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Daniel Hannaford
Im smart, I work hard, and im decent looking... I am single for sure not by choice but because women in my area are drunkasses or drug addicts... which is a no go for me. I socially drink and I smoke some weed sometimes... Oh well big deal. I Do enjoy alone time with women to get to know them for who they are. Im not here to impress anyone or lie about who I am. Theres no point I love to go Hiking, Watch movies while its a rainy day. Im an excellent cook and I do take the time to cook candle light dinners for my special someone atleast once a month. Im a former soldier of the US Army so shooting guns is a big turn on of mine. Warmth in the winter is a must, and skin in the summer is a definite must. I dont want a shy woman that barely talks because that makes learning about them 1000 times harder My father, my friends, and my battle buddies that gave their lives for this country The Shawshank Redemption, V for Vendetta, 21, and any really good historically placed films
Daniel Rey Perez
Daniel Dennis
Daniel Woodell
Daniel Sandell
Daniel Strickland
Daniel Slaktoski
Daniel Buckley-robins
Daniel Gagnon
Daniel Abercrombie
Danita Sawyers
Danielle Cosenza
Daniel Urry
Danielle Breiner
I am going to school to be a medical assistant. I am moving from Houston to Dallas in a few months. Not to thrilled with the fact i have to do that. Not sure what i want to do with that. i am feeling a little bored with my life. I need to start going out and having fun again. i am in my 30's and should be having fun and going out all the time. I have zero i really should have a social life. NEED HELP WITH THAT.
Daniel Jenkins
Daniel Palafox
'daniel Quinones
Daniela Nichole
im a texas country girl in wyoming michigan my name is daniela im 23 i am in cosmetology school i graduate in march. im a military brat and i know it , its the only life i really know my father was in the airforce most of his life and was in three wars, my older brother was in the airforce and then went to the army hes a ranger and had been to iraq 27 times. im not in to bull shit so if thats what ya got get to stepin.i dont understand predetermind sports or sports that arnt full contact. HOPE TO GET TO KNOW YOU. PS ALL BLANK REQUESTS ARE DENIED I like sports and vid games not good at either but i will go down trying .i love to to read
Daniella Mutchie
Daniel Strube
Danielle Flowers
Daniel Grisso
Danielle Posey
Daniel Perkins
Danielle Blackwell
Im a professional Licensed Massage Therpaist and also a Newly Jewelry distributor for Premier Designs Jewelery. I love what i do and wouldnt trade for the world. I'll be going back to school in Nov for Skin care and hopefully after i gradute I will be working on the cruise lines. I would love to travel more and hoping this cruse line business will help with that, and hopefully along the way try new foods and meet new people. As of now just working, haging out with my friends and going to the gym is my life and love every sec of it, will excpet when there's down time at work. Mma, ufc, sports, mascato, sangria, yoga, body flow,gym, Massage Therapy, hanging with friends, hinking, camping, bowling, put-put, love the beach, rainbow river etc..
