life * loyal, dependable, and caring * enjoy life and like to live in the moment * try to see the positive in everything * i believe everything happens for a reason * like to read when i have the time * intelligent and to learn! * enjoy being around friends and doing whatever! * always up to trying something new * open-minded * a free spirit * independent * enjoy sports...whether watching them on TV, in person, or actually doing them...i like it all!...a swimmer at heart:D ** If you want to know more...just message me! ** **HUGS** * hangin' out with friends * shopping * going out to bars/club
Emily Ong
simply sexy, daring, gorgeous, pretty, all of the adjectives and verbs to be used.. just know me well when get closer, ok?? lets get serious, i am emily ong, born on january 5 1987 in saint andrew air base in zamboanga city, but now i am staying in los angeles california,,. i am 5'7 in height, my vital stats is 34-24-35.. i love joining beauty pageant since im in my 4th year high school.. right now, im still a student.. taking up bachelor of science in elementary education.. i am in my 3rd year, all i can say is that i am the type of person who is easy to deal with...-i have a good heart, a strong sense of morality and a deep seated devotion to love built on the foundation of compassion. i love to laugh and smile but there is serious side to me also. this sometimes gets the best of me, but i always take what others say seriously and i believe in people, because without belief it is very difficult for us to live. i am a type of person who does not fear, showing the dept of emotions of s
Emilio Milo
Emily Inman
Emily Ritchie
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Emilyy Van Polanen
*emily* *gross*

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