Daniel Hendrix
Daniel Ferguson
Daniel Burdick
Daniel Bryant
Daniel Helmer
Daniel Heron
Daniel Shaw
Danielle Leflett
Daniel Bryant
Daniel Bondch
Daniel Wolfe
Daniel Senteno
Daniel Chester
Daniel Ramsauer
Daniel Hager
Daniel Murillo
Daniel Hayes
Daniel Griffin
Daniel Kodzhanyan
Danielle Robinson
im a strong minded, very head strong woman. im a dom, a wiccan and a mother. interesting combo for lifestyle. but im me. i require faithfulness. an a i have a man. gaming, painting, singing, dancing, 4wheeling, hunting, swimming, playin in the snow, dominating, an just doing anything that makes me happy my son and my mom.. harry potter, xmen, twitches, halloweentowns an sooo many others
Well, my name is Dan, or Danny, whatever.... I am 25 . ..I can be your best friend, or your worst enemy, your choice. I enjoy listening to rock music, and hanging with friends.I prefer to be layed back and relaxed.. if you would like know more about me drop me a message .... thing i do on my down time work on cars\trucks,,go to concerts provided its one i want to go to,,listen to music,,hang out with friends and family,,etc
Daniel Ward
I am an artist and very opinionated. Love to have a good time and I am myself at all times. If you get embarrassed easily then we should probably not hang out. Art. Tattoos. Drawing. Painting. Vampires. Paranormal. Craig Christ (Jesus' brother)
Daniel Nesbit
Daniel Kasimow
Daniel Spittler
Daniel Gonzales
Daniel Christopher
I moved around a lot.... and joined the Marines.... I'm a DJ at a club in Seattle called the Jet... music and visual art is my
Daniel Umble
Daniel Schutt
Daniel Courdway
Daniel Harmon
Daniel Bank
Daniel Phelps
Danielle Plummer
Dani Arrow
Danielle Alford
Daniel Leary
Danielle Johnson
Daniel Burge
Daniel Ovidiu
Daniel Dorrill
Daniel Lindenmuth
Daniel Dudley
Daniel Beck
Danielle Shannon
Danielle H
Im 20, i love kids, i aspire to be a neonatal nurse. any thing else? just ask! Ladies,Plays, movie, kids, hanging out, coolin it, sport-basketball, lacrosse,golf.
Danielle Braun
Daniel Dimitrov
Daniel Sandoval
Danielle Smith
Daniel Watson
Danielle Billings
I am a down to earth woman. I have a heart of gold and alot of love to share with the right man. I have two wonderful kids. I enjoy the simple things in life and never take any thing for granted.
Daniel Saldana
Daniel Ellett
Danielle Diterlizzi
Danielle Swain
Daniel Altamirano
Daniel Strain
Danielle Petrone
Daniela Najera
Daniel Guaydacan
Daniel Pastrana
Daniel Spiegleman
Daniel Yang
Dani Adams
Daniel Robles
Daniel Wheat
Daniel S
Danielle Wright
Daniel Gall
Daniel Jibunor
Daniel Palomino
Daniel Esparza
I am me , I am a tom boy I don't take drama bullshit or liars. I'm here to look for friends and meet new people I am taken so don't try to get with me if your here for that and I'm brutally honest with everyone and I am happy where my life is right now and I don't change for anyone and I have pics but I don't do web-caming or messaging if you want to know more about me all you have to do is ask I have many I have a handful of idols I like many movies
Daniel Engelskirchen
Danita Boston
Daniel Travis
Danielle Stacy
I go by many names because overtime I collect them. Stacy, Danielle, Elyssa are my names so call me either. I am from South America, but have been in the States on and off for a long time now. I have completed a Bachelor's Degree here in the States and I live and work in Washington, DC now. I am single with no kids! I speak fluent English and Portuguese with intermediate levels of Spanish and French. oOk, I have bored you now. I was referred by a friend, B. Martial Arts, Swimming, Dancing & Shopping!
Dania Molina
Daniel Coyne
Daniel Evans
Daniele Molteni
Dania Sorto
Daniel Nugent
Daniel Mundo
i like to go to dances, my favorite music to dance to is Tribal but i also dance to nortenas and corridos.. i Speak Spanish, English And Spainglish and since im not really good with writing im gonna end this lol if u wanna know more about me just leave me a message lol
Danielle Heimbrock
Daniel Gaither
Daniel Hernandez
Danielle Mcdade
Daniel Henriquez
Daniel Fisher
Daniel Sabb
Daniel Mcanelly
Daniel Munguia
Daniel Jordan
Daniel Miller
fun to be around football smokeing sports games & Girls
Dani Zii
Daniel Blackburn
Danielle Thomas
I love helping people out. I love making songs that touches peoples heart and soul. I wanna make the world a better place. I am 21 trying to start my own record label. I am all full of positive music. It you like what you see, go to You will see what I am all about. Music. Changing the world. Artists who want to do the same. Fans. God. Alicia Keys. Mary J. Blige. Carrie Underwood. Leanne Rhymes. All movies with good meanings.
Daniel Escarre
Daniel Guzman
I am 28 years old and live in North Carolina. I am originally from Pennsylvania. I have three beautiful children. When I am not spending time with the children I am shooting pool. Anyone who thinks they got game Bring It LOL. I sell weiners on the weekends and I run and ice cream shop during the week. If you want to know anything else feel free to send me a message.
Daniel Nadeau
Daniel Cervantes
Daniel Knoblock
I'm just a seasoned man that has been married and has children. Looking to have some fun and get my groove back on. I love a good outdoor fire and some music with plenty of beer and some water to skinny dip in! None to speak of Dirty Harry movies are my all time favorites, but I like a good movie non the less.
Daniel Rock
Danielle Dillingham
Danielle Spohn
Daniel Nance
I'm 25, i like to have fun, and i'm just looking for the right woman...I have a 6 year old daughter she means everything to me... Music, movies, Fun None Action, adventure, horror, thriller, comedy, just about any...
Danial Black
Danielle Dandan
Daniel Lagrega
My # 321-848-5031 idk feel free when bored or up for a chat. i just signed up for a friend who was promoting fubar much love xXxtreme 4 life.
Daniee Ortiz
Danial Hussin
Daniel Cubley
Danial Hasan
Daniela Quintero
Daniel Smith
Daniela Aracena
Daniel Osborn
Daniel Basfield
Daniel Hines
Daniel Meeks
Daniel Mueller
Daniel Kite
Danilo Quesada
Daniel Romero
Danielle Basaraba
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Omara
Daniel Beck
Danish Mulla
Daniel Dominici
Dan Ibanez
Daniel Menndoza
Daniel Goodwin
Daniel Boucher
Daniel Pearson
Daniel Bajoneta
Daniel Vladmir Ekedo
Daniela Reyes
Daniel Moreno
Daniel Mccubbin
Daniel Warden
Dani Crinklaw
Daniellescreams Prince
Daniel Pope
Daniel Serrette
Daniyal Nasir
Daniel Harklee
Just ordinary 2012 | Taken C: | Drummer | BlackFallen Metalcore and HipHop is better. Skateboarding, Hiking and Parkour.
Dani Gunawan Fkm
Danielle Belcher
Daniel Oakes
Daniel Erira
Daniel Martin
Daniel Selby
Daniel Burton
Daniel Garfinekl
I am 43 years old, born and raised in Bush, LA. I am worldly and have been all over the United States and to a few countries. I am 5'10 weigh 230 pounds. Muscular build, strong as on ox, smart and intelligent. I am very giving and have participated in a few charities over the years and am always doing informal acts of kindness to others too. I am romantic and treat the woman I am dating like a queen. I am very respectful and sensitive towards women (to all people too). I understand women are different than men and know how to handle myself with them. I am easy to talk to, a gentleman, love kids, loyal, honest and trustworthy. Well I seek for a complete honest woman,a strong woman with a strong heart who will want our relationship to last forever,a compassionate woman,one with good heart and know how to handle matters,I want a lover not a fighter,lol I am committed life to living to the fullest and growing as a person. Having fun is very important to me and I am looking for someone wi
Daniel Hernandez
I am originally from Florida but live in PA now. I am very laid back and like to stay in good shape and be outdoors. Tattoos are my hobby and I have 9 of them and what more all the time. If you want to know more just hit me up and I will tell you. Soccer, football, surfing, tattoos
Danial Jennings
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Daniel Llaneza
Danielle Neighbors
Daniel Campbell
Daniel Snyder
Danielle Martin
whats good this ur girl d aka wicked d im laid back love to have fun and love chill with fam and homies im 24 and im a ninjette if u dont like it get the fuck off my page and i dont play the i want to date u and play u the next day game im to fucking grown for that yes im a bitch that dont play around with relationship im a one man woman and faithful and never do shit to hurt u .yes im psycho u want to test drive u wont fuck with me after im done with u and yes i will fuck a nigga up for cheating or talking shit about my family so yea fuck with me if ya want im not the one. im a single mother ninjette looking for a faithful ninja feel free to add if ur in 20s and 30s not 60s or 70s im old enough to be ur daugther niggas im looking for a ninja to ride to die im a ninjette thats down to ride or die martin luther king jr eminem icp boondox my sister scary horror thriller
Daniela Bonilla
Daniel Dominici
Daniel Baker
Daniel Primrose
Daniel Prine
Daniel Jones
Daniel Bang
Danielle Cap
Danielle Loomis
FIRST THING FIRST IF YOU RATE/FAN/LIKE BLAH BLAH BLAH ME AND LEAVE A COMMENT SAYING YOU DID SO I WILL TRY TO DO THE SAME FOR YOU. The name is Shorty. There is just no other person in the world even remotely close to me. I am your average girl... Not really. I like the simpler things in life. I don't need a lot of money and things to make me happy. I am my Daddy's girl, not only in looks but attitude as well. Which makes me stubborn and pig headed at times, but that is alright, because it just means I am strong, independent, and I stand my ground. I am ah-maze-ing and gorgeous, Deal with it! Some people might find me conceited, I just think of it as confident. Either way you take that, I am beautiful. I am a lover, NOT A FIGHTER! However, I have been known to hold a grudge or two if I have too. So don't fuck with me is all i have to say about that. I have the best friends any human being would want. They are all ah-maze-ing people. I guess ah-maze-ing people attract. My fubar husband
Daniel Amor
Normal and flat, Square and annoying, Immature and desperate, Not much to look at and takes everythign too seriously. I am boring so I have no interests no one I dont read books so yea i watch a lot of movies
Daniel Raynor
Daniel Mcmillan
Daniel Guagliardo
Daniel Keckley
Danielle Williams
I am not your average girl but don't be afraid to stop by and say Hi Just having fun
Danielle Brown
Daniel Ar
Danielle Mattox
Daniel Schaetzle
One thing you will notice is I am me, I do not follow anyone, I am not scared of man, and I am not easily persuaded. I do not have many friends, don't trust anyone, you can't let me down cause its expected anything above that is a bonus, most don't get it. Impressions expressions and way women dress or act tells me alot about ones self. Im a person who strives to be the best, if its at being bad or good in bed or at work. I play and pay hard, work hard. Intellegence and college girls and boys are rich ass people paying for common sense, I am poor ass broke white boy, who makes dollars off hard knocks. I constantly put your mind to test, exercise my brain and body, I got question, to test a little. who put the knowledge in the books and colleges? It all didnt come from then air? get at me if you can answer it, its a question the answer is what you want to be, I want to know what your answer is. My mind lately is on what kind of time must I waste getting straight, why have I allowed
Daniel Sandberg
Danielle Butner
im an artsy person, usually shy at first but very outgoing and funny when im comfortable with the person. hmu enjoy sculpting, drawing, reading, music.
ahh not to good at this just recently moved to phoenix from the chi town currently enrolled at gateway college trying to get life rite get out that criminal world and slow down... there just comes that time in every mans life when he get old an gotta slow the hustle down anyway just waiting on my queen luv you all and god bless
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Abraha
Daniel Deacon
Daniel Amor
Just a regular guy.Loves outdoors, hanging out, paintball sport, walking. Tv shows, video gaming, tech stuff. I am random and like to talk to girls mostly but hey I am lookign to make real active friends so if you think youc an be active then say hello, lets be friends.
Daniel Barragan
Daniel Schwebach
Just hanging out single; slowly looking for a female companion. I miss that very much! When it is meant to be it will be. Have children I love very much. Ladies, Music, Scary movies, Zombies, Beaches Asia Argento and her father Dario,Mia Jovavich, Kate Beckinsale, George Romero Resident Evil, Underworld, Harold And Kumar, Better Off Dead, Susperia
Daniel Mann
Daniel Bansah
Daniel Cayuela Gonzalez
Daniel Dearinger
Daniel Ziegler
Danielle Lynn Davis
Daniel Mullis
Danielle Nolting
Daniel May
Daniel Lutz
Danielle Klos
Danielle Bingham
Daniel Thomas
Daniel Coburn
Daniel Lundien
Daniel Bills
Daniel Escobar
Daniel Ditto
Danish Ayubi
Daniel Kroft
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Lake
Daniela Lujan
Daniel Dubose
Dania Serrano
Daniel Cignarale
Daniel Tijerina
Daniel Carpenter
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Herndon
Daniel Dubose
Daniel Steely
Daniel Harkins
Daniel Flett
Daniel Jr. Ditto
Daniel Lewis
Danielle Gallagher
Daniel Gillis
Daniel Smith
Daniel Interiano
Daniel Sheffer
Daniel Payne
Danielle Holland
Danielle Cheshire
Im a laid back lady who likes to party and hAve a fun time! Not into all the drama or fake ass people. Listening to music, having kick backs, watching movies!
Daniel Middleton
Daniel Atchley
Daniel Abrego
Daniel Barton
Daniel Herbert
Daniel Umberger
Daniel Cracraft
Daniel Duval
Daniel Barrett
Daniel Rufino
Daniel Burley
Daniel Chavez
Danielnathena Spencer
Daniel Summers
Daniel Leising
Daniel Gifford
Daniel Crowther
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Spaan
Danielle Mangiofico
Daniel Galvao
Daniel Huitron
Daniel Boone Steward
Daniel Santos
i am new here and am looking to make friends.I am 28 and into drinking smoking and make my own way through life. i enjoy reading the paper on Sunday, watching anime,reading manga & graphic novels.In my free time i enjoy smoking herb and hanging with my friends an family. i really dont have any idols for all the mivies i like i might need a bigger box but if i have heard of it i have seen it.
Daniel Juarez
Dont really have one The Green Mile is my all time favorite Shawshank Redemption Sling Blade Them are my most favorite I like a few more mostly Horror or Comedy...
Daniel Hart
Daniel Bell
Daniel Slee
Daniel Dixon
just ask and i will tell you. i love country music and rock with some rap and even classical
Daniel Hess
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Adams
Daniel Estrada
OK I DON'T NEED TO HEAR ANYTHING PERVERTED ,PLEASE PISS OFF IF YOU WANNA TALK THAT KINDA SHIT!! I'M FROM THE EAST COST OF CANADA, THAT'S WHERE I LAY MY HEAD AND CALL IT MY HOME! NO DISRESPECT!!!! LOVE ME DANI I'm not Hot or gorgeous. I don't have an Amazing figure or a Flat Stomach. I'm far from being considered a Model but, I'm me. I eat food, I have curves, I have more fat than I should, I have scars, I have a history. ... Some people Love me, some like me, some Hate me. I have done good, I have done bad. I love my Pj's and I go without makeup and don't get my hair done. I'm random and crazy, I don't pretend to be someone I'm not. I am who I am, you can love me or not. I won't change!! And if I Love You, I do it with my Heart!! I make no apologies for the way I am.
Daniel Hemming
nice loving n ready to mingle.ecttttttttt a nice caringwomen ect........
Daniel Dent
Daniel Adams
Daniel Bergeron
Daniel Luther
Daniel Ramos
Daniel Pattizmata
My name's Daniel. I'm a 22 year old student at santa barbara city college. I'm going to get an AA degree in criminal justice. I'm an easy going person, very calm, and usually underestimated, but thats ok, i like it that way I really like to play pool. I like to go to bars and just chill. I really like to drink, so if you like to get drunk, i'm down! I also like to go to concerts and shit. My mother RIP I like horror movies. Thats about it
Daniel Cardenas
Daniel Hunter
Danine Anderson
Daniel Ray
Danielle Draughon
im 38 f country girl like hunting fishing camping 4 wheeling mudding and like shooting pool with friends i work have a car And am going to college
Daniel Williams
I lik long conversations bout anythin if u txt I'd listen an let my mind wonder I don't lie an I cud hear u out listen to ur problems an care for u but if u heard that from every guy then why r there so many a**holes an so few gentlemen. I kno it's hard for most of u girls to hear the same things over an over promises that wud be broken an hearts broken by fights an arguements plus havin to be cheated on I'd lik to be the guy always wanting to be there for u an hang out wen u need a shoulder to cry on cuz u might hav been played I'll try my best to make u laugh an always giv u compliments even if they kinda nasty to say lik hey baby or jus be wowed an say the truth u r beautiful in an out sweet an gentle sexy an hot soft an cute sorry if I'm over steppin my bounderys it's been so long since I had a gf. 
Daniel Hunt
Daniel Wright
Daniel Underwood
Daniel Hogbin
Daniel Reyes
Daniel Alex
Daniel Greenwell
Daniel Pencoff
i am a 36 year old bartender by trade although i am new to las vegas and looking for work...i have a 9 year old daughter and an 11 year old son who both rock i love football (STEELERS BABY!!!) and baseball (PADRES ALL THE WAY!!! and redsox too)...i love playing video games and spending time with friends and family especially my children (who are my life) i dont really have idols anymore i love the dorrs the movie...most of the later sandler movies rock,and alot of other comedies,although ill watch horror movies cause my 9 year old daughter loves them...shes morbid
Daniel Badovinac
Daniel Hdez
Daniel Jayce Castillo
Daniel Brancato
Daniel Cioci
Daniel Hall
Daniel Krause
I am very respectfull, easy to get along. Im 1 of the nicest people anyone will ever meet and very protective of my friends.
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Thomas
hunting dirtbikeing hiking
Daniel Chiavassa Miretti
Danielle Slusher
Well let's see I am goth/emo, I am Wiccan/Pagan, I have black hair, hazel eyes, black glasses, I am a big girl, I am 5'7".I also am a sub and I have a Dom he is on this site too, he is Rock Dj Patneko. You can't really learn anything about someone from an "about me" box so just ask me. I like to read manga and some books, I like to draw, I like to write poems and songs, I like to sing, I am trying to get a band together, but somewhat failing, I like to watch anime and other shows, I like to crochet, I love music mostly rock, some pop depending on who is singing it, and if I left anything out again just ask me.
Daniel Crist
Daniel Groot
Daniel Spencer
Daniel Marshall
Daniel Langdon
Daniel Gaches
Danish Ghale
Daniel Day
Daniel Massengill
Daniel Layton
Daniel Donnelly
Daniel Rowe
Daniel Goodwin
If you wana know more then say hi and get to know me ask me
Daniel Hernandez
Danielle Ashley
Daniel Hanson
Daniel Harris
Daniel Cayen
Daniel Ramroop
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Law
Daniel Langdon
Daniel Franklin
Daniel Parker
Daniel Sutton
Danielle S
Daniel Ganie
Daniel Knight
Daniel Beatty
Daniel Loffredo
Danial Black
Daniel Williams
Daniel C Lopez
Hi I'm Daniel.. I'm New York Rican.. Currently living in Dallas, Texas.. I'm not married, I have no children.. Looking for friends.. Someone to have good conversations with.. I'm into Latinas.. Like watching football, basketball, and bowling.. I love kicking it and going fishing..
Daniel Valdivia
Daniel B
Daniel Klinkenberg
I just like to have fun. Work as hard as I can an live it up. Fishing, Swimming, Hiking, Camping.
Dani Frilette
Daniel K. Hanakahi Sr.
Daniel George
Daniel Hogans
Daniel Yannes
Daniel Ledesma
Daniel Corbett
Danica Mullins
Daniel Steenis
Daniel Pray
Daniel Houck
Daniel Orlando Abarca
Daniel Ramirez
Dani Rosales Dani
Daniel Fulton
Daniel Beam
Daniel Alexander
Daniyar Kerimkul
Daniel Chayne Mccready
Daniel Cancio

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